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July/August 2020

Australian Flying is Australia's premier General Aviation magazine, dedicated to educating and entertaining those at the sharp end of aviation. Each issue of Australian Flying delivers hands on tips to better flying along with advice and reviews on the latest technologies, accessories and techniques on the market. Australian Flying also brings you the latest news and most current topical issues affecting the aviation industry. Australian Flying is staffed by an experienced and dedicated team of writers and pilots who share a common goal to inform and inspire better pilots.

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a call to arms

General aviation faces a challenge that as yet we haven’t been able to measure. In the coming months, the size of the economic fallout from the COVID-19 restrictions will become apparent. GA’s best weapon to fend off this crisis remains the passion of the people. In the years ahead, this issue of Australian Flying, July-August 2020, will be stuck with the unwanted label of the COVID issue. Many of the stories in it refer to the pandemic, which you would have to say is fair given that this magazine has always been a reflection of the state of general aviation in Australia. That’s what it was designed to be and it has kept that faith for nearly 60 years. Consequently, the steel-reinforced ties between Australian Flying and GA mean the trials the…

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editor’s pick

Got something to get off your chest? Australian Flying welcomes your input. Send your AirMail, with your name and contacts (which can be withheld from publishing upon request) to: stevehitchen@yaffa.com.au or write to: Australian Flying, GPO Box 606 Sydney NSW 2001. Developing Professionals Dear Steve. As an experienced Chief Pilot, multi and turbine instructor and Conquest operator, I read with concern the findings of the ATSB investigation into the Conquest crash at Renmark. There is no escaping the conclusion that the outcome of that flight was, in large part, a direct consequence of the decisions made by the CASA inspector and the operating crew. The ATSB noted that both operating crew weren’t current for this exercise. This reflects the declining depth of experience in the GA sector and in CASA where both struggle to…

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report shows ga fatalities in decline

Earlier this year, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) released a statistical analysis report that shows fatalities in general aviation are in decline. Covering the years 2010-2019, the report states that although GA accidents increased slightly, the fatality rate decreased over the study period. "Between 2010 and 2019, over 90% of accidents and fatal accidents, and around 80% of serious incidents, involved aircraft operating within the general aviation and recreational aviation sectors," the report notes. "In contrast, due to the more stringent reporting requirements for air transport operations, three-quarters of reported incidents involved aircraft operating within commercial air transport. "Considering all years in the period, the number of general aviation fatalities and fatal accidents decreased. The number of fatalities and fatal accidents within commercial air transport and recreation aviation remained relatively constant." A spokesperson for…

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breaking news featured on www.australianflying.com.au recently

1 Helipad proposed for Darling Harbour 2 Pipistrel co-operates on Hydrogen Shuttle 3 Aviation mourns Simulation Pioneer 4 Prominent Physician appointed to Angel Flight Board 5 VoltAero opts for Pusher Configuration on Cassio 6 Loss of Control pinpointed in Remark Conquest Crash 7 CASA issues Part 149 Certificate for APF 8 NSW Government grants $6.6 million for Cessnock Upgrade 9 Vortex Ring State brought down Skycrane: ATSB 10 CASA comes under Fire over Power Station Approval SIGN UP TO KEEP UP! The Australian Flying website is updated daily with the latest GA news stories. Visit us online now at www.australianflying.com.au to also check out our free classifieds section, photo and video galleries, blogs, flying tips articles and comprehensive Warbird coverage. And be sure to register for our FREE weekly electronic newsletter, which delivers the latest news FREE to your inbox every…

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tecnam adds diesel to p2010 range

Italian manufacturer Tecnam has introduced a diesel engine option to their P Twenty-Ten range. The P2010 TDI turbo-diesel will be added to the 180-hp and 215-hp avgas models of the four-seat high-wing. Continental's new liquid-cooled and turbocharged CD-170 engine has been chosen for the new model, offering 170 hp and Full-authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) systems. The powerplant will give the P2010 TDI a 75% cruise of 127 KTAS at 6000 feet and a range of 1050 nm. Speaking during an online launch event in May, Tecnam Mangaing Director Giovanni Pascale Langer said that his company believes the new model will satisfy market demands for aircraft that don't rely on avgas. "This model will open [up] opportunities to an entirely new segment of customers," he said. "Many of them will experience our brand for the…

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prototype skycourier makes first flight

Textron Aviation successfully flew the prototype Cessna 408 SkyCourier twin turboprop utility aircraft for the first time in May this year. The SkyCourier took off from the company’s east campus Beech Field Airport, piloted by Corey Eckhart, senior test pilot, and Aaron Tobias, chief test pilot. During the 135-minute flight, the team tested the aircraft’s performance, stability and control, as well as its propulsion, environmental, flight controls and avionics systems. “We were very pleased with how the Cessna SkyCourier performed throughout its first flight,” Eckhart said. “It was particularly impressive to see how stable the aircraft handled on takeoff and landing. The Cessna SkyCourier already displays a high level of maturity in its flight characteristics, especially for a first flight. "We were able to accomplish everything we wanted on this flight, and that’s…