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OUT November 2015

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TOM BARNES In This Issue: Photographer, “Jodie Harsh,” page 50 Bio: Tom Barnes is a portrait photographer who shoots everyone from rock stars and ballerinas to criminals and politicians. Based in South London, he travels the world photographing for a mix of magazine, commercial, and music clients. Barnes’s style has often been described as filmic, but with a decent chunk of mood thrown in for good measure. Instagram: @tombarnesphoto MARIANO VIVANCO In This Issue: Photographer, “Best of British,” page 70 Bio: Lima, Peru, native Mariano Vivanco traveled the world with his family from a very early age before settling in New Zealand. Inspired by the likes of Steichen and Horst, Vivanco moved to London in 2000 to pursue his passion for fashion photography. He is now one of the industry’s leading editorial photographers, regularly shooting for…

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The New LGBT Celebrity Freeheld actors and female powerhouses Julianne Moore and Ellen Page united off screen in our October issue. Showcased in Ruven Afanador’s beautifully executed photo spread, Moore and Page told managing editor R. Kurt Osenlund about the pressures an LGBT person faces in Hollywood, and what it was like joining forces for a film that explored our country’s sociopolitical history before marriage equality was passed. “Who knew Julianne Moore and Ellen Page could be a celebrity match made in heaven?” asked SheKnows. “The two costars reflect candidly on their new film Freeheld that empowered them and became so much more than just a movie.” While Moore admitted she “[wasn’t] aware of how painful it is to be closeted,” Page, in particular, received praise for her unfiltered comments. “Freeheld’] story…

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The number of days Elizabeth II has reigned over the U.K. (as of press time). (She is now the longest-reigning British monarch.) DO YOU KNOW YOUR NEEPS AND TATTIES? MATCH THE BRITISHISMS WITH THEIR DEFINITIONS.* 1) Minger (rhymes with “ringer” 2) Tatties 3) Cullen skink 4) Drystane dyke 5) Cack 6) Bell-end 7) Meader 8) Manky 9) Neeps A Potatoes B Penis/Dick/Idiot C Shit D Filthy E Fish chowder F Turnips G Ugly person H Stone wall I Bristol youth recognizable by tracksuits and huge gold earrings, possibly pregnant (see Little Britain’ Vicky Pollard, left) British Response to a Crisis “Put the kettle on!” ONE-HIT WAMBAS Four Songs From Late-’90s U.K. Acts Who Disappeared “I Love You (Always Forever)” by Donna Lewis (1996) “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba (1997) “Your Woman” by White Town (1997) “When the Lights Go Out” by Five (1998) (Note: These are songs from British artists who have charted only once on the U.S. Top 40.) For more British…

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letters unsent

MARY-LOUISE PARKER is trying to pinpoint the proper way to describe her longtime connection to gay men. “What’s the politically correct term?” she asks. Surely it isn’t “fag hag,” or “fruit fly,” and “ally” seems too stiff. So no conclusion is reached, save an unspoken, mutually understood one. Parker is one of those women with whom gay men find an alternately supportive and hilarious symbiosis. Yet as she recalls the queer friends who have meant the most to her in life—many of whom are subjects in Dear Mr. You, her new anthology of letters directed to anonymous, fact-based male characters—she seems slightly less aware of just how much women like her mean to us. The Weeds star, who was raised in Arizona and still reflects her roots in her style (she…

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the gay agenda

1. JAMES WHITE’ LIFE LESSONS A HARROWING DRAMA WITH A STANDOUT PERFORMANCE FROM CYNTHIA NIXON When James White opens, its title character, played by Christopher Abbott, is drinking his pain away and wearing headphones in a dark club, drowning out the thump of house music with easy listening. When he barges through the exit, daylight hits him like a truck. Like so many 20-somethings in modern cinema, James is sniffing out a means of escape at every turn. Yet what makes James White distinct is that it bookends its story with death so its lead can learn survival. Accompanied by his best friend (Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, who also scored the movie), James goes from mourning the loss of his estranged father to immediately caring for his terminally ill mother, Gail (Cynthia Nixon). Teeming…

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hawaii decoder

OAHU Beaches: Adventure: Culture/Cuisine: Luxury: Haven’t been to America’s one and only true slice of paradise? Well, then it’s definitely time to get lei’d. But with six significant islands to choose from, planning a trip to the 50th state can be a surprisingly tricky endeavor. Are you looking for enough adventure to make your head spin, or would you rather kick back on a powdery-white strand with a frosty Blue Hawaii in hand? Check out our cheat sheet to determine which island suits you best so you can mix and match, or hole up on one—and create the perfect Aloha itinerary. Home to the majority of the state’s population, Oahu is referred to as “the gathering place.” Thanks to its easy accessibility, fusion of Hawaiian tradition and a modern-day sensibility, and an abundance of…