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Official Xbox Magazine

October 2019

Official Xbox Magazine is North America's only all-Xbox monthly publication, dedicated to delivering the latest information on the hottest current and upcoming Xbox games. Each issue comes packed with breaking details and first looks, as well as more in-depth commentary and expert analysis on all of the latest trends and thriving culture that surrounds the games industry. 

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official xbox magazine

EDITORIAL Editor Chris Burke burkey13a chris.burke@futurenet.com Senior Art Editor Warren Brown wozbrown Production Editor Drew Sleep lunaratlas Staff Writer Adam Bryant Firebreedpunk Our Man Down Under Stephen Lambrechts CONTRIBUTORS Writing Stephen Ashby, Kimberley Ballard, Steve Hogarty, Leon Hurley, Luke Kemp, David Meikleham, Aaron Potter, Alex Spencer, Oscar Taylor-Kent, Justin Towell, Robin Valentine Art Rob Crossland, Cliff Newman Production Russell Lewin ADVERTISING Tel: 01225 442244 Media packs are available on request Commercial Director Clare Dove, clare.dove@futurenet.com Account Director Jeff Jones, jeff.jones@futurenet.com Account Manager Kevin Stoddart, kevin.stoddart@futurenet.com INTERNATIONAL Official Xbox Magazine is available for licensing. Contact the International department to discuss partnership opportunities Head of Print Licensing Rachel Shaw licensing@futurenet.com PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS & BACK ISSUES Web www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk Email contact@myfavouritemagazines.co.uk Tel 0344 848 2852 International +44 (0) 344 848 2852 Online orders & enquiries www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk Head of subscriptions Sharon Todd CIRCULATION Head of Newstrade Tim Mathers Head of Production Mark Constance Production Project Manager Clare Scott Advertising Production Manager Joanne Crosby Digital Editions Controller Jason…

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shooters to thrill…

Editor Team OXM loves its shooters. So excited are we for the games we’re talking about this month that we’ve renamed ourselves after the FP-s in the S-es. So Editor Chris is the Master Chief, obviously, because he’s in charge, and he called dibs on it. Every gamer loves a good shooter, don’t they? Heck, it’s what the Xbox’s mighty reputation was built on, courtesy of the undisputed king of first-person shooters, Halo. All these years later and Xbox continues to be the home of the great shooter – and we’ve got a whole bunch of new blasters to get excited about this month! First and foremost for Xbox gamers is the exclusive Gears 5. The Coalition’s latest heads up a trio of cover games that also includes a rebooting of the…

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the oxm team

Adam Bryant Staff writer We’ve called Adam… Adam Jensen, after the Deus Ex guy, although as a massive Halo fan he’s gone to his room crying because he couldn’t be Master Chief. Warren Brown Art editor Warren’s Doomguy, because he loves his old games, but also ‘cos he’s always predicting that the mag’s going to go to press late. Nearly, but not quite, Woz! Drew Sleep Production editor Drew is the Wolfenstein series’ BJ Blazkowicz, because as OXM’s spellchecker, we thought we’d keep him on his toes with a really hard-to-spell name. Robin Valentine Contributor Robin’s done such a good job standing in for vacationing Editor Chris this time, we dubbed him Captain Price(less). He hasn’t got the ’tache, but still. Nice one Robin!…

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This month we kick things off on page 8 with the surprise news that streaming megastar Ninja has joined the Microsoft family, moving from his former home on Twitch to exclusively broadcast on Mixer. Then we take a sneaky look at the upcoming Xbox Home update (p10), which promises to streamline your dashboard and get you into your games faster than ever before – though at the price of losing a certain special feature… This issue’s most surprising story is definitely the announcement of The Cuphead Show! (p12), a fully animated TV series based on the smash hit game. It’s headed to Netflix to join such hallowed company as Castlevania and The Witcher in the streaming service’s growing library of shows based on games. And then, like a snake eating…

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ninja mixes things up

Earlier this month, popular videogame livestreamer Richard Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins made the bombshell announcement that he has signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft’s very own livestreaming service Mixer, which sees him moving away from creating content on Amazon’s Twitch and over to its rival. The announcement was made via a semi-spoof press panel in which the ‘press’ gave a mix of shocked gasps and cheers to the news, presumably to simulate the kind of reaction his real audience would have. Ninja himself played different members of the press while sporting a variety of outfits and disguises and, although this was done in a tongue-in-cheek manner, the content creator used this chance to answer some of the questions people might want to raise and put some of their worries to bed. “It’s…

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a spot of home improvement

Let’s be completely honest here: the Xbox One dashboard has never exactly been what you’d call ‘best in show’. Despite numerous well-intentioned updates over the years, it’s never reached the point of feeling as smooth and natural as it should – the legacy of an architecture that was originally planned to be controlled primarily via your voice, not your gamepad. But Microsoft’s new upcoming changes may be about to finally fix things. Currently being tested via an experimental update rolled out to those in the Xbox Insider program, this redesign aims to declutter and simplify Xbox Home’s interface. “It’s the first thing you see when you turn on your Xbox One,” says Bradley Rossetti, Xbox Insider’s team lead, via Xbox Wire. “And we want to deliver an easy and seamless experience…