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letter from allrecipes

THERE ARE stars among us You probably know by now that Allrecipes is for all the cooks. What started in 1997 as a cookie recipe-sharing site has grown to become the world’s largest digital and in-real-life cooking community. More than 60 million people visit each month to save and review recipes, post food photos, watch how-to videos, and find something to cook for dinner tonight. And 9.5 million, including you (thank you!), read this magazine. But you might not know that there’s an especially engaged group within our big cooking community—cooks who share, rate, and review recipes a bit more than the average bear and even get together in person every so often. Since 2011, we’ve identified these kind, smart, generous, creative, and passionate cooks as Allrecipes Allstars. And from the magazine’s…

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what's new & trending @

We Test, You Win! Which box, bag, or jar will your family and friends like best? Each month, our experts test and taste dozens of products so you’ll know which brownie mix to buy for that work party or which canned cinnamon rolls to bake for brunch. Find the results at SMALL BUDGET, BIG FLAVOR Short on cash? The smart cookies and good eggs of Allrecipes are sharing their tips, strategies, and recipes for stretching food dollars without sacrificing flavor or favorite splurges. You can find budget-friendly dinners for two, meals under $2 per serving, vegetarian recipes, and more at MEALTIME made easy Busy families have enough on their plates without worrying about what’s for dinner. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Walmart to simplify mealtimes. Explore our new digital destination, Make It…

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all fired up!

firepit cooking When cooking on a firepit or campfire, it’s helpful to create two heat zones by banking embers or coals to one side for higher heat and scattering them more sparsely on the other for lower heat. The Grilled Veggie Skewers, Cheesy Campfire Potatoes, and Gooey Tortilla S’mores recipes for this party are cooked over medium heat, while the Sheboygan Grilled Brats need medium-low. To gauge the heat level, hover your hand 5 inches over the grate. If you can leave your hand there 5 to 7 seconds, that’s medium heat; about 8 seconds is medium-low. Click here for more campfire cooking tips. Get more ideas for your All Fired Up! party below. PEACH AND BERRY SALAD HANDS-ON 15 MIN TOTAL 1 HR, 20 MIN SERVES 8 SUBMITTED BY BARRETT 12 REVIEWS 3 peaches3 cups blackberries2…

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fancy a fancy mayo?

Aioli got its start very simply: The Provençal aïoli and Spanish alioli both spring from the root words for garlic and oil. And both originally involved garlic vigorously pounded along with olive oil (and sometimes salt) to make an emulsified sauce. English spellings often drop the trema (those two dots over the i). And modern versions of aioli (ay-OH-lee) are more in step with its equally smooth and more stable cousin—mayonnaise—which is made by blending egg yolks and oil (often canola) into a creamy emulsion. The word aïoli or aioli on menus or product labels these days typically just means you’re getting a mayo flavored with garlic or other seasonings, such as chipotles, truffles, herbs, or citrus. And increasingly, you’ll notice even more ready-made aioli choices and flavors on store shelves. Whether you…

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the healthy kitchen

SURFACES THAT Do You a Solid Wipe away worries about lingering bacteria on surfaces that serve as both prep space and dinner table. Nonporous countertops like quartz, sealed granite, stainless steel, and solid-surfacing won’t harbor germs. And (bonus!) they also shrug off stains. Choosing white or light colors makes it easy to ensure you’ve cleared every last crumb. COLOR ME Healthy Sherwin-Williams’ newest paints provide more than just a swath of pretty color. Its SuperPaint lines now boast the healthful superpowers of sanitizing and air-purifying technology. One keeps walls bacteria-free for four years after you roll it on; the other breaks down household odors and reduces VOC levels from sources such as carpet, cabinets, and fabrics. Both are available in 540 colors. SuperPaint Interior Latex with Sanitizing Technology or Interior Acrylic with Air…

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gut check

Emerging research shows keeping your gut healthy with prebiotics and probiotics is critical to overall health, including mental wellness and digestion. Probiotics are the “good” bacteria found naturally in some fermented foods and a healthy digestive tract. Prebiotics are a type of fiber, such as beta-glucan and inulin, linked with promoting growth of the “good” bacteria in the gut. Basically, prebiotics are food for probiotics. While daily recommended intakes don’t yet exist for pre- or probiotics, the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics recommends 3 grams per day of prebiotics. Fortunately, these occur naturally in many foods, including late summer and early fall produce. Stock up on pears, apples, and Jerusalem artichokes. Slice up the latter to add to a fresh salad or roast them like potatoes. Bananas, whole grains, and…