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American Survival Guide August 2019

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

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rethinking your redoubt

When this issue hits your mailbox, most kids in the U.S. will still be in school; physically, anyway. Like the rest of us at this time of year, they’re more concerned about what they’ll be doing during the summer than on the work at hand. For many Americans, the summer escape means heading to some sort of shoreline, whether it’s a cool clear mountain lake or our almost endless ocean and gulf coasts. These areas have historically, almost genetically, been where millions of people go to get away from the tedium and stress of their everyday lives. As you’ll read in a couple of pieces from Brian M. Morris, they should also be on your short list for bug-out destinations. While the stereotypical bug-out plan has folks “heading to the hills,” Brian…

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american survival guide

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new products

Never have there been more options for the wide variety of high-quality outdoor and survival gear. With new companies forming to address gaps in the market and established companies innovating new products, it is nearly impossible to keep up to date with everything that is available. Fortunately, we here at American Survival Guide are always on the lookout for interesting, useful, high-quality products, and this group includes some new items that meet all of those criteria. We hope that you will find something useful. 1 Outdoor Vitals Dominion 1P Ultralight Tent Outdoor Vitals is no stranger to innovation, and they constantly try to push the boundaries by creating unique products using premium materials and bringing them direct to the consumer. The new Dominion 1 one-person tent takes the design language created for…

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quality time with matt graham

Survival expert, check! Primitive skills instructor, check! Rock climber and triathlete, check! These are all true statements without a doubt, but what truly exemplifies Matt Graham as “exceptional” is his ability to make even the most difficult challenges when deep within the wild appear as a Sunday stroll through a neighborhood park. While some outdoorsmen perceive their time out in nature as a challenge or a virtual “Mother Nature against me,” Matt’s philosophy is quite different. Since a very young age, he has developed a bond—or even more accurately, a relationship—with the outdoors that few people can emulate, let alone, fully understand. Matt’s unique approach to surviving in diverse environments originates from his love of primitive skills, ancient weaponmaking and proficiency, and his ability to use little or no modern gear when…

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matt’s little bugger fixed blade knife

Designed by Matt, the Little Bugger was created to fill the niche of an all-purpose knife while being lightweight and compact enough to store nearly anywhere. Matt, while out in the wild, usually wears a minimal amount of clothing, so he needed a knife that could fit easily into his shorts and stay put while running, climbing or trekking through dense vegetation. This full-tang knife features a modified scandi grind, it stays razor sharp even after extended use, and is ready to tackle nearly any task in a variety of environments. SPECIFICATIONS • Overall length: 5.75 inches• Blade length: 2.38 inches• Blade thickness: 0.09 inch• Blade steel: 1095 hardened to RC 56-58• Blade finish: Tumbled• Handles: Tan canvas Micarta• Weight: 2.40 ounces• Sheath: Coyote Tan Kydex MSRP: $120 www.TOPSKnives.com…

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matt, why the atlatl?

The atlatl is the hunting tool I feel the greatest connection with. There is something magical about the way it sails through the air with precision. I believe for the amount of time required to build and maintain it, it’s still one of the most effective tools, primitive or otherwise. It’s also been used as a hunting tool in the evolution of humanity perhaps longer than any other effective hunting tool, and has been used by every culture, color, or race of people on the planet. I made my first atlatl 23 years ago. It wasn’t that great, so I presumed it was a tool you had to grow up with to be proficient at, a thing for old history books. However, my curiosity led me to immediately make about 40…