Backyard and Outdoor Living Issue#15.2 2017

Welcome to the new-look Backyard, the magazine for those who don’t just dream of an amazing garden, they want to get out there and make it happen. If the backyard is where you gather with family and friends; if you want to do more in your backyard, be that build a garden bed or lay some paving; and if you want to get your kids involved too, Backyard is what you need. Backyard covers a wide range of topics for the consumer who is doing a complete makeover. Including but not limited to Planning a Garden, Makeover Ideas, Design Advice, Water Wise Gardening, Outdoor Lighting, Pool Design, Outdoor Furniture, Garden Art, Shade Solutions and Paving Options. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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editor's note

We’ve all heard of the phrase thinking outside the box. Basically, it means novel or creative thinking, to think differently or unconventionally or to look at something from a different perspective. Engaging in this kind of thinking can garner some truly amazing results in almost every avenue of our lives. So why no t apply it to your backyard? To kick start Backyard Essentials this issue, we take a look at unique flowers and plants to inspire some creative thinking in the garden. This feature includes information such as where to begin (as often this is the hardest part), how to arrange rare plants and also where to source them. While planting unique flowers and plants is great in theory, it can pose a challenge. Perhaps you don’t have the right…

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don't miss a beat

FOLLOW US ROUGH AND READY There’s no doubt the rustic look is in and lucky for those green thumbs out there, an abundance of planting ties in well with this look. The great thing about this style is there are so many simple and inexpensive things you can do to achieve it. Pop a few candles in some mason jars, grab yourself a linen tablecloth and let your vines run wild over your pergola and Bob’s your uncle. We particularly love the tree stump stools in this garden as they add so much character. Stringing up a few festoon lights will finish off the look and add some romance and whimsy to your outdoor dining space. All you need now is a bottle of preservative-free wine and a meal prepared from local…

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the makers

THE RELIC Many people will have fond memories of playing in their own or a friend’s cubby house as a child. Created by Porter Davis, The Relic is all about old things brought to life in the new world. It strives to recapture innocence and wonder through exploration and discovery. The design takes the most prosaic typological form that defines the familiar cubby house motif and reorganises how children might respond to it. Here, Porter Davis has turned cubby house design on its head, quite literally. At first glance, you see a cubby that looks like it has been pushed on its side. Covered in hanging plants, the entrance is through what looks like the exposed base of the house. The idea is that the cubby house is the home of…

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garden glory

We moved to Bowral, NSW some 16 years ago. The house is typical of those in the area and the block of land is just on half an acre, which is quite large considering how close it is to town. The original garden contained some well-established trees and many substantial camellias when we arrived, plus a lovely curved stone wall in the centre of the back garden. THE INSPIRATION I have tried to garden along the design principles of the famous Edna Walling, so I built a stone path that follows the wall and flows between a stand of silver birch I planted and later underplanted with daffodils. This, combined with masses of bluebells and hellebores under the linden tree (Tilia cordata), the winding paths laid with sawdust through the woodland garden and…

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reduce, reuse

We love to reuse or recycle bits ’n’ pieces throughout our garden. Recycled builder’s reo is excellent, providing the perfect support for the espaliered apple trees. It’s strong enough to carry the apple trees and gives an earthy, rustic look to the vegetable garden. We have also used it for the chook run and espaliered fruit in other parts of the garden. Another ingenious idea we had was to reuse the forlorn and idle cubby house by transforming it into an amazing chicken “palace” for our little flock of hens. Entry to the chicken run is through a magnificent recycled iron gate I picked up from a local old-wares dealer and it is hugged beautifully by two old and wonderfully flowering camellias.…

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growing in paradise

Ian, Kathy and their young son Harry live on the island paradise of Lord Howe Island, which is actually part of NSW. They can swim in crystal clear ocean waves before breakfast, walk to work or school in five minutes and watch the sun set over the lagoon if they choose. Their home, Customs House, is surrounded by vegetable gardens and subtropical rainforest. A trip to the big smoke means a two-hour flight to Sydney or Brisbane and all their supplies are either grown on the island or brought in by barge once a fortnight. It’s not quite Swiss Family Robinson, but to a mainlander it seems like heaven. NO OBSTACLE Life in this idyllic setting is gentle, fresh and pure, but as with all island life, resourcefulness is needed — often. Each…