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OUT September 2016

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BLAIR GETZ MEZIBOV The photographer found it endearing when this issue’s cover star, Colton Haynes, showed up to his shoot with his family (“Pretty Hurts,” page 86). “His mom took pride in the fact that her son was going to be on the cover of the same magazine that President Obama was on a few months back,” says Mezibov, who has also contributed to GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and The New York Times, among others. Instagram: @blairgetzmezibov STEVEN J. HOROWITZ Horowitz, who profiled Clea DuVall this issue (“Together, Apart,” page 19) has admired the actor-director since But I’m a Cheerleader, a film he says helped him come to terms with being gay. His early goal of being a plastic surgeon long behind him, Horowitz is a former editor at Billboard and MySpace and has…

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Fabulous? Absolutely. When the inimitable Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley agreed to cover Out’ August issue as their unapologetic, messy Absolutely Fabulous alter egos, Edina and Patsy, we knew it would be unforgettable (and probably leave us with a hangover). Photographed by Tim Walker, our two covers—one for each lady—made it onto The Tonight Show and wowed readers everywhere. Joe Mungea was in “LOVE LOVE LOVE” with the covers, hailing them as among our most memorable, and implored us to turn them into posters. New Now Next said our girls were serving “fashion disaster” in their cigarette-smoking, pill-popping spreads. Sweetie darling, do what (and whom) you must, as long as you do it in Moschino. Looking for Closure This summer, another chapter of queer television came to a close. Looking, which premiered on HBO…

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unsocial media

I often find myself wishing George Orwell, the greatest of them all, were still alive to shine a light on these peculiar times. I WAS 12 WHEN I got my first typewriter, which was actually my last typewriter, too. Word processors, and then computers, would soon put the typewriter out of business. You have to work hard to find reasons to mourn the endless fiddling with typewriter ribbon and sticky keys and recalcitrant carriage returns. And yet. That typewriter carried me all the way through my teens, as I edited one magazine after another—samizdat-style publications in my village, student newspapers at college, and then into Bosnia along mountain passes in the spring of 1993 on my first foreign assignment for a real, grown-up paper. Today the idea of running around Sarajevo’s…

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together, apart

“As I wrote the script, I was trying to get to the bottom of all the things I was running away from.” IT’S TAKEN A FEW DECADES, but Clea DuVall’s career is heading in new directions. With her ability to inhabit a spectrum of roles in film and television, she has stolen scenes in iconic ’90s flicks (Girl, Interrupted and But I’m a Cheerleader) and recent binge-watchable series (American Horror Story, Veep). Since 1996, a year hasn’t passed without her name appearing in a project. Now the 38-year-old Los Angeles native has moved behind the camera with her directorial feature debut, The Intervention, a film she also wrote and in which she co-stars. The dark ensemble comedy, which premiered at Sundance, follows three couples who conspire to break up the marriage of…

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the gay agenda

1. The Great Designer Shuffle FASHION’S TOP LABELS ARE PLAYING A BIG GAME OF MUSICAL CHAIRS. Ask any fashionista about the current state of the industry, and you’ll probably get the same answer: “It’s a hot mess.” In the past 18 months, brands like Christian Dior, Lanvin, and Saint Laurent have lost their creative minds—literally. The biggest upset came from Hedi Slimane, who spent only three years at YSL despite giving it a complete makeover. His predecessor, Stefano Pilati, was there for eight, but he inexplicably left his new post at Ermenegildo Zegna to make way for Berluti’s Alessandro Sartori. Then there’s Raf Simons: The Belgian designer called it quits with Dior after three and a half years (compare that with his seven-year tenure at Jil Sander), and it took nine months…

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true blue

What does a color smell like? For generations, artists have tried to claim ownership of their favorite shades (purple for Prince, red for Valentino, pink for Schiaparelli), and now perfumers are attempting to give their interpretation to the color blue. Picasso’s first love affair and Yves Klein’s lifelong inspiration, blue suggests serenity and fluidity. Andrée Putman’s latest scent, Formidable Man, and Histoires de Parfum’s surrealistic This Is Not a Blue Bottle take an understated, artsy approach to a fragrance unbound by gender, while turning your bathroom cabinet into a makeshift art installation. Meanwhile, Narciso Rodriguez’s Bleu Noir and Kilian Hennessy’s Moonlight in Heaven pair smoky wood notes with sensual leather and exotic fruits to evoke the mysterious hues of the night. Calming? Enigmatic? Go ahead and choose your own adventure.…