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RifleShooter January/February 2021

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RifleShooter, the magazine dedicated to advanced rifle enthusiasts. All rifle sports are covered including hunting, target shooting and collecting, while focusing on fine custom rifles, great classics, and new high-tech designs.

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2 min.
commence fire

Going Rogue While we all remember TR’s lion medicine (“Strong Medicine,” November/December 2020), we forget Kenneth Anderson, who hunted man-eating tigers, panthers and bears with his 1895 in .405 Win. very successfully. He even took on rogue Asian elephants with this rifle. Matthew The One-Gun Man Commenting on Craig Boddington’s article on old military cartridges (“Old Warhorses,” July/August 2020), perhaps some older people like me remember Grancel Fitz from the 1940s and 1950s. He was the first man to hunt all 25 species of North American big game, and he used a .30-06 (far r.) on all of them—and that included a walrus and a Kodiak bear. Bernard Walker, Creswell, N.C. Marines Change Rifle Qualification The Marines’ new rifle qualification course will focus more on combat-style marksmanship, such as moving targets and shooting at night. Gone are…

1 min.
handguns & defensive weapons

NOVEMBER 19th 2020 Rich and Scott take a look at a number of firearms that have had a lasting impact. Rich runs the comprehensive Dave Spaulding’s Pistol Standards drill and also demonstrates tactics for shooting on the move. NOVEMBER 26th 2020 Kourtney, Rich and Scott review various strategies and locations for carrying a handgun. Rich runs the challenging 10 in 8 drill and also discusses the importance of using a timer in your training. DECEMBER 3rd 2020 Rich and Scott dive deep into the popular red dot sight trend, discussing sight types and their uses. Scott demonstrates the 2-Reload-2 drill with a revolver twist, and Rich explains how best to use cover in a defensive situation.…

3 min.
mcmillan from a to z-1

Without a doubt, precision rifle competitions are among the fastest growing of the various shooting sports. The highly-competitive Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League have exploded in popularity and have driven rapid innovation amongst rifle and component manufacturers seeking a competitive advantage. Among the critical pieces of the precision rifle puzzle is a stock suitable for stable and comfortable long-range shooting. Phoenix-based McMillan fiberglass stocks have been the standard by which other brands have been compared in the tactical rifle market for decades, but now there is some serious competition from both traditional synthetic and chassis stock makers. To help meet that challenge and to provide a product that would cut the lead times required to custom-build stocks, McMillian developed the Z-1. The Z-1 has all the standard features that precision…

1 min.
lyman tac-mat hd long range

Lyman’s Tac-Mat Long Range HD is a versatile and handy mat whether you’re practicing for your next match, practicing for your next hunt, taking it on a hunt or just plain shooting. At 87 inches long, even tall people will not run out of real estate, and it’s three feet wide, which means it will accommodate any prone position you might use—as well as give you plenty of room to rotate left and right while still staying on the mat. The Tac-Mat has several nifty features. The front of the mat has dedicated stops (photo 1) to lock in your bipod for a solid position. An additional flap extends out front to keep dust blow-up to a minimum—handy for those who shoot muzzle brakes—and there are grommets on the flap and…

4 min.
.30-06 vs 6.5 prc

In “Cartridge Clashes” past we’ve pitted similar rounds against one another. The 6.5 PRC has taken on the 6.5 RPM, and the .30-06 has gone up against the .308 Win. Why, then, would we compare 6.5 PRC against the .30-06? Because out to a quarter-mile or so both cartridges are in the same ballpark ballistically. For the hunter who wants one gun to pursue every big game animal in North America you could make a case for either one. Let’s begin with the venerable ’06. Its history and commercial success have made it the standard catchall big game cartridge for North American game. It’ll push a 180-grain bullet at 2,700 fps or more, with a relatively flat trajectory and manageable recoil. No other hunting round has such a depth of reloading data…

2 min.
axeon dog soldier 4-16x50mm

I don’t watch hunting shows, so I had no idea who Steve Criner was. Turns out he is a die-hard coyote hunter and has a show called “Dog Soldier” on Sportsman Channel. His name is on this new Axeon scope because he helped design it. It’s a 4-16x50mm second-focal-plane scope with a 30mm tube, and it features side parallax adjustment to 500 yards and an illuminated reticle. With the adjustable eyepiece turned all the way in, the scope measures 13.5 inches long, and weight is one pound, six ounces. Eye relief is 3.5 inches. The power ring is nicely designed, with angled scallops that provide a sure grip—particularly going down in power. Adjustments are 1/4 m.o.a. courtesy of capped, low-profile turrets. The specs indicate there’s 100 inches of elevation travel, although my…