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Parents September 2020

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Parents brings you expert advice you can trust to help you raise happy, healthy kids at every age, every stage! Celebrate the joys of parenthood! Say yes to Parents now and get all the family-focused fun, down-to-earth tips, and advice from the heart you need to be the best mom you can be!

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editor's note

Back to School, Somehow “OKAY, LET ME get the app open. One sec. Shoot, I screwed this up … Now I’m ready,” I say. I am standing in the kitchen, one eye on the clock, trying to film my son’s final kindergarten assignment before my own virtual staff meeting starts in five minutes. “Joey, your teacher wants to know what you found most challenging this year. Go!” My son squints his eyes, crosses his arms, and mutters three words to the camera: “Working with Mommy.” He is putting it mildly. Believe me when I say that I am a terrible kindergarten teacher. As an impatient perfectionist, I’d fare poorly in this role under normal circumstances. Add a scary pandemic, no child care, a 3-year-old, who is, well, 3, a more-than-full-time job … and I…

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let's get real

• THIS LIFE So True! We asked some of our fave moms and dads: What lessons from school has your kid taught you? “Philosophy. Three years ago, a house we were staying in got burglarized, and my oldest, who was 5 at the time, said, ‘I’m sure that the people who stole needed it more than we did. They probably wrote a letter to explain, but a bird took it.’ That’s Buddha wisdom.”—actor Dan Fogler, father of two, of AMC’s The Walking Dead and the Fantastic Beasts movie series“Fractions. School at home wasn’t easy, but Kennedy finished strong in the fractions department. I don’t think I learned them as early as third grade. Safe to say I’m still going to need some extra work.”—former wide receiver for the New York Giants Victor Cruz,…

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your monthly dose of what's new, novel, and nice to know

IT WORKED FOR ME What’s Cooking? Refresh your dinner game with Ayesha Curry’s new cookbook, The Full Plate. With a whole chapter for “pastafarians” (all noodles!) and one that’s just chicken, this mom of three keeps all dishes kid-friendly. $30; out September 22 Keep ’em Busy Pro tip to get the kids out of your hair for a bit: Our editor-in-chief, JULIA EDELSTEIN, moved an indoor toy (her son’s train set) to an outdoor walkway and presto, the toy was like new again. Try play cars in the grass or stuffed animals on a picnic blanket. The change of scenery can spark! HOW TO DO EVERYTHING BETTER Wise ways to have a calmer morning, end an argument, clean your shower, and more are covered in the fabulous Little Book of Life Skills, by Parents contributing editor…

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your toddler is ready to pitch in!

Do you want a teen who’ll clear the dinner plates, put away their clean laundry, and mop up a spill without being asked? Start early. Your toddler’s “I do it myself” attitude can work in your favor when it comes to tiny tasks around the house. “If your child begins helping at a young age, it creates the expectation that participating in chores and cleaning is part of your family’s routine,” says Kereese Gayle-Farias, M.D., a member of the Parents AAP Panel and a pediatrician at Southern Pediatric Clinic, in Valdosta, Georgia, whose 2-year-old likes to help pick up, do laundry, feed their dogs, and sometimes cook. Get your child on board with these simple responsibilities. • Put away toys and books. “Singing songs and playing games helps make cleanup time more…

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stock your medicine cabinet like a pediatrician

Pain Relievers The two main players for OTC relief are acetaminophen and ibuprofen—better known to most of us by brand names like Tylenol and Advil. Depending on your child’s age or ailment or the med’s side effects, you might opt for one or both. Kids’ versions of acetaminophen can be taken starting at 2 months; ibuprofen at 6 months. Each can be given every six hours, and for extended relief, you can alternate the two every three hours. How much your kid takes is based on weight, not age, so ask your doctor for specifics if you need them. ACETAMINOPHEN You can use this for kid headaches, sprains, fractures, and fever. But treat discomfort, not a number on the thermometer; if your kid has a fever but is happy and playing, there’s…

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school is in session (kind of)

OVER THE course of their childhood, your kid gets only 13 first days of school, and this one is shaping up to be unlike any other. Maybe they’ll attend class physically on certain days, virtually on others. Maybe they’ll be learning remotely for the long haul. But whatever the year brings, this is one of those 13 back-to-school seasons, and we owe it to our kids to make it count. In the pages to come, you’ll find advice for helping your child tap into their natural curiosity (page 30), whatever the subject, and discover their strengths (page 58), in or out of school. There are also healthy weekday breakfasts (page 64), and lunches you can pack or not (page 44), plus joyful ways to mark that still-important first day (page…