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Airways Magazine September 2018

Airways is the world's leading Commercial Aviation magazine, offering insider knowledge, international outlook, industry analysis, historic features, and stunning aviation photography. Airways is published monthly since 1994.

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ed bastian

“We decided that we were not going to win by being the lowest cost…We needed to differentiate ourselves in the market.”Ed Bastian welcomes Airways to his office in Atlanta to reveal some of the tidbits behind his position as CEO of Delta Air Lines. Read the full interview on http://airwaysmag.com/interview/edbastian/ ED BASTIAN is one of the world’s stellar airline CEOs. Appointed as Delta’s (DL) top executive in 2016 to take over the reins from Richard Anderson, Bastian has expanded DL’s global footprint through innovative partnerships and a unique managerial style, paving the way for the absolute success that the Atlanta-based airline is today. Chris Sloan sat down with Bastian in his Atlanta office to get to know the CEO of the world’s most profitable airline. You sit at the very desk that was once…

15 min
a look back at… transair canada’s prairie airline

EARLY YEARS (1947-1955) In 1945, one of the world’s largest nickel deposits had been discovered near Lynn Lake, Manitoba. Gold was found soon after. The deposits were 500 miles north of Winnipeg, the province’s capital city. Mining activity beckoned, but there were no roads, railways or waterways to provide logistical support. Aircraft were needed. It so happened that Canadian Pacific Airlines, Ltd. (CPA) wanted to divest itself of its small aircraft charter operations across Canada to focus on its expanding scheduled network. A trio of entrepreneurial Pilots, Milton E. Ashton, F. Roy Brown and George H. Sellers, seized the opportunity. They founded Central Northern Airways, Ltd. (CNA) in Winnipeg on April 8, 1947, acquiring the aircraft, facilities, and other equipment that CPA had been using at Lac du Bonnet, Norway House, Ilford,…

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the lawless spirituals

CONTRIBUTOR AT 0300 on May 24, 1992, the phone rang. I reached for it, cursing, and cut the line. It rang again, seemingly more frantic and persistent than before. Cussing under my breath, I picked up. “Hello, may I speak with Captain Chira Fernando, please? It’s very, very urgent!” the agitated voice of Dunstan Jayawardene, chairman of Air Lanka, said from the other side. I immediately passed the phone to my husband, and sensed bad news. “Chira, we have a problem. The chartered flight to Nagoya has turned back because of some unruly passengers.” The normally cool Chairman sounded somewhat agitated as he gave me the details. “Can you come over to BIA [Bandaranaike International Airport] right now?” The Air Lanka Lockheed L1011 Tristar (4R-ULB·MSN 1236) was an all-Economy Class chartered flight, carrying Shoko Asahara, the…

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the checker

COLUMNIST ONE OF the things that I have always enjoyed is teaching. Generally speaking, I don’t know very much about many things, but I have always had a passion for passing the little bits that I do know along to others. When I was in high school, working as a short-order cook, I closely watched the handful of college kids who ran the kitchen during their shift. These guys looked at an order, then directed each of us to begin cooking something at the appropriate time. The person grilling steaks was given an order, while the person making a sandwich for the same table might not get his instructions until some reasonable length of time had passed. I marveled at how one person could keep all the orders straight in his mind…

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this month online

www.airwaysmag.com 1 IBERIA A340-600 SUFFERS HARD LANDING IN QUITO (+VIDEO) An Iberia Airbus A340-600 operating flight IB6453 from Madrid (MAD) to Quito (UIO) sustained damage on its main landing gear after the plane performed an impressive hard landing on the airport’s Runway 18 on August 11. 2 HIGH FLYER INTERVIEW: DELTA’S ED-VOLUTION ACCORDING TO ED BASTIAN Airways Managing Editor and Senior Partner Chris Sloan sat down with Bastian in his Atlanta office, where he revealed interesting tidbits of his day-to-day chores as the CEO of the world’s most profitable airline. 3 DELTA BOOSTS TRANSATLANTIC NETWORK FOR SUMMER 2019 Delta Air Lines announced yet another expansion of its transatlantic routes for the Summer 2019 season. The Atlanta-based carrier responds to American Airlines’ announcements, where a myriad of seasonal European destinations will launch from some of the carrier’s…

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airways glossary

THE AVIATION world is filled with acronyms, abbreviations, jargon, slang, and words that are uncommon in the general lexicon. Below you will find a list of the most commonly-used words that appear in the pages of Airways on a regular basis. This glossary will be updated as new words and acronyms are added to our articles. ACAS Airborne Collision-Avoidance System ADR Accident Data Recorder AGL Above Ground Level ALPA Air Line Pilots Association ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service ASL Above Sea Level ASM Available Seat Mile APU Auxiliary Power Unit ATC Air Traffic Control CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK) CAB Customer Advisory Board CAS Calibrated Air Speed CASM Cost per Available Seat Mile CDU Control Display Unit CEO Chief Executive Officer CFI Certified Flight Instructor CFR Code of Federal Regulations (FAA) CG Center-of-Gravity CKPT Cockpit CO2 Carbon Dioxide CPDLC Controller–Pilot Data Link Communications CRM Crew Resource Management CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder DAR Designated Airworthiness…