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American Iron Magazine: Readers know why we are the world's #1 best selling magazine for American motorcycles. Published every 4 weeks (13 big issues a year), we keep you up on everything you need to know about Harley and Indian motorcycles! We cover the entire riding experience for you. Subscribe today for the latest new motorcycle and product reviews, news and views, real world do-it-yourself tech, customs and classics, as well as great tours and event coverage.

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30 years on

This is my last column in our 29th year of publication. That’s because our next issue marks the start of American Iron Magazine’s third decade in publication. A lot sure has changed in motorcycling in those 30 years, and our team is honored to still be your trusted source of motorcycle information and education.In 1989, when American Iron Magazine was launched, you could buy a new Harley FXR or Sportster for a few thousand dollars, and most of us would never consider riding a bagger. Cellphones and computers were rare, and gas was about a buck a gallon. We were the only family-oriented Harley magazine on ten thousand newsstands displayed with almost a dozen other monthly motorcycle publications that featured scantily clad women.A lot has changed since then. FXRs are…

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the balance of power

Much to the delight of many a motorcycle racing fan, the American Flat Track (AFT) series has been on fire. In the past few years, we’ve seen steady growth in popularity, attendance, and viewership. Isn’t it great to have a uniquely American motorcycle sport to follow once again? Also, unless you’ve been residing under a rock somewhere, you probably know that Indian’s motorcycles have dominated the last two years of AFT competition in AFT Twins class.Reigning champ Jared Mees has topped the class aboard an Indian Scout FTR750 two years in a row. And while he may not have won every race in the series, an FTR750 has won more often than not. With a Kawasaki Ninja 650 taking one win in 2018 and three in 2017, and Harley-Davidson winning…

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quoted & noted

(HARLEY-DAVIDSON)American Iron Magazine and Klock Werks Daytona Bike Week Giveaway Bike Almost Done!AMERICAN IRON MAGAZINE IS ONCE AGAIN WORKING CLOSELY WITH THE DAYTONA Chamber of Commerce to build the Daytona Bike Week giveaway bike. This year, AIM is working with Klock Werks to trick out a brand-new 2018 Softail Low Rider for one lucky rider. We’ll be guiding you through the tear-down and rebuild right here in these pages, the second installment on page 80. With the inspiration coming from the ever-popular FXR rippers, the Klock Werks team is hard at work to get the bike finished ahead of the 78th Daytona Bike Week. Last year’s Chaos Cycle-built Dyna was a major hit with riders, and what the Klock Werks team has planned should rev up your engine even more.…

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With a Little Help From My FriendsI wanted to drop you a note and photo of my project bike. I picked up a 2011 H-D Wide Glide earlier this year with low miles and in good condition. The bike came with a two-up seat and yellow flame pant. After some careful planning, I pulled the trigger on some new H-D parts (pipe, bars, pegs, speedo, grips, seat, rear shocks, etc.) and dropped off the bike with my friend Jimmie Rogers for teardown. Raymond Thorson, another great friend, assisted with powdercoating the wheels and chrome parts. Jerry Leach at Leach Custom Cycles in Alvin, Texas, did the paint work, which turned out great. Jerry also painted my bass guitar to match the bike. Jimmie Rogers and his father finished up the…

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1990-97 evo clutch

Harley transmission fluid contains special additives to deal with the shear forces of the straight-cut gear teeth.In 1990, Harley-Davidson began to use the same clutch packs in both Big Twin models and the Sportster line. Previously, Big Twin and Sportster clutches were not interchangeable.Dry clutch hubs from 1985 and earlier were made of steel, and the clutch hub nuts were beefy and strong. This all changed in 1985 with the aluminum, wet clutch hubs and their smaller nuts. Therefore, on wet clutches, do not use a torque gun on the clutch hub nut unless you are sure it is calibrated correctly. The clutch hub nut is a left-hand thread to prevent the rotational movement of the clutch hub from loosening the clutch hub nut. Instead, the rotational force will be…

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baby boomers, a dying breed

Lately I have been thinking a lot about getting older and how that relates to the motorcycle industry. I’m a baby boomer, us lucky cats born between 1946 and 1964. World War II was over in September 1945, and that’s when our fighting boys returned home. As you can probably imagine, we had an instant baby boom throughout the country. Think about it; our boys had been away fighting over in Europe for several years and when the war was over the baby boom was on! Approximately 76 million Americans came into the world between the mid-40s and the mid-60s. I bet the sales of mattresses and baby clothes were also booming!For the most part, growing up in the 1950s and ’60s was a swell time. The economy was good,…