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Petersen's Bowhunting

Petersen's Bowhunting

June 2021
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Petersen's Bowhunting is the source for the tactics, tools, and techniques necessary for successful bowhunting. Get practical shooting tips and useful information on archery, equipment tests, clothing, and product evaluations.

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failure is not an option

Back in 2019, I finally drew the Montana elk tag I’d sought for five long years, and from the moment I got the news, I decided nothing would stop me from making the most of the chance I’d been given. With draw results announced in April and the hunt scheduled for late September, I had four solid months to mentally and physically prepare myself for the task at hand — and not a single day went by that I didn’t dream about Big Sky Country, bugling bulls and what it would feel like to wrap my hands around a thick set of elk antlers. I also knew those dreams would not become reality unless I did my part. So, to that end, I visited the gym regularly, got my Hoyt REDWRX Carbon…

3 min.
good partners make great hunting

THERE ARE SO MANY things I look forward to when I go hunting. I believe something great can happen every single time I set out. It’s a healthy mindset for anyone who wants to be consistently successful. On top of that, I surround myself with good people who share the same desires and goals. In layman’s terms, I truly value a good hunting partner. I’ve had so many great ones over the years. And each one I considered the “best” for different reasons. My grandmother, simply because of how selfless she was, and how much love and support she showed. Jim Shockey, for his determination and constant drive to better himself, which was contagious. These two people are so different from one another, yet I put them in the same category. Though…

5 min.
management basics, part 1 of 3

I’LL NEVER FORGET the advice I received two decades ago, during a lunch outing, from one of my early business mentors. “The secret to great success is to stop doing what everyone else is doing,” he said. “Additionally, if you’re not measuring your most important metrics, you’re not managing your business.” I knew immediately I wanted to chew on those statements later, so I wrote his advice down in my business journal; a habit I learned from another business mentor a few months prior. I’ve revisited that page in my notebook dozens of times over the last 20 years. Each time, I’m reminded to resist the herd mentality and I’m handsomely rewarded. You can be too, but with a different kind of journal: a whitetail hunting and management journal ! When you…

1 min.
keep a digital journal

These days, just about everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, making the task of keeping a hunting and management journal easier than ever. Apps such as HuntStand (huntstand.com) allow you to map your hunting areas and add details such as the location of stands, blinds, food plots, access trails and more. For each hunt, you can log game sightings and harvests and integrate that data with detailed information on weather conditions, allowing you to identify patterns over time. You also can mark trail-camera locations, organize trail-cam images and sort them by type of game, weather, moon phase and more. HuntStand Pro members can even access a heat map and activity predictions to help choose the most productive hunting area for current conditions. Other useful features include the HuntZone wind tracker…

6 min.
the season killer

VIOLATING the cardinal rule of bowhunting is the No. 1 season killer. That rule you should always uphold: You can’t kill them if they know they are being hunted. Maybe it won’t kill your season, but it will make success much more difficult to attain. Once a game animal realizes it's being hunted, it won’t move as naturally and definitely not as much in daylight. For the bowhunter, that change in behavior is the kiss of death. The trick, then, is to keep them from knowing you are hunting them. To do that, you need to understand all the ways they can detect our intent. Pressure Gauge Focusing on whitetails, they aren’t omniscient. They can’t reason like we can. They learn by experience, and they don’t have any more senses than we do. You…

3 min.
thumb-trigger release aids

THE VAST MAJORITY of bow-hunters who shoot compound bows use a release aid to “loose the arrow.” And the vast majority of those use a wrist-strap, index-finger release. Most archers shot firearms long before they picked up a bow, and using the index finger to pull the trigger just seems natural to them. So, most beginning archers use this style of release aid, and that’s fine. However, the mistake they make is never trying any other style of release aid — one that just might improve their shooting. Don’t get me wrong; there are many advantages to using and index-finger release. However, nearly all the very best hunting shots I know use a handheld, thumb-trigger release aid to hunt. There is definitely a “method to their madness,” and I want to discuss…