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DARNELL L. MOORE In This Issue: Writer, “Pride and Prejudice,” page 58 Bio: Moore is a senior editor and senior correspondent at Mic, where he is the host of The Movement. He is also co-managing editor of The Feminist Wire and writer-in-residence at the Center on African-American Religion, Sexual Politics and Social Justice at Columbia University. He has written for The Guardian, VICE, and Ebony. Twitter: @moore_darnell BENEDICT EVANS In This Issue: Photographer, “The Hit List,” page 68 Bio: An English photographer living in Brooklyn, Evans contributes regularly to Esquire, New York, The Guardian Weekend, ESPN, and Out, and has been recognized with awards by Photo District News and American Photography. He finds inspiration in jazz, architecture, and painting. Instagram: @benedict_evans JEN DOLL In This Issue: Writer, “Destiny’s Child,” page 17 Bio: The author of Save the Date: The Occasional…

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The Power of ‘Youth’ Our May 2016 Power Issue cover featured Troye Sivan, and who better to represent the power of the LGBT community in 2016 than someone who made the transition from YouTube personality to mainstream pop artist? Like Power cover stars past, Sivan inhabits a unique space in contemporary LGBT visibility, and his Out interview had the Internet abuzz. While some thought Sivan an “unlikely” cover candidate, his more than 4 million YouTube subscribers can attest that the South African–born Australian singer is plenty recognizable. Sivan’s successful full-length debut album, Blue Neighbourhood, and his single “Youth” (which recently climbed the Billboard Hot 100) prove that he’s got stamina, and we concur with Huffington Post in saluting the young musician for “quickly establishing himself as a queer icon for the millennial…

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FROM THE REJECTED PITCH FILES “The four most overrated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex, and picnics.” – writer Christopher Hitchens Not sure we’d agree with all of this. But still, for some great sparkling wines that aren’ champagne, head to page 108. THE HIT LIST ANAGRAMS! Clown Hilus (Huw Collins) Marked Tart (DarkMatter) Impersonate SoCo (Cameron Esposito) Mongoose Pit (Imogen Poots) To read about all these awesome people (and more), go to page 68. RED LETTER DATES October 21: World Champagne Day 2016 (real thing) October 24: World Call-In-Sick Day 2016 (should be a thing) For a cool Champagne flute alternative, see page 107. 250,033 Number of bottles of Dom Pérignon “P2” 1998 ($379.95 a pop) that could be purchased with the gross income of the last Jonas Brothers tour ($95 million) For our cover story on Nick Jonas, go to page 88. BEVERLY…

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destiny’s child

“Sometimes your authentic self requires you to wear a pink wig and lip-synch to Mariah Carey.” THE FIRST SENTENCE OF Drag Teen, Jeffery Self’s debut young-adult novel, lays out the book’s mission loud and clear: “This isn’t one of those stories about a heartwarming journey toward accepting my cursed homosexual identity,” explains protagonist JT Barnett, a 17-year-old who lives with his parents in Clearwater, Florida, but has aspirations to more—even though no one in his family has ever left the state or gone to college. “No,” he continues. “First of all, being gay is far from a curse. It’s more like an extra order of fries at Wendy’s because the lady in the window isn’t paying attention while she fills your bag. It’s awesome.” Just like the modern teen, queer YA literature…

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the gay agenda

1. B.D. WONG… …PLAYING TRANS (AND BADASS) IN TV’S HIT CYBER-THRILLER MR. ROBOT “I was incredibly nervous,” says B.D. Wong of taking on his role as a transgender hacker in the first season of USA’s Golden Globe–winning tech thriller Mr. Robot. Yet if anyone could, well, hack it, why not him? The versatile actor brought Broadway to its feet playing a male spy disguised as a female opera diva in 1988’s M. Butterfly. Still, that did nothing to assuage his anxiety about portraying the mysterious Whiterose, who returns for Robot’ second season in July. MICHAEL MARTIN You were anxious about playing trans, but you received such acclaim for playing another gender before. When you get an offer to do a TV show, you don’t always know where the producers are coming from. I said,…

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