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Australian Stitches No. 25-6

Australia’s leading dressmaking magazine is a favoured by all dressmakers in every age group. Fabulous garments, technical instructions and step x step photos help guide even the most novice sewer to complete perfect garments every time. All the latest patterns and fabrics are covered in every issue plus we trial patterns to give the lowdown on how to improve on each pattern’s instruction sheet. We showcase makeovers of real people, give wardrobe-planning advice and show the latest trends from the USA and Europe.

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from the editor

We mentioned change in our last editor’s letter, and a lot has changed in the last few weeks at Australian Stitches magazine - there will be more to come in coming issues too! We have some old faces returning to the team and others such as Eddi and Judith ramping up their involvement in the magazine. This issue, we take a journey in time with fashion and make some creative changes to a beaufiful pattern by Simplicity. There’s a great feature on altering the waist of your jeans and an amazing book cover for you to make. We have plenty of fashion ideas and sewing tips for you to enjoy this issue. Make sure you take a peep at our new product and fabric sections of the magazine. We welcome all feedback…

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what goes around...

20’s Fashion time travels through the decades of the 20th century to inspire the latest looks of our time… and of the season! The popularity of vintage or ‘retro’ style patterns has exploded in recent years … And while the latest shown here are styled in all their retro glory, there are some elements from each decade that you can adapt to any modern look. Freed of restricting corsets and fussy frippery, the 1920’s roared in greyhound-sleek silhouettes, resplendent in slithery fabrics and graphic Art Deco patterns. The 21st Century takeaways: • Sleek, angular tunic shapes, in blouses, jackets and coats. • Asymmetrical wrapping and draping. • Rich jewel tones and dark prints. • Luxe touches of fur trim and jewelled fastenings add more opulence. 30’s Even though there was a depression going on, the looks of this era…

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Capes will not mess up a nicely pressed blouse and they are much simpler to just slide into than a coat or jacket. Let’s put functionality to one side though and talk fashion. A cape can transform an outfit, elevating it from casual to chic in a flash. Jeans, dress trousers and even skirts can all be teamed well with the right cape. So before hunting around for a winter coat, why not consider adding a gorgeous cape to your wardrobe? Which cape is right for me? A cape is such a versatile addition to your wardrobe; perfect for layering and great for warmth. In the heart of winter a cape will often be layered with some cosy knitwear. For warmer, trans-seasonal months a cape can be layered with a cute dress…

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creating a dress pattern for you

You know the one; the problem that is so big in your head that it takes over your whole sewing life and you avoid many a sewing journey because you dread the tension that comes with fitting a new garment. Why are you continuing to put yourself through the stress of fitting each and every pattern you buy? Somewhere in your stash you will have a BASIC SHIFT PATTERN that, with a little bit of tweaking, will fit you perfectly. Making something new is exciting but usually fraught with anxiety because there is always that fitting problem that pops up. You know the one; the problem that is so big in your head that it takes over your whole sewing life and you avoid many a sewing journey because you dread the…

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embrace your passion for fashion

It can be quite frustrating not being able to find the right colour, size, choice of fabric or styles that flatter your skin colour or body shape. Or even worse, finding the right style, colour, fabric and size but doesn’t accommodate your bust size! • Do you have a unique vision? • Are you drawn to designs that are different? • Do you love exploiting the diversity of fabrics, bringing to life creations bursting with imagination? Well then, let your creativity and perception of fashion take the lead! Our courses provide the foundation for your creative vision and desire for authenticity. They allow you to re-interpret and experiment with fashion. We have now launched our very own template – the result of years of patient research enabling us to address various issues we have had…

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increasing your jeans waist size

Let’s face it. We all put on weight at some stage or other. The waist and hips are usually the first places it attaches itself to. How often have you put on your favourite jeans, only to find that the waist band is so tight and you can’t do up the button! It wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t your favourite jeans. But don’t stress. I have a solution for you. STEP ONE Before a band is stitched onto the jeans, a “stay stitch” or “tape” is sewn around the top of the jeans. This secures the fabric. The band is then sewn on. It is really a simple matter of unpicking the band and removing the stay stitching or the tape. But, do not unpick ALL OF THE BAND! See Photo…