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OUT December 2014 - January 2015

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Aaron Hicklin Editor in Chief EDITORIAL Matthew Breen Deputy Editor Jerry Portwood Executive Editor R. Kurt Osenlund Managing Editor Jason Lamphier Senior Editor Julien Sauvalle Associate Editor Stacy Lambe Associate Editor Alex Press Copy Editor Shana Naomi Krochmal, Alex Panisch, Jesse Steinbach, Meg Thomann Contributing Editors Michelle Ehrhardt, Dennis Hinzmann Editorial Interns ART David Gray Design Director Sarah Crumb Contributing Art Director FASHION Grant Woolhead Fashion Director Michael Cook Market Editor Taja Whitted Fashion Intern PHOTO Greg Garry Photo Director Gabriela Landazuri Assistant Photo Editor ONLINE Eric Bui Vice President, Development Dave Johnson Creative Director Scott Ragan Director, Digital Media Christopher Harrity Interactive Art Director, Editorial Yannick Delva Online Photo and Graphics Producer Alex Lim Manager, Application Development Mayra Urrutia Front End Developer Kevin Bissada Traffic Manager OPERATIONS Kirk Pacheco Operations Manager, New York Rich Martino IT Manager, New York PRODUCTION SERVICES GVM Media Solutions,…

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IN THIS ISSUE: Photographers, “The Out100,” page 74 Provenance: Miami, Fla. and Phoenix, Ariz., respectively Instagram Handle: @jucophoto Inspiration: We are inspired by things everywhere all the time. We both find inspirations at the beach and at thrift stores, and we are very lucky to be surrounded by friends that are truly talented and doing amazing things. Behind the Shoot: This story was backbreaking, but there were really beautiful moments sprinkled in. We were especially excited about shooting Shaun Ross as Keith Haring, and Sam Smith was one of the most lovely people we shot. And Don Bachardy’s studio was incredible—he was a total pleasure to be around. We really lucked out on all of the cover shots. Every subject gave so much to us in terms of expression and collaboration.› SHANA NOVAK IN THIS ISSUE:…

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on the cover

ELLEN PAGE Styling by Michael Cook. Hair: Rheanne White. Makeup: Hung Vanngo. Tuxedo by Brooks Brothers. Shirt by Thomas Pink. Bowtie by Prada. SAM SMITH Styling by Lauren Armes. Groomer: Chechel Joson. Leather jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim. ZACHARY QUINTO Styling by Michael Cook. Set designer: Greg Garry. Groomer: Joanna Pensinger/ Exclusive Artists using La Mer. All clothing by Prada. SAMIRA WILEY Styling by: Michael Cook. Hair and Makeup: Tasha Brown. Pearls available for rent at Early Halloween NYC. DANIEL GARZA (SHANA NOVAK). CLINT SPAULDING / PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM (JON JAY READ)…

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ON ALAN TURING AND OTHER LUSTFUL COCKMONSTERS Johnlocked, per the excellent Urban Dictionary, refers to fans who fantasize about a romantic relationship between Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, John Watson. The popular online dictionary helpfully supplies some context: Friend: OMG I just finished watching Sherlock and i love it! Friend 2: Do you ship Johnlock? Friend: Bitch, please I am Johnlocked! As we in the LGBT community know only too well, there are worlds within worlds. Every community can be broken down into separate constituencies. Take our November cover star, Benedict Cumberbatch, best known to millions as the star of the hit BBC series Sherlock. There are fans of Cumberbatch, and there are super fans. And then there’s the Johnlock community, those who labor at writing fan fiction in which Sherlock and John Watson fulfill less…

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strength in numbers

I’ve written before about the profound role played by LGBT writers Edmund White and David Leavitt in unlocking my identity as a teenager. This was the predawn of the Internet, when books alone, it seemed, had the power to let you know that others like you existed. You need only look through this year’s OUT100 to see how much has changed. Take our four cover stars. Three of them—Ellen Page, Sam Smith, and Samira Wiley—were not even publicly out at the beginning of the year; the fourth, Zachary Quinto, came out in 2011. Guess what? The sky didn’t collapse! On the contrary: Quinto’s career has flourished. Hollywood bean counters still clinging to outdated ideas of what fills seats in theaters would be wise to remember that the dinosaurs died out—fast. Alas,…

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WHAT A RIP-OFF! If you know Out, you know we don’t have an original bone in our gay bodies. So when we set out to shoot the most compelling LGBT people of the year for our annual OUT100 portfolio, we turned our gaze to the past, calling on other arty people’s iconic images—like these ones! Now, stop judging us and go find our photographic tributes on page 74. (They’re better than the originals anyway.) 900+ The approximate number of versions recorded of the classic weeper “Send in the Clowns.” For a bit on the latest, from legendary rocker Bryan Ferry, turn to page 32. 86,063 The number of votes cast in this year’s OUT100 Readers’ Choice poll. For the winning honoree, go to page 86. 24 The number of pickleback shots consumed during our OUT100…