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Computer Shopper December 2019

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Computer Shopper is the essential monthly magazine that allows you to stay abreast of the latest news and releases in the world of technology. With more reviews, hands-on guides and features than any other tech monthly, you’ll be better informed by reading Computer Shopper.

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Ayear ago, I set up a code club at my children’s school, after seeing first hand how limited the students’ access to actual computing is during the course of a normal school day. The club is still running, and more than half the school has since had the opportunity to get to grips with programs such as Scratch and start understanding the back end of a website. But they’re now moving away from software, and on to the insides of a computer. At our latest session, the children were amazed at seeing a tiny micro:bit and starting to understand that a computer is not just the beige box on their desk (this is a school ICT suite, after all – no flashy all-in-one PCs around here), but all the various components that…

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letters@computershopper.co.uk Windows update fix @ I have a lovely little Intel NUC PC running Windows 10. There was a persistent problem whereby Windows Update was not working. In advanced settings, ‘Automatically download updates’ was off and refuses to be set to on. On numerous occasions, I manually updated Windows using the Microsoft Update Catalog, hoping it would fix the problem. It didn’t. I tried switching Kaspersky internet protection off, but this didn’t enable updates. I searched on the web for the problem and error codes, but although it seemed to be a common fault I didn’t come across a straightforward fix. I downloaded and tried WUMT, but still no benefit. And then, as if by magic, the latest issue arrived through my letterbox (Shopper 381). I studied your ‘Keep Windows 10 updated at all…

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Alexa emergency @ The recent guide on Amazon Alexa (Shopper 378) prompted me to write this in respect of the Make calls and Send message application. I purchased two Echo devices, a Plus to use in the lounge and also a Dot for the bedroom. I expect that very many households have a requirement for through-house entertainment, but I would like to see more mention from publishers and manufacturers of the potential benefits of buying these from the point of view of calling for aid if people, in particular the elderly, find themselves in a situation where they are unable to reach the phone in an emergency situation. Friends, neighbours and family could encourage and indeed help those at risk to install these devices and encourage single or people at home alone to…

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computer shopper awards 2019

Computer Shopper is launching its 2019 awards, and we need your help in deciding the winners. All you need to do is visit our Computer Shopper Awards 2019 website at www.computershopper.co.uk/2019awardsto cast your votes. You don’t need to vote in every category; you can just choose the products you know and love. As a thank you for helping us find the winners, we’re offering every reader the chance to win a prize (see the awards website for full details). Voting is open now and closes on Thursday 7th November, so please make sure you’ve filled in the online voting form by then to ensure your favourite products get the awards, and you get the chance to win the prize. WE’LL BE ANNOUNCING ALL THE WINNERS OF THE COMPUTER SHOPPER AWARDS 2019 IN SHOPPER 384,…

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Bye bye, Windows 7 We explore the options if you want to keep running an unsupported operating system, and whether the features in Windows 10 mean it’s no longer worth running an old OS Christmas sorted Our round-up of the best technology gifts for everyone from kids to commuters, and foodies to technophobes Graphic design We go in search of the best budget, mid-range and premium graphics cards, with full tests of AMD’s and Nvidia’s latest GPUs Telling the future We explore the world of computer simulation, from its vital role in developing life-saving drugs to why it’s not always so successful in weather forecasting and economic modelling COMPUTER SHOPPER ISSUE 383 ON SALE IN NEWSAGENTS FROM 7th NOVEMBER…

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Tech pioneer and all-round good egg letters@computershopper.co.uk I AM SITTING in a branch of the Wetherspoons pub chain and I am unhappy. This matches the condition of everyone else in here. I am in an unfamiliar city and I need a place to sit down, charge up my laptop and drink a coffee, before meeting a lady and two gentlemen in a nearby office with whom to do business. By the look of it, this Wetherspoons may once have been a dancehall, or an abattoir, which in my day served much the same purpose. It is one of 900 similar establishments under the control of Tim Martin. I have never met Tim Martin, but I don’t like the cut of his jib. I don’t like the cut of his hair. I don’t…