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OUT April - May 2020

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Sexy, smart, and sophisticated, it inspires readers with captivating feature stories, striking fashion layouts, and lively entertainment reviews. Get OUT digital magazine subscription today to discover what's in. Each issue is filled with interviews, fashion, travel, celebrities and more for gay life today.

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United States
Pride Publishing Inc.
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director’s statement

I’M WRITING THIS FROM my home office in Idaho, where snow-capped mountain ranges are the view from my new office window (so unlike our Los Angeles office). I’ve got two dogs at my feet and one on my lap, a cat trying to cover the keyboard, and a Slack alert pops up from my team about every 30 seconds or so. Even still, I was at one of the country’s hottest nightclubs last night, my first time dancing in a long time. But don’t fret, I’m still social distancing—a lot. You see I was at Club Quarantine (or Club Q for those in the know), an underground LGBTQ+ nightclub that happens every night on the Zoom app. (I was able to make my normal bedtime too, because on Saturdays the…

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out, again

THE FIRST TIME I moved back to New York City (that time from Miami) on a snowy Halloween day in 1993, it was less than a week after accepting the challenge of being founding editor in chief of Poz, a magazine I fully intended to help make a seismic difference in the country. Even the positioning that owner Sean Strub insisted on—Poz was not to be about dying of AIDS, but rather living with HIV—was revolutionary, and I was here for all of it. When Poz made its splashy, headline-grabbing debut the following spring, I knew we were on our way to something big, something necessary, something, yes, revolutionary. Somewhere between securing contributions from the likes of media superstars Maureen Dowd, Andrew Sullivan, Albert Watson, Bruce Weber, and scores of others…

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the team

KENTA SEKI Los Angeles-based fitness guru and entrepreneur Kenta Seki will be familiar to the hundreds of thousands of his fans who’ve been motivated to lead healthier, happier lives by his positive personality and challenging workouts. Having starred in more than 100 fitness DVDs, Seki sees an ever-growing technology platform for fitness-minded individuals in all stages of their wellness journey. “There’s a lot to look forward to in 2020, with all the new apps, products, and methods out now,” he says. “It’s important to stay informed and stay healthy and fit in these ultramodern times.” DAVID COWLES The distinctive and unmistakable work of award-winning illustrator and animation director David Cowles has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and Vanity Fair. He’s also directed, produced, and designed many videos for…

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lagos’s big fashion moment

MOVE OVER, PARIS, and watch out, Milan. The world has taken notice of Lagos, Nigeria, as a serious force in fashion, and it’s easy to see why. The city is home to a slew of innovative designers who pride themselves on blending modern and traditional elements to create fashion-forward masterpieces. In recent years, Beyoncé, Solange, and Kerry Washington have all been spotted wearing Lagosian brand Maki Oh, and just last spring, Naomi Campbell walked for Tiffany Amber at Lagos’ Arise Fashion Week. The global interest in Lagos excites designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal, the creator of Orange Culture, an androgynous menswear brand. (@TheOrangeNerd) “For many years, we’ve had people speak on our behalf and try to force us into boxes as ‘African designers,’” he says. “Finally, we get to express our culture, background, and…

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we want

MOZHDEH MATIN’S SLOW luxury fashion brand, Mozh Mozh, works with female artisans in Native Peruvian villages using local textiles (like alpaca) and innovative and traditional techniques to conserve Peru’s historical indigenous fashion. The result: Mozh Mozh’s colorful and timeless collection that brings a queer sensibility to reinterpreting the ancestral textiles of Peru. Their new Spring Summer 2020 collection features fusion of handwoven cotton fabrics, crochet knots, and beaded accessories for the “new ‘20s” (inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis). Also drawing inspiration from the Peruvian poet and plastic artist Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Matin incorporated elements of South America’s Andes Mountain Range, creating structural garments and bags inspired by Eielson’s “Nudos” sculptures. I love the Maska Multi Dress, a handwoven open back dress that steps up the rainbow fashion game for any…

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when we can travel again

I’VE ALWAYS LAUGHED at the sections in many popular magazines that exclaim in sheer amazement, “Hey, look, celebrities are just like us!” Who else would they be like? The stars are just people too, right? We asked some of our famous friends a simple query: “When you have to get away, where, oh where, do you go?” You know what, they are just like us. Who would have thought? “When I have to get away, I always like to travel to Paris. Why? Because that’s where my second apartment is.”—J. Alexander, America’s Next Top Model (The CW)“When I have to get the heck out of town, I travel to Provincetown, Mass. For those perfect Americana vibes, P-town is my fave destination. It’s the gayest, friendliest, and most quaint town in America.…