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Airways Magazine December 2018

Airways is the world's leading Commercial Aviation magazine, offering insider knowledge, international outlook, industry analysis, historic features, and stunning aviation photography. Airways is published monthly since 1994.

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uniform malfunctions

CONTRIBUTOR WE ALL remember when Justin Timberlake tore away Janet Jackson’s top during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show. After that 2004 uproar, Timberlake explained it away as a ‘wardrobe malfunction’, and a new expression was born. From time to time, aviators experience mechanical malfunctions. When that happens to airline Pilots, our trusty mechanics come to the rescue. But, over the years, I have also experienced what I shall call ‘uniform malfunctions’. When that happens, you are on your own. You must use your resourcefulness to get by. When I was a new hire Boeing 727 Flight Engineer, staying in a crash pad in my base, I was called out on reserve. As I dressed for the flight, I realized that I only had brown shoes, and that it was too late to…

15 min
olbia-costa smeralda airport

Welcome to the beautiful Costa Smeralda, a spot in Sardinia that billionaires call home—and home to Europe’s most thriving private jet operations. Forty-five percent of the airport’s total movements belong to high-end, super-luxurious business planes. The Costa Smeralda has been called Europe’s most expensive location, its real estate values reaching the hundreds of thousands of dollars per square meter. Celebrities, Russian tycoons, Middle Eastern princes, sports stars, and business moguls frequent Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport (OLB) every summer season, arriving on private planes as big as Airbus A340-300s, Boeing 767-300s—even 747 BBJs. Once these wealthy visitors land at OLB, it is not uncommon to see them hopping onto helicopters that take them straight to their mega-yachts, often docked near the shore in the turquoise-colored Sardinian waters. The airport’s fixed-based operator, Eccelsa Aviation, has been…

20 min
the world’s longest flight

- Are you flying the world’s longest flight? I envy you. -You couldn’t pay me. -That’s sounds sublime. -You’re a masochist. -Why would you do that? -I say, why not? FRIENDS, FAMILY, and social media pundits all had their opinions when I said I was planning to fly and live-blog the re-inauguration of the world’s longest nonstop flight: Singapore Airlines (SQ) Flight 21 from Newark (EWR) to Singapore (SIN). Clocking in at a staggering 18 hours and 45 minutes, the flight overtakes Qatar Airways’ (QR) 17-hour, 40-minute Auckland (AKL) to Doha (DOH) as the world’s longest commercial flight. Even as an avowed AvGeek and someone who relishes nothing more than to be ensconced in an aluminum tube hurtling through the stratosphere, five miles up in the sky, at 500 mph for as long as possible, I had to…

14 min
a day in the life… of a martin 404 flight attendant

OUR DAY began bright and early in Valdosta, Georgia, after a short night’s layover at the local Ramada Inn. We were a Southern Airways crew of three: Captain, First Officer, and me, the Flight Attendant. It was Sunday, July 11, 1976, and we had a flying day of 11 legs ahead of us—not unusual at the time for crewmembers employed by a local service airline. Our work that day would be aboard Martin 404s, twin-engined, piston-powered, 40-passenger airliners built in the early 1950s. The first flight on our schedule, number 822, would take us from Valdosta to Atlanta with an intermediate stop at Sunset Airport (MGR—now Moultrie Municipal) serving Moultrie and Thomasville, Georgia. In Atlanta, we would change aircraft for a ‘round robin’ flight (a flight which originated and terminated at the…

1 min
on the cover

Singapore Airlines is now flying, non-stop, between Singapore and Newark with its brand-new Airbus A350-900ULR. To the naked eye, this plane is almost identical to the regular A350-900. But to us, this plane deserves to be featured on this month’s cover. Just because it can fly, on and on, for more than 19 continuous hours. SOCIAL MEDIA airwaysmag 2,596 likes Following significant success on its Doha-Frankfurt route, Qatar Airways (QR) will be upgrading equipment on the twice-daily flight. Read more at airwaysmag.com Tell us, did we make the right choice? Which cover would you have picked? Share your thoughts and have your opinion featured in an upcoming Mailbag.…

3 min
airways glossary

THE AVIATION world is filled with acronyms, abbreviations, jargon, slang, and words that are uncommon in the general lexicon. Below you will find a list of the most commonly-used words that appear in the pages of Airways on a regular basis. This glossary will be updated as new words and acronyms are added to our articles. ACAS Airborne Collision-Avoidance System ADR Accident Data Recorder AGL Above Ground Level ALPA Air Line Pilots Association ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service ASL Above Sea Level ASM Available Seat Mile APU Auxiliary Power Unit ATC Air Traffic Control CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK) CAB Customer Advisory Board CAS Calibrated Air Speed CASM Cost per Available Seat Mile CDU Control Display Unit CEO Chief Executive Officer CFI Certified Flight Instructor CFR Code of Federal Regulations (FAA) CG Center-of-Gravity CKPT Cockpit CO2 Carbon Dioxide CPDLC Controller–Pilot Data Link Communications CRM Crew Resource Management CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder DAR Designated Airworthiness…