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OUT October 2018

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ANDREW BOYLE Having worked with Hayley Kiyoko in the past, photographer Andrew Boyle wanted to make sure her shoot with Out (pg. 60) was timeless. “I wanted to make something that was specific to a classic perception of New York City that harkened back to when Dennis Stock would shoot James Dean,” he says. Featured in WWD and Paper, Boyle recently shot a series of portraits at this year’s Afropunk music festival. MIKELLE STREET Writing about Out’s third annual Fashion Vanguard winner, Kris Harrington (pg. 72), fit comfortably into Mikelle Street’s wheelhouse. He breathed life into the story of Harrington’s androgynous clothing line. Street is currently fascinated with the ballroom community, looking at the underground industry as more than just “the people who vogue,” he says. FREDRIK ALTINELL According to Fredrik Altinell, Robyn exuded a…

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Poised for Greatness While the cover stars of Out’s September issue continue to build up fame, one of them, or all three (Amandla Stenberg, Casey Cott, and Anthony Ramos), could blow up at any moment, their careers launching skyward. They’re not household names yet, but the internet knows all about these three and wasn’t afraid to geek out. “Amandla Stenberg has already made waves in the LGBTQ community and continues to be a catalyst for activism among her generation,” wrote Glitter magazine. “Undoubtedly worthy of a spot on Out’s cover for this month’s issue, the young star continues to use her platform to promote change, defy standards, and serve as a role model for LGBTQ youth and young women in general.” Cott and Ramos’ fans flocked to Instagram, showing their love through all-caps…

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the perversion of pop

CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS has big dick energy, and she wants you to know it. In the video for her G-funk-leaning anthem “Girlfriend,” she flexes her biceps with a clique of male dancers, performing slick moves on an aerial construction site lit in the same lustrous ochres as Fassbinder’s Querelle. “Don’t feel like a girlfriend / But lover / Damn, I’d be your lover,” she sings lustily. For the “5 Dollars” visual, she dons a harness, admiring her bound-and-buckled reflection, before covering up in a three-piece suit. “The suit is power, but there’s another form of power that is disruptive underneath it,” she says, over a phone call from Paris. “It’s unclear if it’s about money or power or sex, or everything at once. I kind of like the idea…

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the agenda

1. Joan Jett’s Punk Legacy A new documentary traces the rock legend’s path to fame. When Joan Jett took her first guitar lesson at 13 years old, her male teacher told her, “Girls don’t play rock and roll.” She didn’t listen. Because of her no-holds-barred attitude and her defiance against rock’s boys’ club, that starry-eyed teenager became the badass, leather-clad godmother of punk who has inspired multiple generations of rockers. After premiering at Sundance earlier this year, the documentary Bad Reputation hits theaters, iTunes, Amazon, and on-demand platforms on September 28. The film, directed by Kevin Kerslake, charts Jett’s journey through rock history, including the founding of her band the Runaways during the ’70s punk scene, her evolution as a solo artist, her hit-filled ’80s run with the Blackhearts, and her 2015 induction…

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foreground: trending

Think Thin Though few can turn away a well-stuffed package, when it comes to your wallet, thicker can have its drawbacks. If you’re at all like us, your last leather bifold was probably packed with old receipts, errant notes, and dollars you didn’t spend at the bar. This season, slim off the extra millimeters by taking it back to bare necessities. Cop a simple card-carrying case from Louis Vuitton or Valextra and put every bit to work, leaving all that excess fluff where it belongs these days: stored in the digital ether of your device. These alternatives will help maintain a chic, thin look when your wallet is in your pocket, and if you want to put your true assets on display, you’ll have the clean lines to do so. After…

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foreground: mood board

The Tea While the ritual of tea drinking was pioneered by the Chinese, it was in the doily-filled nooks of English palaces, after Queen Catherine of Braganza (the wife of King Charles II) introduced it, that it became a British staple. Since then, teatime—the ultimate midday excuse for a gabfest—has been globally exalted to the level of posh. Whether you take your Earl Grey with milk and sugar or soy and agave, this enduring, quiet kiki requires you to bring out the best, like an Hermès teapot, a dapper John Varvatos vest, or even a feather-adorned hat. So settle down, stow your phone, slip into your chicest finery, and savor the moment.…