Australian Homespun January 2018

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“my butterfly patch”

With all the charm of vintage quilts but cut through with contemporary edge! Homespun’s 2018 Block of the Month is a garden of delights that will draw you in again and again, with wreathed appliquéd butterflies anchoring sampler blocks of mixed appliqué and piecing and a central panel of embroidered floral abundance. Created by Sarah & Rachel Roxburgh from the very latest and loveliest Tilda fabrics, which unite celebratory colour with intricate design. So beautiful, so feminine, so enchanting! This is a quilt that will be treasured for years to come...…

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pin interest

As you no-sew, so shall you reap There are lots of lovely garlands around these days, but we hadn’t seen this lovely no-sew yarn pumpkin variation before. It’s such a cute child-friendly project and would look bright and cheery hanging in any kid’s room. The creator is Shell Feis, and she shares her tutorial on her {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker website – THE GIFT OF BUTTONS It’s the gift presentation that counts! Amy Weir, of Delineate Your Dwelling, sets the craft style with her button-fruit gift tags. You’d simply have to love a present that came topped with bright little cards like these. Go to 10/fruit-gift-tags.html for the how-to. Creative cooking Ever wonder why people set themselves impossibly difficult goals, like scaling Everest, rocketing off to Mars or knitting with noodles? We do…

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crochet back to school series

Sorry to say that your correspondent is old enough to remember this sort of school equipment: Globite suitcases (heavy and clunky but great seats at lunchtime when upturned in the quadrangle); exercise books covered in brown paper stuck down with glue made at home from flour and water; nibbed pens and inkwells. Seems like only yesterday!!!! Understandable, then, that rallying enthusiasm for a return to school after the lovely, fun, Santa-y, gardensprinkler-hosebath-y Christmas holidays was a big ask. But somehow we managed to climb back into serge tunics and set off in the baking heat to walk the dusty track to the school house. We were happy enough, really. (Or did we just not know any better?) We were blissfully unaware of the lovely, lightweight, self-sticking bits and ballpoints that were…

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selvedge designer edge

Becky Anne Tilson has had many varied and interesting careers. She’s practised cosmetology, cleaned houses, taught preschool children and waited tables. She’s also worked at a zoo, retail store, salon and sandwich shop. Finally, she found her calling, as a gifted needlefelter and embroiderer, specialising in hooped animal designs. Her work is the result of combining two dreams – a yearning for a signature craft style that she could call her own and a hankering for a rural idyll with llamas grazing on lush pastures. She’s now got both – sort of! Her stitching style is charming, with a look that is purely hers, but her llamas have to make do with fields of fabric, rather than rolling acres. Right from the start, alpacas and llamas were her subjects of choice. Their…

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getting cosy with designers

NATASHIA CURTIN SMEE DESIGNS Website: LESSONS I’VE LEARNED: • A 40-year-old sewing machine without a walking foot cannot cope with heavy wool blanket batting. It will die a horrible death, right in the middle of your first project. • Pins and toddlers don’t mix. • You can’t grab an iron that’s falling off your ironing board. • Never give a toddler a packet of seed beads to shake to keep them occupied. • Chocolate can help keep you awake, but it’s a cow to get out of blanket stitching. MY WORKROOM “On a good day, I can walk in the room. On a not-so-good day, I have to clear a path first. You are NEVER going to see my work space featured in a magazine. EVER!” “Stitching is also an awesome mechanism for getting out of washing the floor…

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pattern & palette play

01 Cotton+Steel ‘Noel’ CS5137/2, designed by Alexia Abegg. Distributed by Dayview Textiles. 02 Northcott Fabrics ‘Mrs. Bobbins’ 21993-64, designed by Julia Icenogle. Distributed by Lloyd Curzon Textiles. 03 Moda Fabrics ‘Circulus’ 18131-27, designed by Jen Kingwell. Distributed by PK Fabrics. 04 Northcott Fabrics ‘Bohemian Vibe’ 21915-74, designed by Northcott Studio. Distributed by Lloyd Curzon Textiles. 05 Moda Fabrics ‘Circulus’ 18131-11, designed by Jen Kingwell. Distributed by PK Fabrics. 06 Moda Fabrics ‘First Romance’ 8408-20, designed by Kristyne Czepuryk. Distributed by PK Fabrics. 07 FreeSpirit ‘Artichoke Garden’ Pom Dots PWCH008.PINKX, designed by Corinne Haig. Distributed by XLN Fabrics. 08 FreeSpirit ‘Artichoke Garden’ Pom Dots PWCH008.GREEN, designed by Corinne Haig. Distributed by XLN Fabrics. 09 FreeSpirit ‘Celebrate’ Dotty PWMO023.BLUEX, designed by Kathy Doughty. Distributed by XLN Fabrics. 10 Moda Fabrics ‘Circulus’ 18131-21, designed by Jen Kingwell. Distributed by PK Fabrics. 11 Art…