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Octane June 2017

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what now for the bugatti veyron?

FIRST DRIVES OF the new Bugatti Chiron were hard to come by, with just a handful of journalists worldwide allowed behind the wheel of the 1479bhp hypercar. Octane’s regular contributor and Historic racer Richard Meaden was on the list – and it’s his report that you’ll read on pages 76-84. But what becomes of the outgoing Veyron, we wondered at Octane. That’s a fascinating question, because suddenly it has become a neo-classic in its own right. Will owners stomach the high running costs? Where will values go? Will it even be possible to keep one on the road in the future? We spoke to Bugatti and to independent experts to find out more – you can read about that on pages 90-92. We’ve featured a Veyron on the cover three times in…

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RICHARI HESELTINE ‘Onlookers couldn’t help but pass comment wherever we went, my favourite quote from one of them being: “It has four wheels on this side.” She wasn’t wrong. My day with the mutant military beast called The Centipede was a riot of laugh-out-loud fun.’ Richard braves an eight-wheel-drive hot rod Willys Jeep on pages 148-154. SIMON IE BURTON ‘Having the chance to ride a Royal Enfield along an unplanned route that varied from tarmac to rock-strewn riverbed served to remind that, in our high-tech, high-speed world, the simple freedom of travelling gently through the wilds on a “proper” motorbike with real character remains difficult to beat.’ Moroccan odyssey: pages 130-134. MARK IIXON ‘I’ve been writing about old cars full time for nearly three decades, and have long envied the restoration workshops run by companies such as…

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mclaren – the man, the movie

TO BILL ITSELF as ‘motor racing’s greatest untold story’ is to make a bold claim, but the forthcoming documentary McLaren does tell the Bruce McLaren story more deeply, more intimately and in greater focus and detail than anything we’ve seen before. Octane has had an early preview under embargo and we can’t disclose too many specifics before the film’s official showing. What follows is therefore of necessity based on the press release – but we can reveal that McLaren is quite a tearjerker and well worth seeing. As you would expect, the film tells the story of Bruce McLaren and the talent, enthusiasm and determination with which the New Zealander approached motor racing, as the team that he founded in his adopted Britain rose to the top of global motor sport. It…

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news feed

At last, roads can be closed for UK mainland motor sport As we close for press, the Motor Sports Association has announced that, as of now, local authorities can suspend the Road Traffic Act and close roads for motor sport events without requiring an individual Act of Parliament. Thanks to the MSA’s long campaign culminating in the new legislation, which chief executive Rob Jones hails as a ‘seismic shift in UK motor sport’, it is now possible to hold competitive sprints and hillclimbs, stage rallies and races on public roads in Britain, as has long been possible in Northern Ireland and the self-governing islands. ‘Britain is a world leader in the motor sport industry. This will further cement our position and new road races will boost local economies,’ said transport minister Andrew Jones. Chiron…

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come along to the london city concours

The new City Concours, which takes place in the stunning five-acre grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company headquarters in the heart of London’s Square Mile, will feature 160 stunning cars when it takes place on Thursday 8 June and Friday 9 June. The cars at this all-new event will include groups of Le Mans racers, American muscle cars, modern bespoke creations, supercars old and new, alternative power creations and a display of ‘Swinging Sixties’ cars. There will also be artisan stalls, a watch pavilion, food stalls and Champagne bar. Tickets start at £35 per person. Hospitality, including breakfast and lunch packages, is also available. More details on www.cityconcours.co.uk.…

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they said

‘You learned not to make a mistake because it was a long way down’ Al Unser talking about Pikes Peak on stage at the Amelia Island Concours gala dinner. ‘Phantom is the oldest car model name still in use today’ Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, speaking of the forthcoming Phantom VIII. ‘Please pray for a lot of rain in the morning’ Bill Warner, after moving the Amelia Island Concours from Sunday to Saturday at 48 hours’ notice to avoid forecast bad weather. Luckily, it did indeed rain on the Sunday. ‘Absolutely bugger all’ Former F1 driver Martin Donnelly, asked what he knows about the Austin A35 he’ll be driving at the Silverstone Classic. ‘May they be blessed with much publicity for this important cause. Go, Go, Go!’ Murray Walker, who will flag off the Jaguar XK Club…