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OUT November 2017

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EILEEN MYLES When revered gay poet John Ashbery passed away this fall, Myles, his friend, was honored to pay tribute to him (“In Memoriam: John Ashbery,” page 34). “John was the important poet and art critic of our time and a hero to so many of us,” she says. When Myles isn’t pouring herself into her own poetry, she performs and writes novels. Her latest, Afterglow (A Dog Memoir), was published in September. NINO MUÑOZ Shooting cover star Armie Hammer was one of two recent gigs that had Muñoz longing for a golden age of celebs. “Armie is full of charm and has Old Hollywood looks,” says the photographer, who also recently shot Jane Fonda for Bazaar. He adds, “She could teach young Hollywood how to pose.” Muñoz’s work has also appeared in…

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God Save the Queen Deciding which queer icon should help Out commemorate its 25th anniversary—and appear on the cover of the landmark issue—was really a no-brainer. As soon as RuPaul’s name was mentioned, a unanimous decision was made to have the queen of all queens, whose cultural impact now sits at an all-time high, help us ring in two and a half decades of LGBTQ pop culture. The issue had Just Jared calling Ru a “fierce glamazon” in an iconic 1992 photo by Herb Rittsone of two cover images that went to press. And the interview, which saw Ru in conversation with longtime collaborators (and World of Wonder founders) Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, had gay blog site Boy Culture gushing, “It seems like Ru really is everything: He’s every woman. He’s…

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a different song

“I don’t wish to be the first Asian-American anything, but if it is to be the case, I will proudly step into it, and clear the path for everybody else behind me to follow.” THERE ARE BROADWAY debuts, and then there are Broadway debuts that merit their own reaction GIF. Enter Jin Ha. Two years ago, he was studying acting at NYU, and now he’s been chosen by Julie Taymor to star in her revival of M. Butterfly, one of the most anticipated shows of the year. “Trust me, it’s unbelievable,” says Ha, sitting at a French bistro in Manhattan’s theater district. “If I were to hear this third-person, I’d be like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ ” But the role is no joke. It has had the 27-year-old newcomer tied up in rehearsals…

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the gay agenda

1. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women... ...How a three-way led to the creation of our favorite superhero This summer, Wonder Woman answered the inane question of whether audiences were really ready for a female-led superhero movie when it became a box-office smash. “Seeing it was actually a really emotional experience,” says Angela Robinson, who wrote and directed Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, a new film about the character’s fascinating real-life origins. In it, Harvard psychologist and Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans) and his wife, Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall), enter into a polyamorous relationship with his undergraduate research assistant Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote), who moved in with the couple in 1926. “My friend gave me a book on Wonder Woman, and I stumbled on a chapter on the Marstons,” says…

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boost camp

IT’S NO SECRET that gay men are particularly susceptible to the myth of the ideal body, which is further exacerbated by mass and social media. Who better, then, to speak about body-image issues than gay men whose very livelihood is dependent on perceptions of their physique? These five fitness experts may possess the markers we now use to define beauty (desirability, Instagram followers), but they’re still not immune to societal pressures or bouts of insecurity. Here, they discuss how exercise can build not only your body, but your confidence. Kevin Carnell, Model: At 19, I was newly out, trying to figure out who I was, and sleeping with guys in the hopes that their attention would fulfill me. I needed to find a way to love and embrace myself without sexual…

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pink narcissus

Long before the selfie there was Narcissus, a mythical figure so enamored with his beauty that he got lost in it forever. In 1971, filmmaker James Bidgood queered the legend with his cult classic Pink Narcissus, transforming him into a hustler in a story that has now bled its way into modern fashion. Bidgood’s lavish aesthetic (and his tale’s Greek roots) can be seen in gold laurel wreaths and jewels from Gucci and in the pastel-pink frescoes adorning Moschino’s latest shirts. Over the top? Yes, but these looks won’t make you lose yourself so much as find the you you’ve been looking for.…