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People June 7, 2021

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Babies Princess Beatrice, 32, Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, is expecting her first child with husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Mapelli Mozzi also has a young son, Christopher Woolf, from a previous relationship. • Singer Jason Derulo, 31, welcomed his first child, son Jason King, with his model girlfriend Jena Frumes. • Actor Kieran Culkin, 38, and his wife, Jazz Charton, are expecting their second child. The two welcomed their daughter Kinsey Sioux in September 2019. • Riverdale actor KJ Apa, 23, is expecting his first child with model Clara Berry, 27. Engaged Country singer Brooke Eden, 32, and promotions representative Hilary Hoover, 31, are engaged after mutual proposals. The two have been together for five years. “We haven’t stopped beaming,” says Eden. Court That ’70’s Show actor Danny Masterson, 45, must stand trial on three counts of…

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kathleen turner & michael douglas: our enduring friendship

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner became one of Hollywood’s most electric onscreen pairings when their 1984 action-adventure romp Romancing the Stone was a surprise hit. But it was their offscreen chemistry—an initially flirtatious bond forged during the film’s treacherous shoot in Mexico, which was marked by mudslides, unruly reptiles and 14-hour days—that endures nearly four decades later. “We know each other so well,” says Douglas, 76, who costarred with Turner, 66, in two more hit films in the 1980s: The Jewel of the Nile and The War of the Roses. “You protect and cherish when you’ve got a good relationship.” Both went on to enjoy still-thriving careers and raise families. Turner has a daughter, Rachel Ann, 33, with ex-husband Jay Weiss, while Douglas has son Cameron, 42, from his first marriage,…

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hunger in america: the fight to put food on the table

By May of last year, fear was setting in for Iraida Sanchez Ramos. After the adult day care facility where she worked as a nurse’s aide was shut down by the pandemic, she and her husband, Victor, a mechanic, were facing painful decisions. “It was scary trying to figure out how to pay for everything,” recalls Ramos, 31. “Our food budget was cut in half. It was devastating.” As the Fitchburg, Mass., couple negotiated rent payments with their landlord to stay in their four-bedroom apartment and wrangled with the power company over bills they couldn’t pay, they hid from their four children the reason their meals were suddenly so sparse. At the grocery store, Ramos would think: “What foods are cheap and will get the kids full? It’s rice. It’s…

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prince harry: i needed to heal myself from the past

For years a single dark memory—“always the same one, over and over again”—haunted Prince Harry whenever he thought of his late mother, Diana. “Strapped in the car, seat belt across, my brother in the car as well. And my mother driving and being chased by three, four, five mopeds with paparazzi on,” he recalls. “She was almost unable to drive because of the tears, and there was no protection.” So vivid is the mental snapshot that the feelings of that little boy in the back seat—of being hunted and helpless—come rushing back every time. “Always there’s the helplessness,” says Harry, “being a guy, too young to be able to help a woman—in this case, your mother.” The harrowing, heart-wrenching scene—not unlike the one the night Diana was killed in a Paris car wreck…

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darryl ‘dmc’ mcdaniels

At the age of 35, I learned I was adopted. It was a traumatic, shocking and confusing revelation for me. At the time I told my agent what I was going through, and he suggested I meet with [casting director] Sheila Jaffe, who was also adopted. When we met, we talked about how we felt, and I didn’t feel alone anymore. We decided to help others, and 15 years ago started Camp Felix—a camp where we give foster kids opportunities to be empowered and educated. Some of the kids only know the concrete streets of a neighborhood they grew up in, so they get to have the whole camp experience. The Felix Organization also supports foster care youth through programs like our Secret Santa gift-card drive, which gives funds to…

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billy porter reveals his hiv-positive diagnosis

For Billy Porter the past year has been all about embracing his truth. “COVID created a safe space for me to stop and reflect and deal with the trauma in my life,” the Emmy-winning Pose star told The Hollywood Reporter, revealing for the first time that he is HIV positive. After being diagnosed in 2007—which he called “the worst year of my life”—Porter kept his status a secret. “The shame of that time compounded with the shame that had already [accumulated] in my life silenced me,” he said. For a long time “everybody who needed to know knew” about his diagnosis, he said—except his mother, whom he told recently. Now he’s ready to share his story to change people’s perception about what it means to live with HIV. “I’m the…