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Airways Magazine May 2017

Airways is the world's leading Commercial Aviation magazine, offering insider knowledge, international outlook, industry analysis, historic features, and stunning aviation photography. Airways is published monthly since 1994.

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Hello, Airways I just wanted to give your Editor, Enrique Perrella, some kudos for the great video of your flight on “The Queen” to Caracas in the “Painting an Aircraft” issue (Airways, February 2017). I assume he did the entire film himself; great job. Having been a private Pilot for 40 years, I have always been consumed with the amazing strength of landing gear, be it a C-150 or an A380. It’s amazing what stress the gear can take, repeatedly, especially when being used as a training craft, crosswind landings, heavy braking, etc. I had my share of horrible landings in training by accidentally stalling the poor plane to the ground to only see it bounce 10ft into the air and allow me to attempt a plausible recovery. My instructor was…

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airways glossary

THE AVIATION world is filled with acronyms, abbreviations, jargon, slang, and words that are uncommon in the general lexicon. Below you will find a list of the most commonly-used words that appear in the pages of Airways on a regular basis. This glossary will be updated as new words are added to our articles. ACAS Airborne Collission-Avoidance System ADR Accident Data Recorder AGL Above Ground Level ALPA Air Line Pilots Association ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service ASL Above Sea Level ASM Available Seat Mile APU Auxiliary Power Unit ATC Air Traffic Control CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK) CAB Customer Advisory Board CAS Calibrated Air Speed CASM Cost per Available Seat Mile CDU Control Display Unit CEO Chief Executive Officer CFI Certified Flight Instructor CFR Code of Federal Regulations (FAA) CG Center-of-Gravity CKPT Cockpit CO2 Carbon Dioxide CPDLC Controller–Pilot Data Link Communications CRM Crew Resource Management CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder DAR Designated Airworthiness Representative (FAA) E…

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editor’s briefing

SINCE I joined the Airways Editorial Team in 2014, I decided that one of our main goals was to highlight—and honor—the world’s large aviation photography community by choosing their best and most hard-earned photos to be printed in our pages. Our publishing supply chain is intense: Searching for that right photo, contacting the artist, coordinating the available space, adding the photo to the magazine’s layout, sending it to press, and ultimately shipping it to the author and submitting his/her compensation. Sometimes we have to look for alternate photos, in case the chosen one doesn’t make it on time before we start printing the magazine. Airways takes great pride in each and every photo that’s published in our pages. We understand what the spotting activity really means—the dedication, the time spent…

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etihad re-imagines its partnership strategy

JAMES HOGAN will be vacating his CEO position at Etihad (EY) in late 2017. While he is noteworthy for having placed Abu Dhabi (AUH) on the global airline map, his departure underscores the dangers linked to over-investing in debt-ridden carriers. Did Etihad sense smoke signals after learning from Swissair’s (SR) late 1990s failed acquisition strategy, which sent it running into the arms of Lufthansa (LH)? In the Middle East, aviation relevancy follows a go-big-or-go-home formula. Airlines will self-categorize as either entirely low-profile or ostentatiously grandiose. In the latter case, one must pursue a vision that involves plunking down an air transportation megalopolis in the middle of the desert, anchored around sorting humans between all corners of the earth. The size of the local market is immaterial: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is…

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north america

1 AIR CANADA BOEING 787-8 DREAMLINER C-GHPQ (MSN 35257 • MSN 160) In February, Air Canada (AC) revealed a new livery featuring a white upper fuselage, black tail and underbody, black engine nacelles, and a striking black ‘mask’ surrounding the cockpit windows. Air Canada’s iconic red maple leaf roundel returns to the livery after a 24-year absence—on the tail, on the inner part of the nacelles, and on the belly. 2 SUN COUNTRY AIRLINES BOEING 737-8Q8(WL) N816SY (MSN 30637 • LN 800) Sun Country Airlines (SY) has revised its color scheme, now with full titles and without the two-tone blue ‘S’ logo. Based at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), the airline operates scheduled and charter flights to destinations in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean, as well as ad-hoc charters. 3 FRONTIER AIRLINES AIRBUS A320-251N N304FR (MSN 7367) Frontier Airlines…

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dusty old memories

WE OFTEN TAXI on one engine to save the Earth’s resources. In spite of that, knowing there would be no delays, I asked my co-Pilot to start them both. Yes, it was sort of against normal procedures, but I was trying to minimize the risk. There was much to do and plenty of things were clamoring for my attention as we made our way toward our departure runway at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. I wanted everything to work in my favor. My goal was to make it through my first 100 hours without screwing up. The co-Pilot was new to the company, with only a few hundred hours on the airplane; yet, he did an admirable job. I wanted to trust him 100%, but told myself to remain vigilant and not…