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Parenting School Years Oct-12

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On the day a mom puts her child onto the kindergarten bus, her life – and her child’s – will be forever changed. School alters everything in a kid’s world. The new edition of Parenting magazine captures the joys and explores the questions and unique challenges that moms face with their school-age children.

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67% absolutely not

“I'm entitled to a healthy school environment for my child. You are entitled to homeschool.” —J.S. “Even if all the other kids are immunized, you never know who has an infant sibling or someone with a compromised immune system at home.” —R.V. 33%Of Course “Yes, but parents should be notified there is an unvaccinated child in school.” —M.K. “Having your children vaccinated is not the law.” —S.P. The Expert's Take: “The more parents who opt out of vaccinating, the more all of our children are at risk. Should unvaccinated kids be allowed in school? Yes, but I hope for the health of all students that the number is as low as possible. And in the event of a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak, unvaccinated children should stay at home.” —Ari Brown, M.D., Austin, TX-based pediatrician and spokesperson for the…

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FROM THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS Pumpkins, parties, sweets galore: It's no wonder kids go bonkers—and accidents happen—on October 31. You know to keep 'em away from jack-o'-lanterns and any other lit candles (right? just checking), but you've also got to be smart on the street. “Because of the high volume of kids out on Halloween, more are hit by cars than at other times of the year,” says Kyran Quinlan, M.D., chair-elect of the AAP's council on injury, violence, and poison prevention. Another less obvious modern-day nemesis: button batteries. They're in musical cards, invitations, and blinking costumes. If swallowed, they can get stuck and burn the throat. Here's how to suit up and troll for treats safely: Hem the costume if it's dragging to prevent tripping (use packing tape or iron-on…

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no 97%

“We should just make the cafeteria food healthier, and not have soda and snack machines on school grounds.” —C.M.W. “How about they stop cutting gym and recess instead?” —C.V. Yes 3% “Not only is it junk food, it's also dangerous. More and more kids have food allergies, and those with severe ones can't even participate.” —N.H. “At my daughter's school they have a daily snack, a weekly treat, and a weekly pretzel or bake sale. It really is too much.” —U.T.B.M. The expert says: “This would be food-policing to the max. Bake sales aren't just about food—they teach community, sharing, caring, and business skills. The sale can be made healthier; it can feature muffins and other goods made with whole grains instead of frosted cakes and cookies. And we shouldn't act as if eating one cookie…

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Spider Web You'll Need: Balloon White cotton yarn, cut into long strings Plastic spiders White glue Blow up a balloon, and set it aside. In a large bowl, mix 1 cup of white glue with 1/4 cup of water, then soak strings in the glue mixture. Wrap the balloon with wet strings, overlapping as you go. Hang the balloon to dry overnight, then pop it and remove it from the web. Ghoulish Trick-or-Treat Cans You'll Need: Empty paint cans Wrapping paper Mod Podge Black construction paper Measure the height and circumference of the can, then cut a rectangle the size of your can out of wrapping paper. Paint the can with a thin layer of Mod Podge, and cover the outside of the can with the paper rectangle. Cut spooky shapes out of black construction paper and glue to front of can, then finish with a coat of Mod…

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picky eater pleaser

Our ultimate meatball recipe is a balanced equation: 1 pound ground meat + 1/2 cup grain + 1 egg + seasonings ASIAN SENSATIONPORKwithCooked brown riceEggCilantroSweet & sour sauceBrown rice and mixed Chinese vegetablesCLUB MEDLAMBwithCooked quinoaEggOreganoTzatzikiCouscous tossed with golden raisinsTEX-MEXTURKEYwithInstant oatmealEggChipotle pepper in adoboBBQ sauceSautéed red, yellow, and green bell peppersHAPPY ITALIANBEEFwithBread crumbsEggDried Italian seasoningMarinaraWhole-wheat penne and peas Substitute garlic for cilantro in the meatball. Health Club Nix the frying pan. Instead, place meatballs in a baking dish covered with foil and bake at 400°F for 20 minutes.…

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You can barely draw a straight line. Fairy Use a sponge to draw a band over the eyes from ear to ear with silver face paint. Blend pink paint over each lid and toward the temples. Draw a flower under one eye and add two black swirls. Stardust Fairy wings($18; chasing-fireflies.com) Clown With a brush, draw a black triangle above and below the left eye. Draw red circles on each cheek. Mini-hat($5; discountdance.com)Shirt($20; tagyouritbykari.etsy.com) Princess Draw an outline of a pink crown on the forehead with a paintbrush. Use a sponge to fill in the crown with pink paint. Draw a purple teardrop jewel in the center of the crown and three purple teardrops between the eyes. Add a pink circle under each eye and a white starburst. Outline crown, jewel, and teardrops in black. Add three black eyelashes beside each…