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JANET MOCK It was all in the family when Janet Mock interviewed Pose stars Mj Rodriguez, Indya Moore, and Dominique Jackson for our August cover story (page 74). “These three women are my everything!” says Mock, who works as a writer and director on the show. “My favorite moment was hearing that they felt safe and cared for by reading my words in the script, or knowing that I was there on set.” Mock is currently developing a pilot about a trans girl in college, and adapting her bestselling memoir, Redefining Realness, for the screen. She has also contributed to Marie Claire, Allure, and The Advocate. MANSUR MIROVALEV “The worse manifestation of homophobia I’ve seen took place on June 11, 2013, when Russia was about to adopt the infamous ‘gay propaganda’ law,” says…

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The Generational Divide It was a meeting of the minds when perennial icon Elton John interviewed rising star Troye Sivan for our June/July cover story. The two bonded and bantered about coming out in the music industry and the nerves that always manage to creep up before a live performance. The parallels between these two musicians are uncanny, and we weren’t the only ones who noticed. “Many have compared Sivan’s career to that of pop icon Sir Elton John, the openly gay hit-making singer who captivated an entire generation with his music,” wrote Billboard. “So who better to understand Sivan’s positioning in modern pop music than the Rocket Man himself?” The music outlet drew attention to the difference in gravity of each pop star’s coming-out in their respective time periods, and how…

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lessons unlearned

“I was very unhappy and a loner for years, but I think it built a lot of my identity. I developed a voice, and a bullshit detector I’m very proud of.” DESIREE AKHAVAN treads where many wouldn’t dare. That was clear from the opening scene of the Iranian-American director and actress’s taboo-busting first film, Appropriate Behavior, in which her character rescues an ex-girlfriend’s strap-on from the trash. Its follow-up, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, is set in a gay conversion therapy camp, but finds space for empathy, humor, and light within its toxic environment. “People feel this pressure that anything about a marginalized group must be like taking your medicine,” says the New York native, stabbing her fork into a piece of cake on a blissful spring day in her adopted home…

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what we love

1. Timothée Chalamet’s Next Chapter With Hot Summer Nights, the Oscar nominee continues his fiery rise to superstardom. The beginning of Hot Summer Nights hints that Call Me by Your Name breakout Timothée Chalamet is embarking on another gay odyssey. After his outsider character, Daniel, lands in bougie Cape Cod circa 1991, he can’t stop staring into the sea-blue eyes of local rebel—and drug dealer—Hunter Strawberry (Alex Roe). And when Daniel takes his first bong hit, director Elijah Bynum frames his lips hitting the glass with a deliberate wink, in a shot that unmistakably suggests fellatio. But as the two find themselves slinging weed to every cardigan-wearing toker in town, Daniel and Hunter become more bros than bedfellows, and Hunter’s sister, McKayla (Maika Monroe), steps in as Daniel’s true conquest. Lifting themes…

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the original smart watch

Famed French horologist Louis Moinet designed elaborate clocks for some of the most illustrious men of his day (Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, King George IV), but his greatest creation was the chronograph—a.k.a. the stopwatch—which he invented in 1816 to help with his astronomical observations. The OG smart watch, Moinet’s chronograph tracked time to the 60th of a second and featured buttons for starting, stopping, and resetting, as well as 13 jewels, including six ruby bearings. Luckily, that opulence and brilliant thinking live on in sleek new interpretations from the likes of Hermès and Richard Mille. Each comes with all sorts of fitness-friendly bells and whistles, but unlike their digital counterparts, none require a password. Because who needs a fussy, futuristic timepiece when the future arrived 200 years ago?…

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guys in nice satin

When it comes to sexy bedroom attire, our dirty minds often wander to leather, jockstraps, or good old-fashioned Calvin Kleins. But if you really want to shake things up in the boudoir—or just experience the thrill of knowing you’re rocking something risqué under that staid plaid suit—why not consider something daring and super comfy? Los Angeles–based brand Menagerié is leading the way with a focus on intimate apparel that uses fabrics generally associated with the fairer sex, and now other designers, from Kenzo to 2(x)ist, are getting in on the satiny action. Not only will a sheer crop top or pair of lacy boxer briefs leave you feeling cool this summer, it’ll also make your snug tighty-whities seem downright chaste. Sure, it might be a while before we see dudes…