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Men's Lifestyle

OUT September - October 2019

Sexy, smart, and sophisticated, it inspires readers with captivating feature stories, striking fashion layouts, and lively entertainment reviews. Get OUT digital magazine subscription today to discover what's in. Each issue is filled with interviews, fashion, travel, celebrities and more for gay life today.

United States
Here Media
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6 Issues

In this issue

1 min.

Phillip Picardi Editor in Chief Sean Santiago Art Director Raquel Willis Executive Editor Yashua Simmons Fashion Director EDITORIAL Tre’vell Anderson Entertainment and Culture Director Fran Tirado Deputy Editor Mikelle Street Senior Editor Nicolas Bloise Visuals Editor Coco Romack Associate Managing Editor Rose Dommu Senior Staff Writer Harron Walker Staff Writer Ian Martella Social Editor Esther Gim, Jamie Staples Copy Editors Julian Mack Fashion Assistant CONTRIBUTORS Jari Jones, Devin-Norelle, Corey Stokes, Lia Clay Miller, Ryan Duffin, Quil Lemons, Hao Zeng Stuart Brockington Assistant Vice President, Associate Publisher ADVERTISING Patty Aguayo, Ezra Alvarez, Michael Riggio Executive Directors, Integrated Sales Stewart Nacht Senior Director, Ad Operations Tiffany Kesden Manager, Ad Operations BRANDED PARTNERSHIPS Jamie Tredwell Director, Branded Partnerships Michael Lombardo Design Director, Branded Partnerships Eric James Associate Director, Branded Partnerships Tim Snow Senior Manager, Branded Partnerships ONLINE Jocelyn Smith Director, Audience Growth and Analytics Christopher Harrity Interactive Art Director, Editorial Mayra Urrutia Front End Developer Laura Villela Manager, Digital Media OPERATIONS Heidi Medina Office Manager PRODUCTION John Lewis…

3 min.
fashion of his love

Dear Reader, It has only recently come to my attention that I do not truly “love” fashion. Despite stalking the Vogue and Teen Vogue halls for the past few years, sitting at fashion shows from Tokyo to Paris, and even combing through racks of clothes for the pages of this magazine, fashion remained a steady interest, but never quite a romance. I learned this lesson from two of my very talented colleagues at Out, both of whom were instrumental in bringing this—our Fashion Issue—to life. While watching the Prada men’s runway show this past winter, I found myself enamored by the bright red shoes and Frankenstein motifs that Mrs. Prada had emblazoned upon everything from shirts to pins to backpacks. As I turned to our fashion director, Yashua Simmons, to voice my appreciation…

3 min.

I’m a late twenty-something queerdo who was diagnosed with HIV a year ago and has decided that the most reasonable thing to do is become celibate, not tell anyone my status, and generally manage my illness on my own. Here’s a little backstory. A year ago, I became involved with someone I considered to be a friend. I was living with him because I needed a place and the rent was cheap. One time, he drunkenly called me up and told me I was a coward and an idiot because of the depression I’ve experienced since my diagnosis. “It doesn’t matter,” he told me. “No one cares that you’re positive.” Well. I care. I care quite a bit. I know it’s not a death sentence, and we have PrEP now. But my head…

5 min.
radical visibility

THE PACKAGE CONTAINING MY NEW TIARA ARRIVES on my doorstep in late June. The logotype on the box is the company’s original, a simple black typewriter serif set near the bottom edge against a white background. It spells out the eponym: Simone Rocha. The font’s playful minimalism betrays the garish glamour of the accessory itself. Encrusted with crystal persimmon beads tethered to silver-tone hardware and topped with transparent daisy-esque blooms, my headband is on the simpler side of Rocha’s offerings. Beaded embellishments are a brand staple, featured prominently in her Fall 2019 collection as earrings and barrettes, as well as detailing on sandals, purses, collars, and bustiers. Daughter to Hong Kong-born designer John Rocha, the 33-year-old Chinese-Irish Central Saint Martins-graduate debuted at London Fashion Week in September 2010 and was quickly…

1 min.
thirst trap

A person’s marketability in the beauty, entertainment, and fashion industries is heavily determined by skin color. Lighter-skinned models are more often chosen over darker-skinned models. They are seen as classier, more profitable, and more palatable to designers and consumers, while darker-skinned models are typically used to highlight mediocre garments or make them more exciting. I’ve been passed over for lighter-skinned models and actresses. I’ve been boxed in and categorized as urban or ghetto. I’ve been hired to fill a quota while not actually being asked to participate in the work I was hired to do. And I’ve experienced isolation. But my experience with colorism has also acted as a catalyst in my fight to make these industries better for other marginalized folks. These industries must consciously hire, uplift, and value…

5 min.
threaded and thriving

JORDAN ROTH’S FASHION SENSE, IN A WORD, IS FEARLESS. Take one look at the Broadway titan’s glamorously curated Instagram (@jordan_roth) and you’ll notice his penchant for luxurious capes, crystallized couture, and chromas pushed to their extremes. He recently brought all of these loves together on the red carpet at the opening night of Moulin Rouge! The Musical, his latest production. Draped in a custom Zac Posen dark-as-midnight cape, gilded in crimson and glitzy baubles, Roth twirled in front of camera flashes, invoking the windmill described in the Parisian cabaret’s moniker and basking in yet another sartorial victory. “Fashion is a daily opportunity to express myself, to express who I am, what I think, how I feel at that moment,” Roth says. “Events like the Met, the Tonys, and opening nights [on…