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PC Gamer (US Edition) Holiday 2018

PC Gamer brings you in-depth previews, exclusive feature stories, and the most hard-hitting reviews every month in the world’s best-selling PC games magazine! Every month you’ll get the inside scoop on the most exciting games in every genre from first-person shooters to MMORPGs and cutting-edge games from independent developers, along with detailed strategy guides, how-tos, and the latest news on mods and PC gaming hardware from the best-known authorities in PC gaming. PC Gamer helps you get the most out of the most powerful gaming platform in the world.

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“pc gaming will be exciting and vibrant for years to come”

In an increasingly digital world, what is the point of magazines? I’d argue that they offer something you can’t get online—a curated, painstakingly made outpouring of passion, expertise, advice, community and entertainment. Throughout PC Gamer’s 25-year history, our writers have been expressing their enthusiasm for PC gaming through features, reviews, and silly little stories, keeping you abreast of the latest, greatest games. I hope we can continue to do so for a long time to come.phil.savage@futurenet.comPHIL SAVAGESpecialist in ConstitutionTwitter@OctaederThis monthRealised that, as a magazine editor, he was neither cyber nor punk.TALK TO PC GAMERHave your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com ■…

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the pc gamer team

ANDY KELLYSpecialist inCoolTwitter@ultrabrilliantThis monthVisited the office of CDProjekt RED.PHILIPPA WARRSpecialist inReflexesThis monthDarted across the EGX show floor, hunting down interesting indie games.FRASER BROWNSpecialist inIntelligenceTwitter@FraserIBrownThis monthResearched the history of tiny virtual soldiers.TOM HATFIELDSpecialist inStrengthTwitter@WordMercenaryThis monthMarched on Stockholm to play Imperator: Rome.PC Gamer (02008885) is published 13 times a year, monthly plus a Holiday issue followed by the January issue, by Future US, Inc.,11 Hanover Square, 14th Floor New York, NY 10005 USA. Website: www.futureus.com. Periodicals postage paid in San Bruno, CA, and at additional mailing offices. Newsstand distribution is handled by Curtis Circulation Company. Basic subscription rates: one year (13 issues) US: $24; Canada: US$47; Foreign: US$47. Canadian and foreign orders must be prepaid. Canadian price includes postage and GST (GST #R128220688). PMA #40612608. Subscriptions do not include newsstand specials. POSTMASTER:…

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telltale no more

Telltale Games, the studio behind popular adventure games such as The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, and Minecraft: Story Mode, has suffered a “majority studio closure”, with all but 25 of its staff members losing their jobs. 225 people are out of work and all games have been cancelled.“Today we made the difficult decision to begin a majority studio closure following a year marked by insurmountable challenges,” said Telltale Games CEO Pete Hawley in a Twitter statement. “It’s been an incredibly difficult year for us as we worked to set the company on a new course. Unfortunately, we ran out of time trying to get there.“With a heavy heart we watch our friends leave today to spread our brand of storytelling across the games industry.”STAFF RECEIVED NO SEVERANCE PAY,…

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highs & lows

HIGHSAssassin’s Creed OdysseyWho expected the Assassin’s Creed series to turn into a Witcher 3-style RPG? Not us, but we love that it has.American Truck SimulatorThe new Oregon expansion brings a welcome splash of green to the sim.Wireless VRVR hasn’t really taken off, but Oculus’ new wireless headset is a step in the right direction.LOWSMetroidvaniaThere’s plenty. It’s time for indie devs to find another genre to resurrect. How about extreme sports?ScumWe know survival games are running out of ideas, but making masks out of human skin? That’s a bit much.The Walking DeadClementine actor Melissa Hutchison suggested the finale may never be finished, which is understandable. ■…

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doing time

XALAVIER NELSON JR. I’m a full-time game writer and narrative designer, with credits inside and out of gaming.Performances in investigative VR adventure The Invisible Hours had to be timed to the second, to ensure the interconnected plots weaving across the game’s mansion didn’t break.The occasional tendency of Evergarden’s rabbits to arrive in droves shows how mixing RNG with timed elements can mess with your impression of fairness.On launch, Delver proved to be too optimized, resulting in a bug that made ladders nigh-unusable.We tend to think of time as something that just works. In games, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The way time is defined and manipulated deep in a game’s code can affect everything from the methods used to design gameplay spaces, to the bugs you encounter on…

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storied time

VOICE LINESBefore a line of spoken dialogue can be performed, the space set aside for it (length, purpose, physical setting, etc) must be defined, and this space is subject to change at any time during a game’s development.PRODUCTION CHANGESSay a walkway conversation is cut in half. Now, the dialogue written to fill it is too long, meaning a vital plot point can’t be communicated. Therefore, the story must be changed in some way in order to compensate for this.RELATIVITYLet’s say a scripted event occurs 2.7 seconds after a player walks through a door, dialogue then plays 0.2 seconds after that, and so on. If you change the timing of the original events… everything breaks.CHAOSWhen one isn’t using relative time, caution is still required. Even one mistyped number in noting when…