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OUT May 2018

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CARTER SMITH When Smith photographed Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy for this issue’s cover story (“The Americans,” page 74), he was thrilled to learn that the guys were as affable in real life as they are on TV and social media. “There’s a reason they’ve become America’s sweethearts,” Smith says. “It’s not just because of their athletic abilities.” Smith’s photography has also appeared in Glamour and InStyle. MICKEY RAPKIN Rapkin got the full range of Kathleen Turner when he interviewed the actress for this issue (“The Voice Is Still There,” page 33). “She wants to play King Lear onstage, which feels exactly right,” he says, adding that her gripe about New York’s Upper West Side being a “culinary wasteland” helped prompt her to move downtown. Rapkin wrote the book Pitch Perfect (which inspired…

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When Sitcoms Get Political These days, it seems like no one can exist independently of their political views. The polarizing effects of the 2016 election have made it nearly impossible for fans to turn a blind eye to the beliefs of even their most beloved performers. The return of Roseanne, which we covered in our April issue (right), features the TV show’s title character expressing her support of Trump—whom lead actress Roseanne Barr has also endorsed. Eyebrows were bound to be raised. “Not wanting to support someone because of their politics is an excellent reason to not watch something,” wrote reader David Michael Taylor, who said he’d be giving the series a hard pass. “There’s nothing wrong with making an informed choice about entertainment. You are not required to watch anything.” Others were…

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the disruptor

EVENIN 2018,in New York’s East Village, in a cafe full of adults who look like they could handle it, it still feels taboo to talk to Rachel Weisz about fake vaginas. The new movie Disobedience stars Weisz and Rachel McAdams as lovers oppressed within an orthodox Jewish community, and it features the most intense lesbian sex scene since Blue Is the Warmest Color. According to Weisz, inevitable comparisons were drawn to the 2013 Cannes sensation, but unlike that project, Disobedience isn’t freighted with reports of directorial misconduct, nor were its actresses asked to wear crotch prosthetics. “People were calling it Jew Is the Warmest Color, and it spread like wildfire. The director storyboarded every single angle and position, frame by frame. It was like erotic grammar.” “People were calling it Jew Is…

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the gay agenda

1. Anna Faris… ...Reliving the ’80s—and flipping the script—in the remake of Overboard In this month’s Overboard reboot, Anna Faris plays Kate, a working-class single mom who dupes Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez), a rich and sexist amnesiac, into becoming her husband and on-call manny. Here, everyone’s favorite House Bunny talks swapping gender roles, why she’ll never scuba dive again, and, of course, her enduring love of Goldie. R. KURT OSENLUND You really do evoke Goldie Hawn, the star of the original Overboard. Thank you! I worshipped her growing up. The 1987 version was my favorite movie as a child. I used to call it my “sick day movie.” It’s delicious. When I was approached with the remake, I was honored and terrified. I had big shoes to fill. How did you feel about the new film’s…

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hayden szeto, on his game

HAYDEN SZETO felt a strong connection to Brad, his closeted character in the new teen horror romp Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare. Szeto, who’s straight, never had to come out to his traditional Chinese father—as the movie’s do-or-die game forces Brad to do—but the 32-year-old Vancouver native was very reluctant to open up to him about his dreams. “My dad’s a painter and supportive of the arts,” says Szeto, “but he and my mom wanted me to pursue something that would guarantee me a job, like a doctor or an accountant. I know what it’s like to have pressure to be somebody you don’t want to be.” In addition to ignoring the voices that told him Asian actors don’t thrive in Hollywood (a notion he dispelled with his impressive performance in 2016’s The…

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keith haring, back on the street

This season, perennial cool kid Keith Haring gets the luxury treatment. Drawn to the late artist’s playful motifs, Coach has translated a mix of some of his most iconic and more obscure pieces into an exclusive collection using intricate techniques such as leather cutouts, shearling intarsia, and sequin embroidery. The result is a line steeped in downtown chic that also nods to the sophistication of uptown. A bright star in New York’s scrappy 1980s art scene, Haring created an instantly recognizable style born out of the city’s vibrant street culture, imbuing it with personal and political statements about homosexuality, drug abuse, and the AIDS epidemic (he died of the disease at the age of 31). But his dynamic imagery—flying saucers, dancing dogs, tangled masses of men in lust and love—has…