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Clean Eating

Clean Eating November/December 2019

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Clean Eating magazine is about consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. It’s a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation, leading to an improved life. Each issue is filled with a variety of delicious, wholesome, low-fat, and easily made recipes that can be shared with friends and family.

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Cook Once, Eat All Week: The Course Imagine being able to have a healthy dinner readily available every night for a week. With a little extra planning, you can make that happen. Batch cooking is the ultimate time saver. Getting a jump-start on breakfast, lunch and dinner by preparing several recipes in one fell swoop is a smart way to get a homemade meal on the table when you don’t feel like standing in front of the stove. Plus, it’s a great way to save money and waste less food. In our new course, Cook Once, Eat All Week, Gina Nistico teaches you everything from how to cook ahead to how to turn five make-ahead dishes into 10! Learn more at cleaneating.com/cookonce. GET CLEAN EATING DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX Did you know you…

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i’ve got news!

I’m particularly excited to be writing you this issue because I’ve got a huge announcement that I’ve been waiting more than eight months to make. I am thrilled to officially welcome and invite you to our brand-new premium membership program, CE All-Access! This letter marks the start of changing your relationship with food for the better, no matter where you’re beginning. Of course, the magazine you hold in your hands is certainly one vehicle to get you there, but our membership program is a fantastic way for all you clean-eating devotees to level up with even more content, planning solutions, inspiration, education and exclusive access to experts and tools. Eating clean can be daunting for so many reasons. From figuring out which foods are clean and which are not, to what…

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what is clean eating?

The soul of clean eating is consuming food the way nature delivered it, or as close to it as possible. It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation. It’s about eating real food, for a healthy, happy life. Eat when hungry, stop when full. Find out what macro values reflect your health goals and strive to eat within them. Experiment with various ways of eating, and when you find a diet your body responds well to — be it a clean take on high fat/low carb, Paleo or flexitarian — stick with it. Choose organic whenever possible. If your budget limits you, make meat, eggs,dairy and the Dirty Dozen (ewg.org/foodnews) your organic priorities. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, preferably from a reusable canteen,…

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letters & advisory board

Q/ I’m in good health – why should I care about anti-inflammatory foods? A/ Anti-inflammatory foods are powerful vehicles that not only give your body the vitamins and minerals needed to prevent disease but also provide phytochemicals you don’t often see listed on food labels, such as carotenoids like lutein and lycopene, that can potentially delay or prevent conditions like heart disease, dementia, cancer and arthritis. Anti-inflammatory foods can also protect against cell damage caused by pro-inflammatory foods, such as those containing refined sugars and trans fats. For example, research shows that using a mix of herbs and spices like oregano and black pepper on red meat can minimize the negative effects of free radicals. Including anti-inflammatory ingredients in your meals will provide you with an insurance policy so that you…

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3 ways with cranberries

A TYPECAST TREAT Cranberries are synonymous with sumptuous feasts, but it’s truly a bum rap to relegate this fruit – one of only a handful native to North America – to the holiday table. Packed with fiber and a good source of vitamin C, this berry can enhance both sweet and savory dishes with its memorably tart taste. Though these recipes call for fresh cranberries, frozen can be used in a pinch or when cooking outside of the berry’s short growing season, which spans from September to November, just in time for Thanksgiving. A word to the wise: Don’t try to substitute dried cranberries for fresh in any recipe that involves reducing to a sauce, like the three included here. (You’ve been warned!) Cranberry-Glazed Chicken GF SERVES 4. 2 lb bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs (4 to…

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ask the aesthetician

Q/ How do I know if my beauty and skin-care products are actually clean? A/ Consumers need to be cognizant that there are products claiming to be clean that, though nontoxic, are actually made with mostly synthetic ingredients. I recommend downloading Think Dirty – Shop Clean or the Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Living, two apps that can help decipher some of the common jargon. I would also recommend everyone swap out their SPF moisturizer for a clean one. The active ingredients in chemical sunscreens can include avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone, all of which can be irritating to the skin and have been found to be potential endocrine disruptors. In addition, oxybenzone is a known pollutant to the coral reef. Instead, reach for mineral sunscreens, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – look…