Australian Homespun February 2018

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THERE’ S LIFE IN THAT YET! Almie Louis is known as the ‘Grand Recycler’, and she has an eye for what can be salvaged and given a fresh start. She also has a knack for making her trash-to-treasures beautiful and unique. Take her framed wreath of fabric flowers, for example – beauty where there was once only rubbish. We applaud her for recognising the potential and then creating something lovely. And she estimates she has breathed new life into more than 1,000 has-beens. Want to see more? Go to her website at www.grandrecycler.comor Instagram @grand_recycler. Email Almie at MAN-SHED PINNY Probably best we don’t call it a pinny, in case it challenges the home handyman. But it shouldn’t, because it’s such a perfect combination of great design, practicality and blokeyness. It was…

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diary dates

NSW – Sydney February 17 Sydney UsefulBox Sewing Lessons & Events’ Frocktails; Sydney CBD. Gather together over a cocktail with other sewists to meet new friends and talk sewing. Wear a ‘me made’ and join in for an evening full of sewing, prizes and fun. Open 7pm. More information (and to book in): Visit, email and follow on Instagram @usefulbox. March 8-11 Rosehill Rosehill Stitches & Craft show; Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, James Ruse Dr. The show has an amazing range of crafts and exhibits to see. The show returns in a lighter and brighter building at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse with inspiring stands, classes, demonstrations, guest artists and displays. You will find all you need for your next project. Open 10am-4pm. Buy tickets at the door or online. More information: Visit March 9-10 Avalon Beach Avalon…

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studio in a cupboard

This is new from The Original ScrapBox ( and it’s a little stroke of design and engineering ingenuity. First, it’s just an unremarkable cupboard, but open the doors and it folds out to a complete sewing/craft studio. Now that’s remarkable! It has 2,500 square inches (1.6 sq m) of table space along with plenty of supply storage. When your work’s done, it all folds up and closes to hide your scraps and sewing equipment. Email: or phone 1800 843 674 to find out more.…

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oh brother, quilt art thou!

Announcing the winner of Brother International’s 17th Annual Quilting Contest (Australia) Lisa Alexander’s bee-themed Nature’s Way has taken out top honours in the latest annual quilt competition from Brother International (Australian component). The competition is a creative initiative from Brother HQ in Japan for the Asia Pacific region and is organised each year to encourage eco awareness – a theme inspired by Brother Earth, which directs attention to sustainability. Lisa’s prize is a 16-night quilting cruise to Singapore with the wonderful Michelle Marvig at the helm (of the quilting classes, not the Ovation of the Seas ship!!!!). “The quilt depicts the queen bee watching over the busy worker bees pollinating flowers and working on the honeycomb,” explains Lisa. “It is made up of approximately 120 flower petals, 90 leaves and 60…

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getting cosy with designers

NATALIE BIRD THE BIRDHOUSE Website: IN RETROSPECT … “I’ve kept the very first fabric doll I ever made, to look at every now and then and remind myself how far I’ve come. It is absolutely horrid! And I thought it was fabulous at the time.” THANKS TO THE INDUSTRY “I have met some of my best friends from a shared passion for patchwork. Designing and working in this industry has allowed me to be at home while my girls grew up, to travel all over the world, teaching, and to be creative every day. I am very grateful for this.” “When I found patchwork, I found my place in the world.” MY STYLE IS: “Homely – a bit folksy. A lot of my designs feature heartfelt sayings, cute critters and family, love and friendship themes.” MY STYLE…

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selvedge designer edge

It all comes down to beauty in the beasts with Ann Wood’s wondrous creatures. Her perfectly formed mosquitoes ominously arch their bodies on long fragile legs, probosces aimed, ready for piercing. But those same menacing insects are dressed in genteel lace and fine, fine prints. What? Sewer rats stop for a casual chat, their odiousness forgotten in the amiability of their stance and a sartorial style set by lace kerchiefs at their necks. Massed creepy-crawly spiders escaping from a jar – normally the stuff of nightmares – are redeemed courtesy of couture outfitting. As for Ann’s raven – he may be dark and brooding but he looks as if he’s getting on in years, with slightly frayed fabric around his once-lethal beak. And his sharply watchful eyes carry a tired sadness due to…