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from the editor-in-chief

Welcome to the Holiday Issue of Penthouse. But, as you may have noticed, the magazine that you are currently holding in your hands has another (rather distinct) theme. If you look slightly to your left, you’ll notice a new addition to our masthead. If you don’t already know who he is from his headline-grabbing antics, allow me to introduce you to Gavin McInnes: serial line-stepper, provacateur, comedian and commentator. And as much as this issue is officially the Holiday Issue, in many ways, it’s the McInnes issue. Gavin, who we plan to tour under the Penthousebanner, alongside friend and fellow commentator, Milo Yiannopolous, guest edited around 30 pages of this magazine. Let me start off by stating this clearly: If you are easily offended, avoid that section. Consider this a “trigger warning”.…

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fbi closes observatory near roswell crash site

SETTING conspiracy theorists and UFO-enthusiasts ablaze with curiosity, the FBI has mysteriously ordered the complete evacuation and closure of a small solar observatory in the state of New Mexico. Tucked away in the woods of a national forest in an area well-known for UFO sightings and secretive military testing, the lengthy and unexplained closure has sparked a wealth of speculation. According to recent reports from the Washington Post, yellow police tape surrounded the small observatory and security personnel guarded its entrances. Unlike many other similar facilities in the area, the Sunspot Observatory is generally open to the public, offering guided tours and even providing on-site housing for its staff. Such is the level of secrecy involved in the closure, federal agents kept even the local police in the dark. “They wouldn’t give us…

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what does donald’s d*ck look like?

STORMY Daniels has written a tell-all book revealing in great, gory detail her brief dalliance with POTUS, Donald Trump. The fact this sounds a lot like revenge porn aside, the media and general population are apparently dying to know one thing – what does the Donald’s dick look like? In an extract obtained by the Guardian, Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, ruined childhoods across the world by revealing Trump’s wang is “like the mushroom character in Mario Kart”. She went on to describe their liaison in further detail, condemning the Commander in Chief’s skills between the sheets. “It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion,” she wrote. The book, which was released in October last year, is full of damning revelations about…

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police raid sex doll brothel

ONLY nine days after opening, Italy’s first ‘sex doll brothel’ has been raided by police. Even though sex work is illegal in Italy, the question of whether or not the plastic playthings were being prostituted by their owners was not up for debate. The police were more interested in a far more technical breach of the law involving Italian rental regulations. We know. Boring. Unsurprisingly, the City’s Health Department also wants a word with the blow-up bordello. Having seen what passes for ‘hygienic’ in many parts of Italy, we thought a quick once over with the Spray N’ Wipe would’ve been enough to satisfy. But no. The owners assure that each doll is given a two-hour deep cleanse after each session. Which is good... but still kind of gross. According to the company…

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chinese restaurant found with roadkill in cooler

FOR all the jokes made about the Chinese eating dogs and eyeballs and tiger dicks, along comes a story like this that totally confirms it isn’t just a shallow stereotype. This shit actually happens. But then again, let’s not jump to conclusions. The Golden Hen restaurant in Louisiana is run by a guy named Somchanh Chanthapanya, which, to us, doesn’t sound very Chinese. But then we don’t want to assume that Chinese names all operate under an efficient one to two syllable system – that would be just as racist as stereotyping Chinese food as the opposite of normal food. Right? Also, we’re not sure what’s weirder, that an Indian dude might be running a roadkill-based Chinese restaurant or that there’s a Chinese restaurant in Louisiana at all. What we do know is…

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florida man arrested for wet willy

WHAT We Learnt just isn’t What We Learnt if we haven’t learnt something from Florida. It’s the greatest of all the states in the Union; the Queensland of the Americas; the glorious Sunshine State that brought us Girls Gone Wild, the Epcot centre and… George Zimmerman. And while we know there’s more to Florida than Disney World and stand-your-ground laws – it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is about that insane, gator-filled, meth-fuelled, gun-toting, Jeb-Bushvoting state – we hope it never changes. The humble residents from that particular patch of Earth make reporting the news of the world every month all that more interesting, and for that, Florida, we salute you. For today’s tale, we bring you a story of that most heinous of crimes a man can commit. A transgression so…