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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition

Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition

April 2019

Official PlayStation Magazine is the complete guide to PlayStation gaming, offering complete coverage of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Famed for our trademark biting opinion, unique spin on news, offbeat, innovative features, independent reviews and retro features - and with PS4 the unquestionable victor for new-gen gaming - there's never been a better time to join Team OPM on our PlayStation journey.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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“THE COUCHPLAY CLASSIC PROVED TO BE ONE OF PLAYSTATION’S BEST GAMES IN 1999.” GAME OF THE MONTH Dead Or Alive 6 FAVE GAME FROM 1999 Driver You can’t deny the emotional connection we have to classic games from our childhoods, and few bring back the good times quite like Crash Team Racing. The couchplay classic proved to be one of PlayStation’s best games in 1999, and 20 years later it’s back and still essential.This year it has some competition, as Sega is lining up Team Sonic Racing. We have an exclusive interview with the dev (p6) in which we discover the bandicoot has a serious race rival this summer.There’s less competition when it comes to some of this issue’s other big games, as they’re so unique. We go…

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this month’s crash teamsters

Oscar Taylor-Kent GAMES EDITOR“Did you know, rats didn’t cause the plague… or eat people.” Oscar IQs us this issue after going hands-on with A Plague Tale (p32) GAME OF THE MONTH Apex Legends FAVE GAME FROM 1999 Persona 2: Innocent Sin Jess Kinghorn STAFF WRITERWe see Jess’ competitive side as she reviews Dead Or Alive 6 (p86), and can be heard shouting: “Punch her in the mimzy!” Ouch. GAME OF THE MONTH Apex Legends FAVE GAME FROM 1999 Crash Team Racing Miriam McDonald OPERATIONS EDITORDragon Quest Builders 2 (p48) now has stacking slimes. For some, including Mim, this is the best news since metal slimes. GAME OF THE MONTH God Eater 3 FAVE GAME FROM 1999 Silent Hill Milford Coppock MANAGING ART…

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01 team sonic racing eyes pole position

“SHADOW IS A SPEED-TYPE CHARACTER WITH A SUITABLY MOODY-LOOKING MOTOR.” 01 It may surprise you to hear that Takashi Iizuka’s favourite character isn’t, in fact, Sonic. “I’ve always liked Shadow as a character,” the producer of Team Sonic Racing tells us, “but I really wanted him to have a cool car, so we went back and forth with the creative team on the exact stylings of what is in the game now.”In the game, each racer has their own unique kart, with customisation options to fine-tune its performance and appearance. Shadow is a Speed-class character with a suitably moody-looking motor and a higher top speed than other racers.“Power-class characters can smash through objects on the racing course, and Technique-class characters perform well even on rough terrain,” Iizuka explains, adding,…

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dev talk

“You really want the player to be able to go from his melee weapon to stealth mode to range weapon all within the same scenario if he has to; and he does have to because the world is dynamic and you know, shit happens, and that’s the way it is.”…

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02 days gone takes us to church

Days Gone’s eschewing of zombie traditions is deliberate, says its director, John Garvin. “I think the difference between videogames and any other medium is our audience wants something new, you want to experience something different. What we wanted to do is create an enemy type that is alive. And that’s why we don’t call them zombies. Zombies are dead.”Everyone is out to get your hero, outlaw biker Deacon St John. The ‘Freakers’ are more than just obstacles, they’re part of this new, bitey world. Or, as Garvin puts it, “they’re part of a living ecosystem. “THE FREAKERS ARE PART OF A LIVING ECOSYSTEM.” “The hordes, for example, have these caves that they live in during the day – they hibernate. You can go into these caves, you can see…

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03 close to the sun shines on ps4

The Helios is so large it has a harbour, theatre, and gardens. “WE USE THAT TENSION AND SUSPENSE TO TELL OUR STORY.” ”What sort of nutjob builds a museum to themselves in their own house?” asks protagonist Rose Archer, clearly losing patience with her unseen tormentor, one Nikola Tesla. The statue in question is a gaudy gold monstrosity sitting amid display cases filled with the famous inventor’s creations.It’s just one of the stunning set-pieces in indie horror Close To The Sun that surprises and delights. Made by 15 devs at Storm In A Teacup, you’d think this narrative-led art deco thriller was the product of a larger team, it’s that beautiful.Set on board a vast 2.5km-long ship called the Helios, a safe space created by Tesla where scientists can…