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Our State: Celebrating North Carolina November 2020

Through compelling narrative stories and jaw-dropping photography, Our State magazine celebrates everything that makes our state great! Each month, we reflect the beauty of North Carolina, tell the stories of its amazing people and its remarkable history, and suggest wonderful places to visit. We are unabashedly in love with the Tar Heel State, and every page is designed to be an inspiring tribute to where we live.

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scenes from a museum

I hadn’t taken a single art class in school, owing to the fact that my artistic ability is limited to doodles and stick figures. I’d never helped paint a poster for a class president or papier-mâché’d a float for homecoming, and I most certainly was not a member of the high school art club. Yet none of that stopped me from walking out of homeroom one morning and boarding the school’s activity bus for a field trip that the art club was taking to the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh. At my grandmother’s house, framed landscape oil paintings by her sister, my great-aunt Dorothy, hung on the walls, and at Christmas, we displayed Norman Rockwell’s Christmas Book on the coffee table. At home, my dad had books about the…

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a way with wood

1 Nationally known wood-carver Tom James Wolfe was a prolific carver of caricatures and author of wood-carving books. He taught classes at his shop that was located on which mountain that is also home to the Mile-High Swinging Bridge? ○ A. Grandfather○ B. Roan○ C. Crowders 2 The John C. Campbell Folk School has taught the art of wood carving since the late 1930s. It’s located in which mountain community that’s on the Clay/Cherokee county line? ○ A. Andrews○ B. Unaka○ C. Brasstown 3 Legendary wood-carver and teacher Amanda Crowe began learning her craft at 4 years old. As a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Crowe lived most of her life in which part of the Great Smoky Mountains? ○ A. Pigeon Forge○ B. Qualla Boundary○ C. Fontana Village 4 Wood-carver Vic Kirkman…

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there’s no place like home

THE LAND OF OZ HAS ALWAYS HELD A special place in my heart (“Retro Mountain Magic,” September, page 90). As a young girl, I often watched The Old Rebel Show that aired on WFMY-TV in the ’70s. The Old Rebel encouraged children to plan and host carnivals to raise money for muscular dystrophy. A few neighborhood friends and I did just that. The end result was a collection and donation of $28. In recognition of our efforts, the Old Rebel invited us to be on his show, where he presented us with tickets to Land of Oz and Tweetsie Railroad. I cannot tell you the impact that made on my life. Not only did it open my heart to give to others more, but I also became a lifelong Oz…

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view from here

Over the River & Through the Woods LINVILLE FALLS Driving across the Linville River on the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’re not likely to notice the elaborate stone arches of the 1940 Linville River Bridge beneath you. But stop at the parking area at milepost 316.5, and a short trail will lead you to the river’s edge — and a more complete view of one of the parkway’s longest stone bridges. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOEY SEAWELL, STACEY VAN BERKEL, REVIVAL CREATIVES…

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to-do list

salute THOSE WHO’VE SERVED North Carolina has one of the largest veteran populations in the country, and we’re proud of it. Honor those who have served in person or at home. KERNERSVILLE Tune into a virtual Veterans Day ceremony held at the Carolina Field of Honor on November 11. carolinafieldofhonor.org. WA RSAW The 100th consecutive Warsaw Veterans Parade will begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 7 downtown, but the festivities will last all day. (910) 293-7804, townofwarsawnc.com. bake OUR PUMPKIN SPICE BUNDT CAKE Craving a sweet Thanksgiving treat? Slice up our pumpkin spice bundt cake and serve it with a hot cup of cider. Shared with friends and family, this fall dessert is surely something to be thankful for. Find the recipe at ourstate.com/pumpkinbundtcake. enjoy PERSIMMONS FIVE WAYS Persimmons are fall’s fickle fruit, transitioning from underripe to overripe in the blink of…

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POPULATION: 9,000 MEDIAN AGE: 45 HISTORICAL PROPERTIES DOWNTOWN: 200+ HISTORIC DISTRICTS: 2 When Stephanie May’s parents traveled to Granville County from Mexico to work in the tobacco fields in the 1970s, few tobacco warehouses still stood in downtown Oxford. But evidence of the role that the industry played in shaping the town remained strong, and many of those clues can still be seen today. Some of the most impressive mansions in the historic district were built by tobacco barons. A sign reading “Oxford sells tobacco higher” hangs on the side of the Granville History Building —part of the Granville County Historical Society Museum, where May is executive director. The museum highlights the economic and cultural influence of tobacco. Even new businesses offer a nod to those agricultural roots. All of this, May…