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OUT March 2017

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beauty and the beast

At a time when our political culture has turned deeply cynical, art is reaffirming its position as a locus for connection, dignity, and humanity... In many ways, of course, this cultural revolution is why Trump is now desecrating the White House. LET’S TAKE A MOMENT to remind ourselves that we live in glorious times. Yes, we have Trump to contend with, and we may soon pay a catastrophic price for his election, but in putting together this issue, I was struck again and again not by what we stand to lose, but by what we have gained. At a time when our political culture has turned deeply cynical, art is reaffirming its position as a locus for connection, dignity, and humanity. To appreciate the ways in which art illuminates and magnifies…

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MIRANDA PENN TURIN Photographer Miranda Penn Turin received her first Polaroid camera when she was 6. Now, the Bostonian triple threat also writes and directs. Shooting the young actors in our “Fantastic Four” feature (page 64) evoked memories of her childhood heartthrobs. “I was obsessed with Omar Sharif,” she says. “and just how beautiful he was.” BLAIR GETZ MEZIBOV Mezibov captures his subjects with an intimate eye and a fervent energy. He’s photographed Colton Haynes and David Gandy for recent Out covers, and for this issue’s cover, he shot Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes (page 90). “Trevante’s smile is so infectious,” Mezibov says. “His spirit is great, as is his humility and humor.” Mezibov’s work has also appeared in GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and The New York Times. JONATHAN PARKS-RAMAGE Parks-Ramage has been writing since he was…

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Love on the Brain It’s hard to imagine being in a relationship that’s subject to scrutiny from the start. But for the cover-star couples of Out’s February Love Issue—Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli, and Gus Kenworthy and Matt Wilkasbeing in love in the spotlight has been par for the course. When one relationship begins after a straight divorce (Wiley and Morelli), and another shortly after one partner comes out on the cover of ESPN magazine (Kenworthy and Wilkas) people notice. After Wiley and Morelli, who met on the set of Orange Is the New Black, opened up about their endearing proposal in Out, the internet gushed. The Huffington Post echoed our own sentiment about the couple’s story, saying it would hit you “right in the feels.” And Cosmopolitan may have summed up…

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ballroom: the next generation

“This autonomous culture that’s nearly a century old has managed to stay alive and well through the drug crisis, the HIV and AIDS crisis, and several presidential crises.” IN THE ICONIC FILM Paris Is Burning, about the thriving 1980s Harlem ballroom scene, young, gay men of color vogue on New York’s dingy Christopher Street Pier in front of cement barriers tagged with graffiti and surrounded by trash. In the new documentary Kiki, young, queer people of color vogue near that same spot, only now it’s landscaped with paved paths, ample lighting, and strollers—the backyard of the swanky West Village. The contrast is striking, a metaphor for a community that has since attained a degree of acceptance and exposure. It would be unfair to call Kiki a sequel to 1990’s Paris Is Burning,…

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the gay agenda

1. RILEY KEOUGH’S REBEL HEART WITH LOVESONG, THE ACTRESS CONTINUES HER MISSION TO MAKE NICHE THEMES THE NORM. When Riley Keough was 9, her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, invited her to a party attended by Marilyn Manson, her favorite musician at the time. It was late, but Keough popped out of bed and was taken by car to hang with the shock rocker. “Everyone I grew up around was an artist,” says the actress, now 27. “There were a lot of crazy times.” As one might expect, Keough’s upbringing helped shape her into a devoted nonconformist; her résumé is filled with queer-slanted, sex-positive roles. She appeared in the lesbian-werewolf romance Jack & Diane, plays a sexually fluid escort in the Starz series The Girlfriend Experience, and is now starring opposite Jena Malone in…

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Breaking News As the frostiness of winter gives way to the crispness of spring, it’s sometimes hard to weather the winds of change. It’s too soon for short sleeves, and wearing a sweater for another month seems unbearable. And then there’s the rain. Even the most adaptable man can end up feeling over- or underdressed. Enter the windbreaker, a once kitschy, now cool-again piece of outerwear literally designed to block those lingering winds. Updated takes on this featherweight jacket run the gamut, from the super-light to the slightly thicker to the downright flashy. Pick your favorite, and save the chill for those Netflix nights. Fine Lines Evoking everything from Mondrian paintings to the classic Parisian striped tee, this spring’s funkiest pieces are literally lining up to enhance your style. Though stripes have been…