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OUT August 2017

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COURTNEY LOVE When the Hole singer recently returned to the recording studio to work on a new album, she enlisted queer hitmaker Justin Tranter to co-write several tracks, and connected with his stories of being an outsider navigating the mainstream music biz. For this issue, Love interviewed Tranter about his experiences (“Pop’s Secret Weapon,” page 64). KAI Z FENG Though he’s had some wild times photographing pop stars like Nicki Minaj, Feng kept things chill when shooting this issue’s cover stars, Emma Stone and Andrea Riseborough. “They were so down-to-earth—and so fun,” says the Los Angeles–based lensman, who immediately picked up on the actresses’ chemistry. “You can see the connection between them in the images.” Feng’s work has also appeared in Vogue, GQ, and Vanity Fair. THOMAS ALLEN The illustrator’s game-piece artwork for the 2015…

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Bomes Away When Andrew Rannells interviewed his longtime friend Matt Bomer for our June/July cover story, the conversation had the ebb and flow of an old reunion, with topics both light and serious, and laughs peppered throughout. Touching on Bomer’s past career highlights (like his stint as a soap-opera serial killer on Guiding Light) and his latest turn as the lead in Amazon’s The Last Tycoon, Rannells got the actor to talk shop before prompting him to open up about coming out. Bomer admitted that, after writing a coming-out letter to his conservative parents, he was met with months of silence until an in-person “blow-up” finally led to a healing process. Bomer’s personal story connected with some, but certain readers’ eyes were at war trying to split focus between the article and Doug…

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mourning signs

“Yes, I was gay married, and yes, I got gay divorced. I’ve done it all! I got on the bandwagon early, and I got off early.” ED DROSTE, founding member of the indie group Grizzly Bear, has no time for apolitical artists. “Some people are like, ‘Don’t mix music with politics!’ and I think that’s the biggest load of shit ever,” he says, making his way down a busy street in Los Angeles. “It’s like, the world’s burning! Say something!” Does he suspect that any of his fans are Trump supporters? “I think so,” Droste says. “When I was actively engaging in politics, some people were protesting. I was like, ‘Well, if you’re going to be such a die-hard Republican that you can’t engage in anything liberal, then maybe you should just…

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the gay agenda

1. Fred Savage The dude formerly known as Kevin Arnold is all grown up—and playing gay on the craziest new sitcom of the summer. Three decades after he became a household name playing Winnie Cooper’s baby-faced bae on The Wonder Years, Fred Savage is still getting by with a little help from his friends. On the brilliant new Netflix comedy Friends From College, he stars as Max, a late-30s gay literary agent reliving his glory days with his writer pal Ethan (Keegan-Michael Key) as they try to pitch a YA book about sexy werewolves. JASON LAMPHIER Friends From College is about six friends living in New York. What would you say to viewers expecting a modern-day Friends? Friends was very forward-looking. It was about a group in their mid-20s linking arm in arm, marching…

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the timeless timepiece

When it comes to watches, we now have more options than we know what to do with. But in a market flooded with ultramodern wrist candy, the old standards still reign supreme. Your best bet: a classic black-and-white timepiece. It goes with everything. It serves its purpose without getting in the way. And most important, people will notice it. Tiffany & Co. and Hermès offer luxe, well-crafted models, but the great thing about simplicity is that you don’t have to spend much to look like a million bucks. So let the amateurs chase after their futuristic gadgets. The best way to tell time is to look timeless doing it.…

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workouts of the ripped and instafamous

Aside from giving you endless fodder for your digital spank bank, Instagram’s hottest thirst traps also have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working out. With the help of shirt-averse personal trainer Seth Gottesdiener, we asked some shredded Insta-celebs how they maintain their double-tap appeal. ADAM FULAT (@strong.as.fulat) 16.2K followers Legs “Usually I’ll start with a variation of the squat, which incorporates almost every muscle in the legs, in a strength building phase of 3–6 reps. Throughout the workout, I pair exercises with movements like box jumps or dynamic jump lunges to increase power and strength simultaneously. I like to finish most leg sessions with isolation exercises (typically single-leg) to focus on areas I want to strengthen and improve.” BARRETT PALL (@barrettpall) 240K followers Supersets “I love to do a fast-paced exercise as a superset to…