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OUT April 2017

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RUVEN AFANADOR A longtime contributor to Vanity Fair, Afanador says he’s Team Joan in the lead-up to Ryan Murphy’s new series Feud, about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford’s rivalry. He’s a fan of Jessica Lange, who plays Crawford. “I’d always wanted to photograph her,” says Afanador, who got his wish shooting her for this issue’s cover story (page 66). AUSTIN HARGRAVE Influenced by the likes of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, the British-born lensman says his bookshelf is collapsing from the weight of his photo-book library. For this issue, he shot 19-year-old actress and wild child Bella Thorne (page 9). “She was comfortable in her own skin,” he says, “even when that skin had parrot claws digging into it.” Hargrave has also contributed to Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter. ISAAC OLIVER Oliver published his most…

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Can’t Fight the Moonlight It’s telling of the climate in Hollywood that, a year after #OscarsSoWhite, many people still seem surprised by the runaway success of the queer, black-centric indie Moonlight. Trevante Rhodes, who plays the adult version of the film’s main character, Chiron, smoldered on our March cover and reminded readers of the cultural impact the film has had on the queer black narrative (and how good he looks in a tank top). But for all the appreciation of Rhodes’s physical assets (Homorazzi dubbed him “hunky” in the wake of our story), it’s his eloquence that cements him as a heartthrob, particularly when he spoke about his breakthrough role’s importance for him and Moonlight’s audience. “It’s like we invented fire,” he told Out of its groundbreaking creative team (which includes director…

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nobody’s princess

“I was never that proper, sweet girl, but I was so scared to be myself in any way. I became this person I didn’t know.” ON A RAINY FEBRUARY afternoon, Bella Thorne is barefoot in her Los Angeles apartment, wearing leggings and a T-shirt, and sporting her signature Smurf-blue hair. She puffs on a joint as she glides through her home, the style of which could be described as “Willy Wonka goes to Burning Man.” LEDs line the stairway in the high-ceilinged foyer, turning the steps into an ascending rainbow. A transparent glass closet sits underneath the stairwell, crammed full of oversize teddy bears. “I was away, and my sister did this for me for when I got home,” Thorne says, pointing to her new companions. “Isn’t that so sweet?” Don’t be fooled…

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the gay agenda

1. DAX SHEPARD, CHiP OFF THE OLD BLOCK Just when you thought ’70s remakes were played out, Dax Shepard (Parenthood) has made the one that should have come first. With his new movie CHiPs—which he wrote, directed, and stars in—he hopes to revive all the khaki-covered gay fantasies sparked by a classic show about two SoCal motorcycle cops. MICHAEL MARTIN Why did you want to make a movie about these guys? Separately they’re idiots, but together they’re a perfect human being. My character, Jon, is an emotional genius, and Ponch (Michael Peña) is a logical genius. Plus, having grown up in Minnesota, I loved the California setting. The motorcycles and Jon and Ponchit was like taking a vacation every week. You really get into the origins of homophobia. When I meet Ponch, I’m in the…

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wedding crashers

One of the best parts of marriage equality is that, having already fought to bend the so-called rules, we can now take a time-honored tradition and totally flip the script. What should a bridegroom wear to his nuptials? We say, take what you want and make the rest your own. If your path down the aisle involves a classic formal penguin suit, have at it—it’s sharp and never goes out of style. But it’s also your prerogative to shake things up. Flout convention with a graphic, text-scrawled jacket (hey, even bad boys fall in love), or go for a lighter, more casual alternative that’s perfect for a beachside “I do.” Whether you tie the knot in all white or in a sleek black tux, you won’t be wrong. Because the…

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boys in the bands

Ancient cultures believed that a vein in the fourth finger of the left hand led straight to the heart. It was known as the vena amoris, or “vein of love,” and it’s apparently one of the reasons why, in Western societies, we put a ring on that finger. When searching for a rock or band to adorn this love vein—and signify an infinite bond—the modern groom has limitless options. You can go for the gold, shell out for the platinum, or splurge on a pattern. Can’t decide? Why not stack a few of your favorite pieces? Whatever your preference, just make sure your bling shines. More than a link to the heart, a good ring is an expression of the soul. STYLING BY: MICHAEL COOK. GROOMER: SUKI TSUJIMOTO. MODEL: ETHAN TURNBULL…