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OUT December 2016

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daring to tell the untold stories

I gave myself 5 seconds to toast and drink champagne and then started focusing on what’s next and how to continue creating work. What drove you toward becoming a producer and filmmaker? It's been a journey that has developed over the years. I love the creative process, the arts and the thrill of creating something out of nothing with amazing collaborators. I love storytelling and I am happy to wear whatever hat it takes—whether it is producer, writer, director or film festival director—to tell that story. How would you describe your style of filmmaking? I think it’s still developing but I would say eclectic. I love many styles and genres but strong writing is first and foremost. My current film is a bit darker and a musical whereas Maggie’s Plan was a screwball comedy.…

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on not pulling punches

There is much talk these days of what magazines can still do that digital can’t, and this issue is our loud, extravagant retort. “IF YOU’RE WILLING to fail interestingly, you tend to succeed interestingly” wrote Edward Albee, a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, and one of the 20th century’s great writers. I met him twice—once in the 1990s to profile him for a British newspaper, and again in 2008 at a shoot for the OUT100. On both occasions I felt out of my depth, because I was. Albee was a fierce intellect with little time for the stupid or naive, and in his presence you might easily feel both. He died in September, and I hope he did not have to witness too much of this shabby political season, in which intellect…

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GAVIN BOND It’s not Gavin Bond’s first time playing an integral part of the vast undertaking that is the OUT100. Five years ago the U.K.-born, Brooklyn-based photographer gave us colorful portraits reminiscent of iconic shots from the 20th century, but this time around Bond wanted to go back to basics, forgoing lighting and retouching for all our subjects. “The greatest reward was approaching the project in a very simple, honest way” he says, “returning to real photography without all the bells and whistles.” Bond kept the feel of the portfolio (pp. 64–123) and accompanying video authentic, with subjects in scenarios that reflected their interests, achievements, and aspirations. “Capturing it in this way really comes across in the final images,” he says. Bond’s work can also be seen in GQ, Vanity Fair,…

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on the cover

TOM FORD, TRACEY NORMAN, ELLEN DEGENERES, AND JAVIER MUÑOZ PHOTOGRAPHED FOR OUT BY GAVIN BOND Retouching by Kevin Korneman FORD: All clothing and accessories by Tom Ford NORMAN: Hair: Walton Nunez using Living Proof. Makeup: Amber Amos for The Only Agency using Sisley Paris. Dress by Douglas Says DEGENERES: Styling by Kellen Richards for Walter Schupfer. Hair: Laini Reeves. Makeup: Heather Currie for Cloutier MUÑOZ: Styling by Michael Cook. Groomer: Amber Amos for The Only Agency using Sisley Paris. Coat and sweater by Bottega Veneta…

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redemption songs

“This is not just about me. This is about being cast out because you’re fluid or too white or too black or too Spanish.” DAWN RICHARD knows the future cannot exist without the past. She knows we can only begin to contemplate what’s next by making peace with what was and what was never meant to be. “That early part of you is the future you,” says the singer-songwriter. “What I started with is the reason I am what I am now, and that self-acceptance is true resurrection.” This future, enlightened version of herself is the one reflected in Richard’s new album, Redemption, the final installment of the sweeping trilogy she introduced in 2013 with Goldenheart, an audacious collection of atmospheric R&B that came cloaked in battle metaphors and medieval imagery. If…

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the gay agenda

1. Julieta: The Anti-Almodóvar The filmmaker’s latest is a surprising but welcome change of pace. If not for its hyper-rich color palette, soap-operatic score, and familiar meditation on memory, Julieta might leave audiences wondering if they’re watching a Pedro Almodóvar film at all. Even for a director who’s spent his recent years aggressively genre-hopping (from taboo body horror in The Skin I Live In to senseless farce in I’m So Excited!), this startling foray into virtually humorless drama is an intense departure. Still, longtime fans will devour the artistry and feminism at the forefront of Julieta, an unwavering study of maternal turmoil and the type of vast changes that can take a lifetime to accept. Adapted from short stories by Alice Munro, the movie is a lengthy, almost clinical examination of one…