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Airways is the world's leading Commercial Aviation magazine, offering insider knowledge, international outlook, industry analysis, historic features, and stunning aviation photography. Airways is published monthly since 1994.

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the us vs. gulf carrier spat is hitting all-time lows

COLUMNIST THEY SAY, “America does it bigger.” And this applies to the spat between American, Delta, and United and the “Big Three” Middle East carriers: Emirates (EK), Etihad (EY), and Qatar Airways (QR). Accusations of protectionism leveled against state-owned Gulf airlines are not new: the governments and flag carriers of Canada, Germany, France, and Australia, among others, have raised complaints for years accusing these airlines of government subsidization, capacity dumping and opaque fiscal policies. The above nations were insulated by restrictions in bilateral air space agreements. The US, however, has an Open Skies agreement with the Gulf countries, which is why US-based carriers are the whiniest of all. A legitimate need to evaluate any evidence of protectionism has devolved into a headache for airline personnel and customers, fueled by that double-edged sword that is…

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airways glossary

THE AVIATION world is filled with acronyms, abbreviations, jargon, slang, and words that are uncommon in the general lexicon. Below you will find a list of the most commonly-used words that appear in the pages of Airways on a regular basis. This glossary will be updated as new words are added to our articles. ACAS Airborne Collision-Avoidance System ADR Accident Data Recorder AGL Above Ground Level ALPA Air Line Pilots Association ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service ASL Above Sea Level ASM Available Seat Mile APU Auxiliary Power Unit ATC Air Traffic Control CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK) CAB Customer Advisory Board CAS Calibrated Air Speed CASM Cost per Available Seat Mile CDU Control Display Unit CEO Chief Executive Officer CFI Certified Flight Instructor CFR Code of Federal Regulations (FAA) CG Center-of-Gravity CKPT Cockpit CO2 Carbon Dioxide CPDLC Controller–Pilot Data Link Communications CRM Crew Resource Management CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder DAR Designated Airworthiness Representative (FAA) E…

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france is in the air

THE LAST TIME THAT AIRWAYS PUBLISHER AND EDITOR IN CHIEF ENRIQUE PERRELLA CAME TO ITALY, I WAS STUCK AT WORK IN MILAN AND COULDN’T MEET HIM IN ROME. SO, HAVING A FEW DAYS OFF SOME WEEKS LATER, I DECIDED TO JOIN HIM AT THE MAGAZINE’S HEADQUARTERS IN MIAMI FOR A TALK ABOUT MY COMING ARTICLES IN FRONT OF A STEAK AND A BEER WHILE ENJOYING A FEW DAYS OF FLORIDA SUN. WHILE EXPLORING the Web in search of the best combination of flight times and fares from Milan, my hometown, I realized that in its 22-year-long history, Airways had never reviewed Air France, one of the main global carriers. At €414 (US$441), taxes included, the Economy Class fare was absolutely interesting, as the combination of aircraft used from Milan-Linate (LIN) (Airways,…

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49th state: the airlines of alaska in mid-20th century (part one)

ALASKA AIRLINES • ALASKA COASTAL AIRLINES • ELLIS AIR LINES • CORDOVA AIRLINES NO ONE IN THE UNITED STATES UNDER 50 YEARS OF AGE REMEMBERS A TIME WHEN ALASKA WAS NOT A STATE, AND MANY WILL NOT REMEMBER WHEN AMERICA’S AIRLINES WERE REGULATED BY A GOVERNMENT AGENCY CALLED THE CIVIL AERONAUTICS BOARD (CAB). BUT, BEFORE ITS admittance to the Union as the 49th state on January 3, 1959, Alaska was a fully owned territory of the United States and its airline network was regulated by the CAB, just as airline operations in the States were. In the late 1950s, the Board was busy in the ‘lower 48’ transferring routes serving smaller cities from trunk airlines to local service carriers, strengthening the networks of some companies by adding longer-haul services, and adjusting to…

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a mint on the blue

BUT WHAT Happens when a certain carrier comes along and tries to lure you away? Much like when a person is seduced by a younger, smarter, and even sexier individual, just because of what he or she has to offer in terms of appeal and, why not, looks? Well, this seduction is key to JetBlue’s (B6) biggest and most fascinating project. It’s called Mint, a revolutionary Premium Class introduced by what many once believed to be an outright LCC, but that has since become a “high quality low fare airline.” JetBlue’s Mint not only defies the country’s legacy airlines, but also sparks some hope in an industry that has become stagnant with disappointment. Most fascinating of all, it’s the best product on the market at the lowest possible price. How does JetBlue do…

7 min
eighteen minutes

COLUMNIST BACK WHEN I was flying the Boeing 747-400, people used to tell me that I looked 10 years younger than I was. After a stretch on that airplane, and it didn’t take long, people stopped making that observation. In fact, they don’t say anything anymore. I fear that’s because they think I look 10 years older. By the time this article will be published, I will have been an Airbus domestic narrow-body Captain for a little over a year. Things did not start out well. I worked a lot harder than I ever expected, simply to check out on an airplane on which I already had seven or eight thousand hours. The reasons for my troubles were many. The airspace over our heads is infinitely more complicated today than when I last…