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OUT February 2017

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ROGER ERICKSON Though his lofty dreams of being able to sing and dance like Michael Jackson didn’t come to fruition, Roger Erickson is still mesmerizing us. The native Californian’s work on this month’s Love Portfolio (page 62) makes us thankful he chose a life of photography. “It was very beautiful and inspiring to photograph couples who are so deeply committed and supportive of one another,” he says. “I marvel at the joy they have for each other.” Erickson’s work can also be seen in GQ, Mexican Vogue, and Entertainment Weekly. JEFF RIEDEL Jeff Riedel, who photographed actress Christina Ricci for this issue (page 9), decided to turn his childhood obsession with picture-taking into a career while covering a coal miners strike in the Appalachian Mountains at the age of 19. While developing shots…

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So Long, 2016 How do you follow Barack Obama? That’s the question so many people in this country are anxiously asking each other, and it’s one we had to ask ourselves when putting together 2016’s Out100 issue. In 2015, Obama was our Out100 cover star, highlighted not just as our commander-in-chief but as our chief ally. In the 12 months that followed, we lost some of our most beloved icons (including David Bowie and Prince), saw our community suffer the deadliest mass shooting in this nation’s history, and watched as many Americans rallied around a presidential platform that promoted intolerance, hatred, and fear. For us, the only sensible thing to focus on was togetherness, and this past year’s Out100 honorees collectively embodied our community’s best values: Resilience. Grace. Unshakeable will. An eagerness…

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beauty in the breakdown

“When I was younger I thought that at a certain point I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I was like, Oh, gosh, so at 40 I’m going to have to go away.” CHRISTINA RICCI rushes into a Williamsburg brunch spot, a bit flushed and flustered, and apologizes for being late (which she is not). “I just got in from SoulCycle,” she says, “and I have to go pick up my kid in an hour!” The former wild child of indie cinema—who once eye-rolled her way through interviews, shooting from the hip with incendiary statements such as suggesting incest is “natural”—is now a clock-conscious, multitasking mother of a 2-year-old, happily married and living in a Brooklyn brownstone. It might seem a world away from her various snarky, sinister personae (Wednesday Addams,…

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the gay agenda

1. Legion’s Dan Stevens... ...a good kind of psycho in a new kind of superhero show Elaborate dance sequences may not seem like a draw for Marvel fans, but Dan Stevens, who stars as mutant David Haller in FX’s Legion, can assure you they’ll pop up in almost every episode of his new series. These impromptu musical numbers—like the one in a psychiatric hospital that interrupts the show’s brilliant, chaotic pilot—are just one of the many ways that Legion, helmed by Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley, subverts its superhero genre. “We’ve all been picking our brains as to how it will be received, because it has such an unusual shape to it,” says Stevens, known for his previous roles in Downton Abbey and High Maintenance, in which he played a cross-dressing stoner. Indeed, the…

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watch yourself

This season, take some time to reflect—not on all your life choices (sure, if you must), but with your clothing. Designers have turned to flashes of silver to make bold statements in winter wear: Mirrored moments come in coats from Calvin Klein, pants from Versace, accessories from Dior Homme, and sneakers from Louis Leeman. Are people checking you or themselves out? Either way, you’ll be the fairest of them all.…

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kinky suits

Bondage is a loaded word. But it is possible to practice a little, um, restraint in your wardrobe (and do so without looking like you stumbled out of the Folsom Street Fair). This season, designers saddle up to BDSM but turn the volume down a tad. Dior keeps things tight with its leather chest harnesses, while Louis Vuitton has brought dog collars out of the shadows. So strap in, buckle up, and get ready to cruise the room. You’re sure to dominate it. STYLING BY MICHAEL COOK. GROOMER: CAITLIN WOOTERS USING ORIBE. MODEL: ROMULO AT WILHELMINA MODELS…