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Blade October 2020

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BLADE magazine is the world’s #1 knife publication, covering all aspects of the industry: knifemaking, how-to’s, collecting, legislation and knife rights, and much more. Inside each issue you’ll find: Coverage of the hottest and most collectible handmade knives and their values Complete listings of the industry's most important shows and events Knife collecting tips from the experts The most up-to-date knife legislation info

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readers respond

Golden Age of Knife Collecting? I have been collecting knives since 1972. Around that time I subscribed to your magazine. More than once it was mentioned that the 1970s and ’80s were the “Golden Age” of knife collecting. I believe this to be true. Many of the collectors of today do not know of the great makers of that time. This is truly a shame. There were so many great ones. For instance, I bought my first custom knife in 1972 from Ted Dowell. Ted was one of the founding members of The Knifemakers’ Guild. He made plain, simple, spectacularly well-executed knives. I have three of them. His guarantee was truly something special. It went: “This knife is guaranteed to be, in your opinion, the best knife you have ever owned. If at…

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how to reach us!

VISIT US ONLINE AT WWW.BLADEMAG.COM TO: • Sign up for our free newsletter. • Renew your magazine subscription. There’s a subscription link in the nav bar. • Comment on our site stories written by BLADE® staff members and others. LOOK FOR BLADE MAGAZINE ON: SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Visit us on the Web at www.blademag.com or call 877-485-6426. Outside USA: 386-246-3419. BOOK SALES: Visit us at www.gundigeststore. com or call 920-471-4522. BACK ISSUES FOR SALE: Subject to Availability. Call 920-471-4522. ADVERTISING: Contact Lori McDaniel at 715-498-3768 or lori@gundigest.com, or request a media kit by writing to: BLADE, 5600 W. Grande Market Dr., Appleton, WI 54913. LETTERS OR ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS: Steve Shackleford, Editor BLADE Magazine 5600 W. Grande Market Dr., Ste. 100 Appleton, WI 54913 or email steve@blademag.com.…

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cover story

The APOC Kukri by APOC features a 10.25-inch blade of black-coated 9260 spring steel with the iconic bend about halfway that creates a change of angle at the spine and dip into a deep belly that helps create a kukri’s familiar weight-forward design for chopping, hacking and slashing. The blade is .21 inch thick where it meets the single guard. The steel’s Rockwell hardness of 56 HRC should be ideal for the malleability required to withstand high impact blows on wood and other similar materials. The blade sports a version of the classic kukri notch at the choil. The full-tang, humpbacked handle is milled G-10 and features a finger groove and a bird’sbeak butt. Weight: 1 pound, 7 ounces. Overall length: 16.25 inches. The sheath is MOLLE compatible. Country of origin: China.…

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say it ain’t so, blade show!

When the word finally came down that we were going to cancel the BLADE Show (page 24), it was one of those classic love-hate moments. How could we do such a thing? How could we not do such a thing? How could we deprive knife- and BLADE Show-o-philes worldwide of their annual pilgrimage to Atlanta for their mega-dose of the best knifemakers, the latest knives, knife legends, The Pit, old and new knife friends alike, and on and on? Conversely, how could we expose them all to the great unknowns of the pandemic and the possibly dire, even fatal, repercussions from it, not to mention the topsy-turvy, unpredictable potential for unrest in any of today’s major metropolitan areas, including Atlanta? Add an unhealthy dose of conflicting directives from federal, state and…

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ku-ku for kukris!

The way a kukri feels in your hand makes you want to obliterate thick foliage and saplings. The blade’s forward-weighted feel, the ultra-secure handle, and the reach the knife provides all work together in an efficient cutting and chopping tool that packs more punch than a machete for tackling the tough stuff. At 16.25 inches overall, the APOC Kukri is a formidable chopper.The 10.25-inch blade of this issue’s cover knife (page 7) is .22-inch-thick 9260 spring steel with a low-glare, rust-resistant black coating. According to CAS Iberia, which counts APOC among its imported brands, 9260 is a higher-silicon version of 5160. Though it doesn’t hold an edge as long as some other steels, expect it to be easy to maintain in the field. It also is a forgiving material, able to…

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the knife i carry

“These two are always with me—a fixed-blade pocket knife by Guy Stainthorp and a slip joint by Shing. Both are respected UK makers.” Stephen Brook, Halifax, Yorkshire, United Kingdom “I recently discovered and now carry a CRKT Offbeat II. Designed by Pat Crawford, it locks as solidly as any knife I’ve ever had, and the front release truly makes it a one-hand knife. The blade is decent stainless steel, 8Cr13MoV, and is shaped almost like the A.G. Russell One Hand Knife. It’s truly a great EDC! I also usually have a Buck 112 on my belt.” Ed Little, Alvarado, Texas “Depending on what I’ll be using it for, I may carry any one of several knives, though my usual EDC is a Bear & Son Aluminum Slip Joint.” Jack R. Munson, a letter via e-mail For…