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Airways Magazine March/April 2019

Airways is the world's leading Commercial Aviation magazine, offering insider knowledge, international outlook, industry analysis, historic features, and stunning aviation photography. Airways is published monthly since 1994.

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editor’s briefing

TWENTY-FIVE years ago, I was a seven-year-old kid with only one thing flying in my head: airplanes. I vividly remember the day when my father came home with a magazine called Airways, filled with fabulous airplane photos and stories that would forever change the way I spent my free time. Airways has been a big part of my life ever since. I religiously collected every issue that John Wegg and his team diligently produced month after month. I remember having several arguments with my mother because my closet kept collecting dust over the dozens of magazines that I stored there. I recall going back to specific issues and reading them over and over again, even if I had a math test for which I needed to study the following day. Two decades…

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25 years

1994 - 2006 1994 APRIL THE FIRST ISSUE OF AIRWAYS IS PUBLISHED // under the tenure of John Wegg. The magazine initially came out as a bimonthly until 1998, when it became monthly. SEPTEMBER THE AIRBUS A300-600ST FLIES FOR THE FIRST TIME // The ‘Beluga’ came to replace the ‘Supper Guppies,’ improving the efficiency of Airbus in the transport of large aircraft components while helping the company to ramp up the production. 1995 JUNE 7 THE BOEING 777 ENTERS INTO SERVICE // The Boeing 777 enters into service with its launch customer United Airlines between Denver and Chicago. The triple seven program not only rewrote the long-haul script, favoring up-gauged twin-jets over the Airbus A340 and A380, and the Boeing 747, but also ushered Boeing into a new era of computer aided design, and new supply chains. DECEMBER 16 MCDONNELL…

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WHEN I PUT my hands on the first issue of Airways, I remember rapidly flipping each page, checking out all the stunning airplane photos that were chosen by John Wegg and his editorial team. But as soon as I reached the back cover, I remember going back to page 17, where the article Freight Dog—The Big Six Flies On was located. My favorite piston-powered airliners had always been the Douglas DC-6 and DC-7. I used to call them Buff Six and Buff Seven, as that was precisely what they looked like to me: buff, heavy flying metal. I was blessed with the opportunity to fly on an Eastern Air Lines DC-7, from our backyard airport in Opa Locka, down to Key West on a fabulous round trip experience back in 2011. The vibrations—and…

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25 retro liveries that honor the past

Aer Lingus AIRBUS A320-214 EI-DVM MSN 4634 Back in 2011, Irish carrier Aer Lingus (EI) marked its 75th anniversary with this Airbus A320 christened St. Coleman and painted in 1960s Irish International livery. Aer Lingus launched its first-ever flight between Baldonnel and Bristol on May 27, 1936, carrying five passengers on a six-seat De Havilland 84 Dragon. Aeroflot AIRBUS A320-214 VP-BNT MSN 5614 In 2013, Russia’s flag carrier Aeroflot (SU) received this brand-new Airbus A320 sporting the colors that Soviet-era Tupolev TU-104s once wore. The livery celebrated the 90th anniversary of the creation of Dobrolyot, the air transport organization that preceded Aeroflot. Aeropostal MCDONNELL-DOUGLAS DC-9-32 YV141T MSN 47535 · LN 610 This veteran ‘Diesel-9’ joined Aeropostal (VH) in 2002. To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Venezuelan airline, the aircraft received the colors that VH wore in the 1950s. The jetliner,…

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25 years of aviation according to david neeleman

IT WAS around then, in 1993, that Southwest Airlines acquired my first airline, Morris Air, which I had co-founded with June Morris in the 1980s. Still a young man in the industry I love, I couldn’t believe how well everything was going. Southwest’s founder, Herb Kelleher, was my idol and hero. Morris Air was the first airline Southwest had ever acquired to integrate into their system. I couldn’t believe my good fortune—that it had considered our little Morris to be such a competitor. I was 34 and had a bag full of ideas to share with the airline I now worked for Herb’s team. Southwest’s Vice President of People at the time, Ann Rhoades, who I would later hire at JetBlue, called me “a revolutionary at an airline with no need…

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a 25-year romance in the sky

I AM A PILOT madly in love with a feisty French fille named Fifi. She is fickle, and many other love-struck Pilots clamor for her attention. Somehow, despite our ups and downs, we have stayed together for 25 years. Fifi is the Airbus A321-class aircraft. Her critics facetiously call her a ‘flying computer’. Many readers of my capnaux.com blog believe that, with her sophisticated fly-by-wire system, Fifi flies herself, and I am just a passenger. I am afraid I have to disagree. Today’s modern aircraft are becoming increasingly automated and sophisticated; I’ll give you that. At this level of flying, except for takeoff and landing, the autopilot is on 99% of the time. Some aircraft, including my dear Fifi, can even land themselves. All this automation and these fancy gizmos have increased aviation safety by…