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BJORN IOOSS In This Issue: Photographer, “Cambodia Blues,” page 82 Bio: Iooss was born and raised in New York, and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. His portraits “explore the photojournalistic genre, combining elements of the decisive moment with the reflection of the classic portrait.” He has shot for Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, WSJ Magazine, The Last Magazine, Telegraph Magazine, PORTER, Mr. Porter and The Edit. Instagram: @bjorniooss COLIN CRUMMY In This Issue: Writer, “Meow Meow, and the Rise of Chemsex,” page 49 Bio: Crummy is a London-based journalist. He is film editor at i-D, celebrity editor at Men’s Health, a contributing editor at Esquire, and he has written for The Guardian and The Times of London. He reports on London’s chemsex subculture, which has recently gained notoriety in the British media. Twitter:…

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It’s a Broad’s World We were fangirling pretty hard when Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson posed for our April cover. Sure, the Broad City comedic duo may be straight and female but Glazer and Jacobson embody a strong platonic friendship that we can all relate to, whether we identify LGBT or otherwise. And there’s still something innately queer about the girls’ on-screen bond, one that’s fueled by an adventurous spirit, endearing affection, and a disregard for sexual labels. “I think when people watch [Broad City], they’re like ‘What’s the deal?’ [with the sexual ambiguity], but it shouldn’t be a deal,” said Jacobson. “Why can’t anyone hook up with whoever they want?” In response to our assertion theirs is the “greatest show on television,”Autostraddle declared, “What an audacious claim! I like it! I…

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POP QUIZ! 1. In New York in the 1990s, singer and artist Anohni hosted shows with an avant-drag troupe that would sometimes throw . a. buckets of blood b. doughnuts c. hair dye For more Anohni, see page 13. 2. When he’s in his hometown of Boston, singer and Glee alum Alex Newell likes to partake in . a. buckets of blood b. doughnuts c. hair dye For more Newell, see page 26. 3. When she’s in Los Angeles, actor and Saturday Night Live alum Ana Gasteyer often thinks about . a. buckets of blood b. doughnuts c. hair dye For more Gasteyer, see page 18. 11 Number of music videos Naomi Campbell has appeared in. Her first: Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” (when she was 7). Her most recent: Anohni’s “Drone Bomb Me.” Read about that one on page 14. 17 Number of types of critters…

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edm to save the world

“America peddles a fantasy that identity politics is a silver bullet—that once you have your piece of the pie, all is well.” IN JANUARY, THE SINGER ANOHNI (formerly known as Antony) became the first transgender performer to receive an Oscar nomination. The news felt particularly salient after an unprecedented year for trans visibility. However, her achievement was undercut a month later when she discovered she wouldn’t be singing “Manta Ray,” her collaboration with J. Ralph for the documentary Racing Extinction, at the awards. Three of the other acts up for Best Original Song—Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, and the Weeknd—were scheduled to perform, as was non-nominee Dave Grohl; Variety reported she was removed from the lineup due to “time constraints.” Anohni had planned to attend the ceremony, but then three days before the…

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the gay agenda

1. David Hockney’s Vibrant Worldview A new doc basks in the great gay artist’s life and work. Like recent documentary subjects Iris Apfel and Anna Wintour, David Hockney has always stared out at us from behind thick, round specs, his glasses having become an integral part of his unfussy appearance. In Hockney, filmmaker Randall Wright’s loving tribute to the 78-year-old artist, we’re invited to glimpse a bit of the world through Hockney’s eyes ourselves. A trove of home movies and a virtual timeline of his work are among the doc’s finest assets, not to mention a constant flow of color thanks to the painter’s showcased still lifes, portraits, and landscapes. For a man of his age, one who lived through the boho tumult of the Warhol era, Hockney remains hugely irrepressible, and…

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