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February 2022

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“we’ve seen a setting of wonderfully ambitious scale”

The thing that really wowed me when I first played Dark Soulswasn’t the brutal combat, mysterious story, or even the bleak aesthetic. It was the level design – the way its areas layered one upon another, elegantly threaded with shortcuts to constantly reinforce your sense of how all the pieces fit together. So I’m absolutely fascinated to see how FromSoftware bring those sensibilities to a vast open world for Elden Ring. Even just in our hands-on time so far, we’ve seen a setting of wonderfully ambitious scale – and in our cover feature, we’ve delved into every corner we can.…

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the pc gamer team

JACOB RIDLEY Twitter @RidleyJG This month Spent more time with the new Intel CPU than is healthy. Can love bloom, even on a motherboard? HARRY SHEPHERD Twitter @HarryyShepherd This month Learned the importance of eating well and getting enough sleep. Only in Skyrim, however. CHRIS LIVINGSTON Twitter @screencuisine This month Found a way to bring his love of fishing in games to Crusader Kings 3. JODY MACGREGOR Twitter @jodymacgregor This month Looked back on 2021, in order to complain about too many RPGs looking back even further.…

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titan falls

After years of struggling to combat hacks and DDoS attacks that at times have rendered Titanfallunplayable, Respawn Entertainment has decided it’s time to throw in the towel. The studio said in a statement that it has stopped all sales of the game, and will remove it from subscription services on March 1, 2022. ONLY “ONE OR TWO PEOPLE” WERE STILL WORKING ON TITANFALL SUPPORT The decision to end Titanfallsales follows a back-and-forth battle with hackers that dates to 2019, resulting in a ‘mostly negative’ user review rating for the game on Steam. Players sometimes overstate a given game’s ‘hacker’ problem, but in this case it was absolutely endemic. There were flashes of hope earlier this year – Respawn told players that “help is coming” in April – but by mid-May the situation was…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Riot act A League of Legends rhythm game and an RPG surprise-launched on the same day. Pass it on Xbox Game Pass on PC has hidden games, including Crysis. Nintendo bashes Bowser (again) 52 year-old Doug Bowser, has pled guilty to piracy-related charge, but now has a new civil suit against him. LOWS War never changes Battlefield 2042 launched into a wave of community negativity – though it isn’t unusual for the series. The Matrix Sleeps Epic’s been working on The Matrix Awakens and… it’s only on consoles. Old problems New World has had a slightly torrid time of it recently with duping glitches. Now, it’s battling an invasion of bots.…

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the spy

The Spy is growing increasingly concerned about the metaverse. Sure, it’s a meaningless term – The Spy knows this – and no amount of PR fluff about metaverse marriages will change that. But the problem with meaningless terms is, if people keep talking about them, they sort of just start to exist. Fortniteused to be a game, and everybody accepted that. But then Epic kept calling it a metaverse in an attempt to win a legal battle with Apple. Slap a couple of music concerts and a few movie reveals in there, and suddenly it’s the harbinger of some sci-fi virtual brandspace. But also, in terms of the extant product that is Fortnite, it’s stilljust a game. Like money, then, or the perceived danger of quicksand, it doesn’t really matter what’s…

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this month in… 2012

1 Traditionally the first issue of the new year is made on a short deadline thanks to the Christmas break. Which makes it an especially bold choice to run the Top 100 – one of PC Gamer’s more intensive annual features – in this month. And yet! Skyrim is this year’s winner, claiming the top spot just a month after its game of the year win. 2 “Command & Conquer returns,” says our Monitor section. In the end Generals 2 never happened. And given EA’s love of free-to-play at the time, maybe that’s for the best. 3 It’s weird to open a ten-year-old magazine and see a Dota 2 preview, in part because Dota 2 feels like a modern game. Right now, it’s still the second most played game on Steam. It…