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OUT April 2016

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MIKE ALBO In This Issue: Writer, “Refugee Camp,” page 13; “Broads in the City,” page 66 Bio: Michael Albo is a writer, a performer, and the author of Hornito (HarperCollins), andThe Underminer, with Virginia Heffernan (Bloomsbury), among other titles. His solo show “The Junket” ran Off-Broadway in 2014, and he’ll perform Spermhood at Dixon Place in New York City this May. Instagram: @albomike Twitter: @albomike JEANEEN LUND In This Issue: Photographer, Genevieve Gaignard, page 50 Bio: Lund grew up in Hollywood and has photographed the showbiz, music, fashion, and art worlds. Work led her to New York City and Europe, including Iceland, where she documented the country’s first traveling circus. She’s shot for Warner Bros., Nike, Nintendo, and Teen Vogue. Lund lives in Los Angeles. Instagram: @jeaneenlund SCOTT INDRISEK In This Issue: Writer, Genevieve Gaignard profile, page…

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Preach, Sage Smollett! As sexual politics continue to shift, how we identify our attraction is becoming less about labeling and more about freedom. But amid the landscape of such trending buzzwords as “sexual fluidity,” readers found it both refreshing and reaffirming that actor Jussie Smollett can proudly declare that he is gay, while still acknowledging the flexibility of sexuality. “I am a gay man. I am a gay man. I am a gay man,” Smollett told Shana Naomi Krochmal, the writer of Out’ March cover story. “[But] if I fall in love down the road with a woman, I’m going to love that woman.” Smollett’s headstrong announcement was a hit with the media. “What I gather from Smollett’s proclamation? That we all could benefit from staying in our own lanes when it comes…

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“I think Kiki might’ve gone further if she’d had a little more voice training.”—Designer-stylist Patricia Field‘‘For another take on the reunited cabaret duo Kiki and Herb, see page 13. POP QUIZ! 1. In 2011, Anderson Cooper admitted to Jerry Seinfeld that he had never eaten . a. broken glass b. children c. waffles For more Cooper, see page 19. 2. Throughout her life Amy Winehouse donated her money, music, and time to many charities, particularly those concerned with . a. broken glass b. children c. waffles For more Winehouse, see page 35. 3. Iggy Pop, who often performs bare-chested, has also rolled around in , exposed himself to the audience, and vomited on stage. a. broken glass b. children c. waffles For more Pop, see page 19. SWAG KWEENS These stuffed-doll versions of this month’s cover stars, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, sent to our office by Comedy…

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refugee camp

“Kiki has always been a great way for me to deal with death. We started these characters when a huge number of our friends had died.” WHEN TICKETS WERE released last fall for Seeking Asylum!, Kiki and Herb’s upcoming reunion in New York City, fans went nuts, buying seats like groceries the day before a hurricane. Performances sold out in minutes, and by the time an extension of the show was announced, Joe’s Pub, the venue hosting it, had posted signs at the box office that read, “No individual buyer can purchase more than eight tickets!” Consisting of a drunk, delirious septuagenarian lounge singer (played by Justin Vivian Bond) and her long-suffering gay piano player (Kenny Mellman), Kiki and Herb reinvented downtown cabaret and thrust a hot, angry knife through the stiff…

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the gay agenda

1. TITUSS BURGESS RETURN OF THE PEENO PRINCE On the Netflix hit Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the title heroine (Ellie Kemper) may be the one who springs from bomb-shelter captivity, but Tituss Burgess is the series’s real breakout. As Kimmy’s struggling, sashaying roomie, Titus Andromedon, the Emmy-nominated actor stole the show with “Peeno Noir,” his cheeky ode to the black phallus. With season 2 kicking off this month, we caught up. MICHAEL MARTIN How’d you feel about your Emmy nom? I cried. I was shocked and honored, but most of all, relieved. I don’t enjoy the long campaign, talking about myself for months. I could finally breathe. Were you disappointed not to win? No. I was there in the room. Don’t you think that’s winning? What do people say when they spot you in public? Some people get…

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panti bliss’s dublin

Panti Bliss (known out of drag as Rory O’Neill) was a staple of Dublin’s gay scene long before last year, when she assumed the position of a tightly cinched equality warrior. With a wit capable of cutting homophobes down to size (while also spinning gays and allies into a politically fruitful frenzy), the self-proclaimed “national fucking treasure” became the face of Ireland’s same-sex marriage referendum. On the high heels of both a book and a documentary in her home country, she shares what makes her nation’s capital so colorful. 1. SLICE “They offer freshly made deliciousness in the heart of Stoneybatter, one of Dublin’s ‘cool’ villages that locals know about but tourists don’t. The beans on toast is amazing, the eggs are some kind of dark magic, and if you’re lucky, you…