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Outdoor Photographer November 2018

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Photographer: James Kay Location: Saint Mary Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana Equipment: Pentax 67, SMC Pentax 67 200mm F4, Fujichrome Velvia, Acratech tripod and ballhead Situation: I captured this image of Saint Mary Lake over 20 years ago. I’ve revisited the location countless times since, and I’ve never seen another sky as dramatic as this. Since this was my first experience here, I assumed it must be like this rather often. I mean, what would be the odds of me walking up and being greeted by these great, boiling clouds on my first attempt? I realize now how lucky I was. When it comes to grand landscapes, sky conditions either make or break the composition, so the best way to improve your luck is to get out there as often as you can. I…

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“At the most basic artistic level,” James Kay confesses, “I’ve always preferred black-and-white compositions to color.” In his article “The Bridge To Black & White,” Kay explores what makes a great black-and-white photograph, how he identifies images in his own library as candidates for conversion, and the creative concepts that are part of his conversion process. “By eliminating color,” he observes, “the image is distilled to its elemental components of line, shape, form and tonality, with only black, white, gray and the contrast between them.” While Kay provides the basics of converting to black-and-white, Jason Bradley takes a deeper dive into the process in his article “Converting To Black & White In Lightroom Classic.” Adobe made changes to Lightroom Classic CC earlier this year that rearranged key black-and-white tools. “I know…

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Having studied photography in the early 1970s with such notables as Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, Steve Crouch and Al Weber, Huntington Witherill has remained faithful to his classical roots while progressively transitioning toward a more contemporary approach to the medium. His work has been featured in more than 100 individual and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the world. See more of his work at James Kay’s photography has been used to support the work of land conservation groups such as the Grand Canyon Trust and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and has been displayed in the Utah Museum of Art & History, the Natural History Museum of Utah and in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda in an exhibit advocating wilderness protection for Utah’s Colorado Plateau region. See more of…

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Keeping Your Photos Safe Learn the essential strategies and storage solutions to protect your photo library. Assignments Sharpen your skills and share your best shots in our weekly “Assignments” photo challenges. Submit your images that fit the week’s theme—you may be our next Assignment winner. Nature’s Colors Photo Contest Submit your best images that showcase the beautiful colors of the natural world. Prize packages include generous cash awards, photo gear and publication of your image. Deadline is December 1. Tip of the Week Available on our website—or delivered directly to your inbox—our free “Tip of the Week” provides shooting and processing techniques to sharpen your photography skills. Sign up today. Connect With Us Get the latest news and be inspired by great photos from the Outdoor Photographer community. Newsletter Subscribe today for updates on the latest features, how-to articles and photography…

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Polar Bear In Black And White By Elissa Title “Our captain had already turned the ship around from Karl XII Oya when our guide came knocking on our cabin doors—there was a polar bear. Standing on the bow of the ship, my hopes of getting a good photograph were diminishing. Suddenly, our guide said, ‘OK, let’s try with the zodiacs now.’ Just like that, the entire crew lowered the zodiacs, and less than five minutes later, we were racing into the wind. For nearly an hour, we crouched low in the zodiacs photographing the bear from a distance I never imagined possible.” See more of Elissa Title’s work at Breaking Light By Joshua Moore “My wife and I were visiting Mt. Mitchell in western North Carolina when a storm started to move in as we…

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new gear & tech

CANON EOS R FULL-FRAME MIRRORLESS SYSTEM Though Canon is the last of the three major camera makers to introduce a full-frame mirrorless camera, the EOS R system is anything but a rushed answer to Sony and, more recently, Nikon. This is an extremely thoughtful camera, one that Canon clearly took its time to develop. The proof of that is in the details of the first model. New RF Lens Mount, Lenses And Adapters. The EOS R is built around a new RF lens mount. It has the same 54mm interior diameter as the EF mount, but the shorter flange back distance of the EOS R allows for larger diameter rear lens elements for RF lenses, which translates to better optical quality overall, improving sharpness and enabling faster maximum apertures. Four RF lenses…