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At olive we believe you can eat imaginatively and well without spending a fortune. Every month we aim to inspire food lovers to cook new dishes, but it's not all about cooking at home. The magazine has three main sections, eat in, eat out, eat away so you'll also find great value restaurants, top recommendations and tips from around the world. In every issue: 100+ easy, stylish recipes all triple tested, 7 meals for under £35, great value restaurants, bargain travel ideas

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welcome to april

I still can’t get over how quickly a smell or a taste can transport you somewhere. The sugary smell of a baking sponge immediately takes me back to my maternal nan’s small, Cotswold kitchen, where she’d bake a different one every few days. Here we’d always be well fed on fat slices of cake, dippy egg and soldiers, and a wedge of edam, if I was lucky. Holidays have the same effect, don’t they? That damp, vinegary chip-shop paper smell from seaside days out, or the citrus and spice of somewhere more exotic. Two of the recipe features in this issue did that for me. Our chip-shop bap cover star made me dream of sea air and seagull squawks, while John Gregory-Smith’s colourful exploration of Ecuadorian cuisine got me all set…

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cover star

Chip-shop bap 30 MINUTES I MAKES 4 I A LITTLE EFFORT self-raising flour 200g cornflour 60g, plus extra to dust ground turmeric 1 tsp white wine vinegar 1 tbsp ice-cold lager 300m1 groundnut oil for deep frying cod or haddock 4 skinless pieces approximately 1 OOg each floury baps 4, lightly buttered TARTARE SAUCE mayonnaise 1OOg dijon mustard 1 tsp flat-leaf parsley chopped to make 2 tbsp gherkins finely chopped to make 2 tbsp shallots finely chopped to make 2 tbsp baby capers 1 tbsp, chopped MINTY MUSHY PEAS frozen peas 150g butter 25g mint sauce 2 tsp • Mix together all the tartare sauce ingredients and season with salt. • Boil the peas in salted water for 1 minute, drain, then tip into a food processor. Add the butter, mint sauce and some seasoning, and pulse until mushy. • Whisk the flours and turmeric with the vinegar and lager to make a batter…

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here & now

TRENDS TRANSLATOR Each month, the Olive team spots a new trend appearing in restaurants, street-food stalls and supper clubs across the UK, and then translates it for you to cook at home. This time it’s savoury porridge, a punchy dish for breakfast, brunch or even brinner. » TREND SPOT SAVOURY PORRIDGE We’ve all heard of the benefits of porridge for breakfast – slow-releasing oats are great for energy, full of fibre and relatively inexpensive to make. But most of us – except those die-hard Scots who stir with a spurtle (clockwise, of course), add water and a pinch of salt – eat it sweet. We like it slick with golden syrup, heavy with berries or even laden with peanut butter (is that just us?). So what’s all this about savoury porridge then, you might…

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food director’s shopping basket

Janine Ratcliffe’s favourite products Flavoured salts can be a bit wishy washy but this one is a flavour bomb of flaky Cornish sea salt with crushed dried jalapeño chillies, garlic, onion and red pepper. It’s great just sprinkled on poached eggs or avo toast but you can also use it as a quick cure for oily fish. Leaving it to sit for an hour will give you firm and juicy flesh, and help infuse all of those punchy flavours. 50g/£2.60 Chilli-salt salmon with chopped salad 25 MINUTES + MARINADING | SERVES 4 | EASY | LC GF salmon 500g piece Hot & Fiery Cornish Sea Salt 1 tbsp olive oil spray CHOPPED SALAD red wine vinegar 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp yellow peppers 2, diced red onion 1, diced celery 4 stalks, diced cucumber /2, diced plum tomatoes 4, diced nocerella olives 16,…

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quick bites

The Kari Club Set up by Brighton restaurant Indian Summer, this subscription box with easy-to-follow instructions gives you everything you need to make your own restaurant-style Indian feast at home, including a curry, side dish, rice and chapatis. £25 per month for two people, thekariclub.com The Supper Club fish pie With a creamy mash topping and good mixture of salmon and smoked haddock, this fish pie is a ready meal packed with flavour. £6.50/700g, Sainsbury’s Mr Filbert’s Peruvian Pink Peppercorn Cashews & Peanuts Inspired by flavours across the world, these salty yet sweet roasted cashews and peanuts coated in pink peppercorns are incredibly moreish. £2.89/120g, ocado.com Halo Top ice cream Considering this ice cream is only 360 calories a tub, it’s super creamy and packed with chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chips. £5/473ml, Tesco Green & Black’s…

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cupboard confessions

BOUNT Y Controversial, but it’s my fave. Love a bit of coconut. RED BULL I know it’s minging but I can’t function without one in the morning. Pair with a petrol station coffee for a winning combo. ready-made CURRY I’m a sucker for a curry and a beer on a Saturday night, especially after service. A curry takes me out of our European restaurant zone and into a completely different world of flavour. stuffed PASTA Yep, shop bought. It’s the go-to meal I make myself at home because it’s dead quick and easy. Hellmann’s MAYO You can’t really beat some mayo with just about anything can you? And of course, it has to be Hellmann’s. Follow Gary’s latest venture on Instagram @wreckfish_bistro…