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 / Photography
Australian Photography

Australian Photography March 2019

Australian Photography has one simple goal – to make you a better photographer. Each month the magazine features insightful photo tips to help you improve the way you shoot, edit and share your images. There's also interviews with leading pro shooters, step-by-step image-editing guides, photo competitions, reviews of the latest gear and much more

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12 Issues


2 min.
that popularity thing

Since when did photography become a popularity contest? Well that would be just about the first time a camera was picked up I reckon. If you consider that people are still shooting locations that Ansel Adams shot way back in the 1940s and 50s, or more recently the overnight popularity of drone photography, then I think it’s fair to say that what is popular will always influence the things we photograph. But it’s only due to social media we’ve been able to measure the effect of this in any great detail. I mention this because another form of popularity, followers on social media, has become a hot talking point in photographic circles once again. US photographer Yvette Roman says she missed out on ‘the biggest job of her career’ because she…

1 min.

DYLAN GIANNAKOPOULOS Melbourne based photographer Dylan Giannakopoulos has set out to capture all that inspires him. See more at dylangiannaphotography.com.au. MATTHEW GRAHAM Matty Graham is a photojournalist and former mag editor based in the UK. He specialises in landscape, portaiture and video. See more at mattygraham.com SAM EDMONDS Sam Edmonds is a photographer, writer and antarctic expedition guide focusing on issues of ecology and conservation. See more of his work at samedmondsphoto.com ANTHONY MCKEE A regular contributor to AP, Melbourne’s Anthony McKee was named AIPP documentary photographer of the year in 2014. See more at anthonymckee.com.au…

2 min.
it takes a village

One of my most heartfelt experiences as a photographer was capturing this special moment between three monkeys and their infants in Bali last year. My wife and I had ventured to the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud which is home to roughly 600 Balinese Long-Tailed Monkeys. Whilst researching the location, I had learnt that infant monkeys spend the first few months of their lives in constant contact with their mothers, rarely leaving their side. I hoped to photograph this precious and finite period of time between the two. I was shooting with the Sony a7II and the Sony FE 70-200 F4 G OSS lens which was ideal for photographing monkeys that were at a close range. The mothers and their infants however, tended to stayed away from humans and the walking paths.…

3 min.
style guide

While questions about finding your own style may seem like a modern phenomenon, in fact it is an age old issue for all creatives. I have been asked about finding a style since the early 1980’s and my answer then is still very similar today. Be passionate about photography, have a short term and long term plan and be prepared for knocks. A style, your style, will happen naturally and most likely it will change over time. What has changed in the last decade is the sheer number of photographers and the impact of social media on photography. Overnight, a young photographer can post one outstanding image and become world famous - well in a way at least. Yet they may have no depth of work and even little idea of where…

7 min.
quick snaps

OLYMPUS CONFIRMS DEVELOPMENT OF 150-400MM F4.5 PRO LENS WITH BUILT-IN 1.25X TELECONVERTER OLYMPUS has announced the development of a new super telephoto zoom lens, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS Pro. With a standard focal range of 300-800mm equiv. on Micro Four Thirds bodies, the built-in 1.25X teleconverter will increase its range to 375-1000mm equiv. The upcoming lens will also be compatible with Olympus’ new MC-20 2X teleconverter. As you mighy expect, the lens will work with the 5-axis IS systems built into modern Olympus cameras like the OMD E-M1X for extra shake reduction. It will also be fully weather sealed. You can expect to see the new lens in 2020. DJI UNCOVER ‘EXTENSIVE’ FRAUD ESTIMATED AT $150 MILLION THE world’s largest drone-maker, DJI, has reported that it will take a loss of…

2 min.
ultimate creative week. pinnacles, wa

Take your photography to the next level as you explore Western Australia’s new creative frontier with Australian Photography, World Photo Adventures and your own personal photo guides. Join Australian Photography editor Mike O'Connor, TV presenter and pro photographer Darran Leal, and Adobe and Sony ambassador Mark Galer on the photo trip of a lifetime. Just two hours north of Perth lies Cervantes and Nambung National Park. Boasting some of the most photogenic locations on the planet, the area is notable for the spectacularly surreal Pinnacles Desert, the towering pearl-coloured sand dunes of Lancelin, native plant species and wildlife, and the stunning white beaches and emerald waters of the Coral Coast. You'll not only have the opportunity to capture these incredible locations in the best possible conditions, your personal tutors will be on hand…