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Family & Parenting

Parents November 2019

Parents brings you expert advice you can trust to help you raise happy, healthy kids at every age, every stage! Celebrate the joys of parenthood! Say yes to Parents now and get all the family-focused fun, down-to-earth tips, and advice from the heart you need to be the best mom you can be!

United States
Meredith Corporation
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LIZ VACCARIELLO Vice President, Editor-in-Chief Executive Creative Director AGNETHE GLATVED Executive Editor JULIA EDELSTEIN Managing Editor PATRICK MOFFITT Deputy Editor DIANE DEBROVNER Beauty Director KATE SANDOVAL BOX Lifestyle Director LAURA FENTON Food Director JENNA HELWIG Senior Editor, Features KATIE ARNOLD-RATLIFF Senior Editor, Nutrition and Travel KAREN CICERO Entertainment Editor JESSICA HARTSHORN Associate Editor, Beauty SHANNON M. BAUER Associate Editor, Features EMILY ELVERU Editorial Assistant KARA THOMPSON ART & PRODUCTION Art Director EMILY FURLANI Associate Art Director JAMIE LEE Senior Designer MARIA FERNANDEZ-DAVILA Art Assistant AVA BRAMSON Production Director VINCENT M. SPINA PHOTO Executive Photo Director LILY FRANCESCA ALT Photo Director DAVID COOPER Photo Editor JOANNA MUENZ Photo Coordinator MAGGIE BLATTEL Assistant Photo Editor ERIKA THOMPSON RESEARCH & COPY Research Director BARBARA BRANDON-CROFT Copy Chief JEAN RODIE Copy Editor SHELLEY WOLSON Test Kitchen Project Manager LINDA BREWER, R.D.N. Deputy Managing Editor TARA LUSTBERG Executive Operations Coordinator, Office of Editor-in-Chief ADRIENNE FARR Contributing Editors DAPHNE de MARNEFFE, Ph.D., SALLY KUZEMCHAK, R.D., JENNY MOLLEN, ERIN ZAMMETT…

3 min.
editor’s note

’Tis the Season, and Parents Has Your Back EVER NOTICE how seldom we cover toys in Parents? That’s because ten months out of the year, stories about toys just make you think about how many you already have at home that need to be put away! But then the holidays beckon. Grandma and Grandpa want ideas, Santa may require a list, and you need help selecting just the right toy for just the right tot. We got you, moms and dads. Toy testing at Parents is a nearly yearlong process that starts with scouting at trade shows and soliciting samples. Unboxing, building, and battery loading follow. Entertainment editor Jessica Hartshorn vets candidates: Toys that aren’t fresh or innovative in some way don’t squeak by her—she’s been on this beat for 20 years!…

4 min.
let’s get real

• CELEB Words for All of Us Yes, they’re famous, but these parents get it. “Shout-out to our mom for letting us set up turntables in our bedroom when we were 13.”—Nicole and Natalie Albino, of musical sister act Nina Sky, on Instagram“Parenthood is that job that, if you do it right, you work yourself into unemployment.”—Angela Bassett, on SiriusXM Urban View“Up until I heard [my baby] scream, I kept thinking, ‘I’m not ready.’ But you fall in.”—Tamron Hall, about becoming a parent, on Live With Kelly and Ryan“There’s no such thing as a wrong doodle. There’s no such thing as a wrong cartoon. You can’t listen to music incorrectly.”—Author Mo Willems, encouraging grown-ups and kids to be creative, on NPR“Each time we have a kid, I become a different version of myself.”—Daphne…

3 min.
traveling with kids

TAKING A BABY on a plane can be easy. As long as your child isn’t mobile, he or she is likely content to eat, sleep, and glaze over as you watch a terrible rom-com without the sound on. But that is just a dormant period, a time when your young child’s ability to destroy is still developing. The fact that children under 2 fly for free on most major airlines is the first red flag that the deal is too good to be true. As in Vegas, your odds of winning are slim to none while your odds of winding up emotionally broken, naked, and covered in somebody else’s vomit seem to be far more likely. Last spring, after packing and repacking my carry-on, I felt as prepared as any parent could…

1 min.
6 things that delight us this month

1. Phone Cases That Work Harder Press the colorful PopWallet adhesive to your case and voilà: a sleeve with a fabric inset that holds up to three cards plus cash. $20 to $30; popsockets.com 2. Fun Snacks for You These plant-based bars have cheeky names like Smother Fudger Peanut Butter and I Scream for Orange Cream, 12 grams of protein, and zero sugar alcohols. $30 for a box of 12; truwomen.com 3. Highbrow Art Supplies Make works of art in a single scribble. Smush Crayons pull colors from masterpieces like Monet’s water lilies or van Gogh’s The Starry Night and combine them into one stub. $6 each; momastore.org 4. Kid Lit That Sparks Joy Organizing guru Marie Kondo wrote a picture book! The story follows Kiki, who is a collector, and her pal Jax, who is a…

8 min.
how to raise an organized child

HELP THEM THRIVE IN EVERY WAY COLD-SEASON ADVICE_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _TOP-TESTED BOOKS AND TOYS RECIPES FROM JUNIOR CHEFS What can you do now to make sure your future middle-schooler packs his cleats on game day, your teen turns in her algebra homework on time, or your college kid doesn’t annoy his roommates by never doing his dishes? Surprisingly, you can help grow these types of organizational skills starting in infancy and reinforce them at every age. Use these tips from developmental and behavioral pediatrician Damon Korb, M.D., a dad of five and author of Raising an Organized Child. Be Consistent. Kids thrive on routines, and consistency makes your job easier. It helps your baby learn about cause and effect: When she cries, you pick her up. Continue to…