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OUT March 2016

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EMILY SHUR In This Issue: Photographer, “Young Hollywood,” page 64 Bio: Shur was born at New York Hospital before an auditorium of nursing students. Her photos have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, and Wired, and she has shot campaigns for HBO, Dodge, and KFC. Shur lives in a 111-year-old house in Los Angeles with her husband and their lazy bulldog. Instagram: @emilyshur MICHAEL MULLER In This Issue: Photographer, “Heart and Soul Man,” page 88 Bio: Muller’s work ranges from blockbuster movie posters to ads for Nike and Turkish Air. He’s spent the last decade documenting sharks, and he’s patented the most powerful waterproof strobes in the world. His upcoming book with Taschen chronicles his expeditions to raise awareness of the 100 million sharks killed yearly. Instagram: @michaelmuller7 SHANA NAOMI KROCHMAL In This Issue: Writer, “Heart and…

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A Couple for the Ages Whether fan or foe, you cannot deny that the Internet is obsessed with Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black. Our Love Issue cover couple generated tens of thousands of shares and comments, ranging from “this is so predatory” to “this is so fucking adorable.” “Alright guys,” wrote Socialite Life, “grab your bag of ‘awws’ because you’re going to be needing a lot of them when reading about Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black.” The partners donned Versace robes in our February spread and shared intimate details about their engagement (which happened in their underwear). “Swoon-worthy,” wrote Mashable—with a hint of amorous envy we suspect. “No one can argue that these two are the most high-profile gay couple in the world right now,” posted Reality Box. Whether you’re on…

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POP QUIZ! 1. Which of these ladies was not a guest on Pee-wee’s Playhouse? a. Grace Jones b. Oprah Winfrey c. Joan Rivers d. Dinah Shore e. Nancy Reagan For more Pee-wee, turn to page 30. 2. Which of these things has not been sampled on a Matmos album? a. Liposuction b. Freshly cut hair c. A washing machine d. A bovine uterus e. Nancy Reagan For more Matmos, turn to page 33. 3. Which of these major events was producer Daniel Nardicio not responsible for? a. Liza Minnelli’s first performance on Fire Island in 40 years b. The world’s largest underwear party c. A nude photo shoot with Bristol Palin’s baby daddy d. Pairing Carol Channing with a gender-nonconforming chanteuse e. Burning down the Ice Palace For more Nardicio, turn to page 84. 26 Pairs of sneakers in Lena Waithe’ shoe closet. For more on the awesome Master of None actor,…

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happy talk

“To put their eggs in my basket was very bold of them. Outside of my being male and white, it was an incredibly brave decision for CBS.” WHEN NEWS BROKE in 2014 that James Corden would be taking the reins of the Late Late Show from longtime host Craig Ferguson, the overwhelming response was a collective question: Who the hell is James Corden? And yet here he is this January morning, sprawled out on a couch in his expansive Hollywood offices, discussing the insane number of YouTube views (47 million and counting) racked up by a recent edition of “Carpool Karaoke,” his show’s most popular segment. In it, Corden sits in the driver’s seat of an SUV, cheerfully belting out tunes with his passenger: none other than Adele. The two cruise through…

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the gay agenda

1. GAYCATION... ...ALL WE EVER WANTED “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you gayer,” announces a subject interviewed in the pilot of Gaycation, one of nine shows launching this winter on Vice’ new network, Viceland. This may seem like a throwaway, but the remark could actually serve as the tagline for the series, wherein Ellen Page and her best friend, Ian Daniel, tour the globe to find that, in most cases, hardship and oppression can only strengthen the identities of LGBT people. “It’s extraordinary to see people who are activists in areas where you can’t even imagine what that means,” Page says, “or to experience the first Pride in Jamaica and meet people who really put their lives at risk.” And while some of Page and Daniel’s encounters are tragic and unnerving (they meet…

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lena waithe’s los angeles

Odds are you recognize Lena Waithe from Aziz Ansari’s Netflix hit, Master of None. In it, she plays Denise, a suave Brooklyn lesbian always lending sound relationship advice to her hapless bud Dev (Ansari). With the success of the series, Waithe has garnered breakout attention, embodying a new breed of LGBT character whose sexual orientation is not a talking point but a minor detail. Waithe is currently at the helm of her own projects, producing Showtime’s new drama series The Chi, alongside Common, and developing a half-hour comedic pilot for Hulu. Though the Chicago native travels coast to coast for work, she gladly calls Los Angeles home—maybe because it’s the perfect city in which to keep her sneakers squeaky-clean. 1. MY TWO CENTS “Whenever I want to eat some hearty soul food…